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UFC 224: Amanda Nunez vs Raquel Pennington Fight Pick & Preview

free ufc 224 fight nunes pennington prediction
UFC 224 is headlined by a "who?" vs "who?"... main event.  The casual fan has no clue who these fighters are. It's almost like the UFC is testing it's fan base as well.  It's testing how much money they can make with a crappy card.  Who's paying for that PPV?  Probably not many people, but, as always, we'll do a breakdown of the main event for those of you that enjoy making wagers.  In 2017, Chingasos MMA went 10-2 in main event fight picks helping people make a whole lot of money. In 2018, we're planning on similar numbers.  Let's get into the main event fight pick, Amanda Nunes vs Raquel Pennington.  

Amanda Nunes is the UFC women's 135 lbs champion and comes into this title defense with an overall record of 15-4. Nunes is on a 6 fight winning streak which includes the famous smoking of overrated and overhyped Ronda Rousey. 

Raquel Pennington is 9-5 overall and has a moderately impressive 4 fight winning streak.  Her biggest win has been against Meisha Tate.  She won a unanimous decision versus Tate.  Nunes on the other hand overwhelmed Tate and submitted her in the first round.  

The difference in this fight will be Nunes abilitly to finish.  She's finished 4 out of her last 6 wins.  Pennington has won her last three by decision and one of those was a split decision.  

Look for Nunes to be more athletic, sharper, and more technical in every aspect of MMA.  This fight wont go past the 3rd round and Nunes will have another title defense added to her resume.