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UFC 247 Jon Jones vs Dominick Reyes Fight Pick & Preview

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The GOAT Jon Jones steps back in the cage for yet another title defense at UFC 247.  This time it's to face a young undefeated lion in Dominick Reyes!  Is it time for a new young lion to dethrone the king?  Or, will Jon Jones once again prove to the world that he indeed is still the best pound for pound fighter in MMA history? Let's take a closer look at these MMA fighters and then I'll make my fight pick and prediction for UFC 247 Jon Jones vs Dominick Reyes! 

Dominick Reyes is undefeated with an overall MMA record of 12-0. Reyes is a finisher with 7 KO/TKO's and 2 submission on his resume!  He's defeated some highly ranked fighters and has shown that he does deserve the shot at the title! 

Dominick Reyes is a solid athlete with MMA skills!  He claims that Jones has never fought an athlete like him.  That's probably not accurate but I'm sure Reyes is hungry and ready to show what he can do with this opportunity!  

The last few fighters that have stepped in to face Jones have been too passive.  If you want to be the champ, you have to go out and beat the champ!  Reyes will have to be aggressive and take chances.  He'll have to go all in on his strategy and technique.  

Jon Jones is virtually undefeated in MMA at 25-1.  That one smudge is a DQ and lets face it, he would have one that fight easily.  The UFC should just go ahead and take that smudge off his record.  Anyway, years ago Jon Jones was arguably the GOAT, the best pound for pound fighter in MMA.  If you're knowledgeable in the sport of MMA, the argument is over.  Jon Jones is the GOAT, the best pound for pound fighter in MMA....period! 

Jon Jones has a full MMA toolbox.  Not only is it full, each and every tool is sharp and oiled up perfectly.  If that's not enough, he also has an excellent fight strategist leading his fight camp.  That is a huge mountain to climb for any opponent! 

Reyes has a chance, any fighter with skills has a chance, but that chance is slim to none.  Look for Jon Jones to pick Reyes apart slowly but surely. The longer the fight goes, the less chance Reyes has to unleash a successful attack. 

Jon Jones will exit the cage with the belt, and looking for the next opponent to pick apart!  

What's your prediction for UFC 247 Jon Jones vs Dominick Reyes?