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UFC 239 Jon Jones vs Thiago Santos Fight Prediction, Preview & Pick

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The UFC has really tested the fans this year by throwing out some garbage PPVs.  So much so that I didn't even bother putting out a prediction, preview and pick for UFC 237.  UFC 238 was OK, but still nothing to write home about.  With UFC 239, we finally have a real top notch UFC PPV! Jone Jones the GOAT, will be tested by knock out artist and rising star Thiago Santos.  Let's take a closer look at these two MMA fighters and then I'll make my fight prediction and pick for the main event at UFC 239: Jon Jones vs Thiago Santos! 

Thiago Santos has an overall MMA record of 21-6.  Don't let that fool you as Santos has been on a demolishing 3 fight winning streak where he's KO/TKO'ed every single fighter in that streak.  Santos has a tattoo of a hammer on his chest and it's fitting of his KO chingaso throwing power! Santos has finishes 15 of his 21 fights via KO/TKO!  Those stats have gotten him a dance with the GOAT! 

Jon Jones is basically undefeated.  The only man to beat Jon Jones has been Jon Jones.  But, when he gets out of his own way and competes in the UFC octagon, he's a destroyer of men.  

Jon Jones is officially 24-1 in MMA.  Let's face it though, he's undefeated.  That one smudge came after almost killing Matt Hamill back in 2009 with a downward elbow that disqualified Jones and gave Hamill the win.  Jones also has an NC (no contest) after taking out the other man in consideration for GOAT status, Daniel Cormier.  Jones tested positive for a banned substance post fight and it took the win from him as well as the belt.  

UFC 239 is another opportunity for Jones to prove that he is the GOAT,  that the positive tests are behind him, that the out of competition drama, and the upcoming beasts at 205 are still no challenge to that crown.  

While Thiago Santos swings a big hammer whenever he throws chingasos, and he's been having great success with it, the competition he's faced is no where near the level that Jon Jones has faced.  

This fight is going to come down to experience and Jon Jones has that.  He knows how to deal with any style, any type of fighter.  Jones will stay away and nullify Santos with his full arsenal of MMA weapons.  

Look for Jones to pick his spots.  He'll drag Santos into deep waters and then drown him there with peppering shots and a better overall and more well rounded MMA game.  

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