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UFC 245 Kamaru Usman vs Coby Covington Fight Pick & Preview

The main event at UFC 245 is going to feature two of the best wrestlers in the UFC, Kamaru Usman vs Coby Covington. This fight is going to prove who has the best wrestling in MMA next to Kabib Nurmogomedov.  Both these fighters have used their high level wrestling to smother other fighters, dominate and win UFC fights....a lot of them!  We know they can wrestle, but, who can mix it up the best and beat another high level wrestler in a UFC fight?  Let's take a closer look at these two fighters, and then I'll make my fight pick for UFC 245!

Coby Covington was the interim UFC Welterweight Champion for a little while, some would say fake champion, he definitely has a fake fight persona, according to some, he's actually been punked a few times out in the real world, but besides all that, he's been a really good fighter in the UFC and has an overall MMA record of 15-1. The one loss was way back in 2015 in only his 4th UFC fight.  He was submitted via guillotine choke by Warlley Alves. Since then he's racked up 7 UFC wins in a row. 

Colby Covington is not much of a finisher, he smothers fighters and generally wins via decision as his last five fights have proven.  His stand up looks good but doesn't have much pop in his punches.  His strength is the smother game and his gas tank.  He can smother a fighter like a wet blanket the whole fight.  Will he be able to do that facing another fighter with great wrestling? 

Kamaru Usman will be defending the real welterweight championship belt in this fight.  Usman won that belt by demolishing Tyron Woodley, one of the best champions the welterweight division has ever seen.  Woodley was on his way to being in the conversation for best pound for pound fighter in MMA until Usman came along and derailed that trip.  

Kamaru Usman is also 15-1 in MMA.  His only smudge was to Jose Caceres back in 2013 in his second MMA fight.  He's done nothing but dominate fights since then.  Although, just like Covington, Usman is more of a smothering fighter than a fight finisher.  

So what's the bottom line?  Well, both these fighters have dominated in the MMA wrestling realm, but now they're facing another fighter that is also dominant in that realm.  Basically, this fight comes down to who has the better skills and better equipped MMA toolbox.  

The answer is clear, Covington looks good standing, but his chingasos couldn't bust a grape!  He has two TKO's to his name but the most recent one was back in 2016 in the third round which was really a thanks to his wrestling.  Usman has 6 finishes via TKO/KO.  He had a KO in 2017 knocking out Sergio Moraes in the first round.  

Kamaru Usman clearly has more power.  He has also shown that his wrestling is the best in the division by rag dolling the most dominant wrestler in the division (at the time) and champion Tyron Woodley.  

Look for Usman to dominate standing and on the ground and walk out of the octagon at UFC 245 still champion!