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UFC 232: Jon Jones vs Alexander Gustafsson 2 Fight Pick & Preview

These days, it seems that we can't have a UFC PPV main event without some pre-fight drama.  This time, USADA (US Anti-Doping Agency) reported to the Las Vegas Athletic commission that there was still a trace amount of the steroid Jon Jones was suspended for in his system.  It was a few picograms.  A picogram is a trillionth of a gram. That amount is not performance enhancing, and not in violation of USADA protocol.  Basically, it's just a trace of what Jon Jones was already suspended for and nothing else was found. But, the Las Vegas Athletic commission did not have time to have a hearing to look into it due to the holidays and would not sanction the fight without that hearing.  So, the fight was moved to California.  OK, with that out of the way, let's get into Jon Jones vs Alexander Gustafsson 2.  

Alexander Gustaffson is 18-4 overall with 11 KO/TKO's and 3 submissions on his resume.  Gustaffson was 15-1 when he first got a crack at the UFC light heavyweight title. He gave Jon Jones a hard time but eventually the fight turned and Jon Jones was able to pull off a decision victory.  

Since that fight, Gustaffson is 3-2 but has faced the best of the best in the division and has won his last two, the last one in impressive fashion by knocking out a very tough fighter in Glover Teixeira.  

Gustaffson has some of the best stand up in the division.  He's tall, and long and can strike with great combinations.  He also has the experience of fighting Jon Jones and he'll look to clean up some of the mistakes he made in their first fight. 

Jon Jones is officially 22-1 but let's face it, he's really undefeated.  That one loss was after he KO'ed Matt Hamill but was disqualified for throwing downward elbows.  That would have easily been just another win.  His second victory over arguably the GOAT Daniel Cormier was officially called a no contest (NC) after testing positive for a banned substance.  So he's really 24-0 with the only man to ever beat Jon Jones is well....Jon Jones.  

Jon Jones has fought and beat the best of the best in the UFC's light heavyweight division.  If not for his out of competition legal troubles, Jon Jones would be considered the GOAT.  He's showed a full toolbox of MMA skills.  Great stand up, creative striking, takedowns, submissions and some of the best KO/TKO's. Unfortunately for him, the fans, and the sport, all now tainted. 

This fight will be the chance to get back on track for Jon Jones.  He's now voluntarily enrolled in VADA (Voluntary Anti-Doping Associating) and in USADA, the first MMA fighter to do so.  Now he just needs to prove he can fight clean and stay out of trouble.  

Look for this fight to be caution for the first two rounds.  Jones hasn't fought since July of 2017 and will definitely need to warm up. Gustaffson is a methodical fighter who isn't going to risk much early.  After both fighters get into a rhythm more and more chingasos will begin to land.  It will look similar to the first fight but this time, Jon Jones will take Gustaffson seriously and push the pace to finish before Gustaffson gets too comfortable.  

I see Jon Jones taking this fight by KO/TKO in the later rounds, reclaiming his stripped UFC light heavyweight belt and being on his way to gaining the trust of the fans and the MMA community.  

How do you see this fight going down?