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UFC 246 Conor McGregor vs Donald Cerrone Fight Pick & Preview

On paper, the main event at UFC 246 looks like a set up.  It looks like a warm up fight for Conor McGregor.  McGregor is coming in as a big favorite in the sports odds and betting world.  Some would say money in the bank. But is it? Let's take a closer look at these two MMA fighters and then I'll make my fight pick and prediction for UFC 246 Conor McGregor vs Donald "Cowboy" Cerrone.  

Conor McGregor blasted his way to the top of the UFC with flashy KO/TKO finishes and entertaining trash talk.  His overall MMA record stands at 21-4 with 18 of those wins coming via KO/TKO.  McGregor talked the talk, but also knocked fighters out while walking the walk.  

Donald "Cowboy" Cerrone has an overall MMA record of 36-13.  He has 10 KO/TKO's and 17 submission victories on his resume.  Cerrone is tough and built a reputation of fighting anyone at anytime.  And when McGregor came knocking, he answered!  

Can Cerrone pick up a win at UFC 246?  Well, Cerrone has a full toolbox of MMA skills.  But, the knock on Cerrone has been that while he's always been a top 5 fighter in his division, he's buckled under the pressure of big fights and mentally tough opponents.  

Cerrone can win at UFC 246, but, he has to be extremely smart.  Cerrone's advantage would come in the later rounds.  He has to use his wrestling and ground game to get the fight into deep waters.  

Conor McGregor is a sports car!  He's fast and furious but as the fight progresses, that gas tank just burns too much fuel.  That weakness showed in his last UFC fight with Khabib, it showed in the fights with Nate Diaz (even though he won a decision in the rematch).  It even showed in his Boxing debut, but, in McGregors defense, he was also facing arguably the best defensive and point boxer in history.  

Cerrone is coming off of two losses.  Both those loses via TKO.  That says a lot about his durability.  He just doesn't have it when facing power and toughness.  McGregor brings both those attributes to the table.  

Look for McGregor to land hard chingasos early.  Those chingasos will break Cerrone's willingness to stay in the fight and he will eventually buckle to the power and pressure.  

Conor McGregor and the UFC will be very happy after UFC 246 and it will set up a big money fight next! 

Who are you picking at UFC 246?  Conor McGregor or Donald "Cowboy" Cerrone? 

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