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UFC 240 Max Holloway vs Frankie Edgar Fight Prediction, Preview, & Pick

Holloway Edger free fight pick preview video
The main event at UFC 240 is Max Holloway vs Frankie Edgar! A current champion cementing his legacy vs a former champion with another shot at a championship run.  A fighter in his prime vs an aging legend!  UFC 240 is going to be interesting!  Let's take a closer look at these two fighters, and then I'll make my fight prediction and pick for UFC 240.

Frankie Edgar is 23-6-1 overall in MMA.  Edgar is 8-2 in his last 10 with those losses coming to former title contender Brian Ortega and former champion Jose Aldo.  Edgar fights the best of the best, he's been champion, he has what it takes to be champion.  

Frankie Edgar is one of the best in the UFC at mixing up his stand up with wrestling.  His gas tank and ability to keep the pressure on is his strength.  He has a durable chin.  He's only had one loss via KO and that was a the fight with Brian Ortega.  

Max Holloway has an overall MMA record of 20-4 and is the current 145 lbs champion.  Holloway is 9-1 in his last 10 fights.  The smudge in that streak was his last fight where he stepped up for a 155 lbs title shot.  Even though he lost that fight, it showed the heart and ability Holloway has.  

Max Holloway can stand and bang.  He usually starts slow but once he warms up the engine keeps running and those chingasos keep flying.  Holloway also has a chin and has shown he can weather a storm.  His takedown defense is one of the best in the UFC and it will be key in this fight.  

This fight is going to come down to takedowns!  Can Frankie Edgar get a takedown?  I'm betting that he can, and that the threat of the takedowns will open up the stand up for him.  Brian Ortega had a problem getting takedowns on Holloway and it cost him the fight.  Frankie Edgar's ability to get takedowns is levels above Ortega's.  

Starting slow will be a problem for Holloway in this fight.  Edgar will start with pressure and keep the pressure on.  Look for Edgar to fight smart, pick his spots and pick up enough rounds for a decision win! 

What's your take on Max Holloway vs. Frankie Edgar?