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UFC 232: Jon Jones vs Alexander Gustafsson 2 Fight Pick & Preview

These days, it seems that we can't have a UFC PPV main event without some pre-fight drama.  This time, USADA (US Anti-Doping Agency) reported to the Las Vegas Athletic commission that there was still a trace amount of the steroid Jon Jones was suspended for in his system.  It was a few picograms.  A picogram is a trillionth of a gram. That amount is not performance enhancing, and not in violation of USADA protocol.  Basically, it's just a trace of what Jon Jones was already suspended for and nothing else was found. But, the Las Vegas Athletic commission did not have time to have a hearing to look into it due to the holidays and would not sanction the fight without that hearing.  So, the fight was moved to California.  OK, with that out of the way, let's get into Jon Jones vs Alexander Gustafsson 2.  

Alexander Gustaffson is 18-4 overall with 11 KO/TKO's and 3 submissions on his resume.  Gustaffson was 15-1 when he first got a crack at the UFC light heavyweight title. He gave Jon Jones a hard time but eventually the fight turned and Jon Jones was able to pull off a decision victory.  

Since that fight, Gustaffson is 3-2 but has faced the best of the best in the division and has won his last two, the last one in impressive fashion by knocking out a very tough fighter in Glover Teixeira.  

Gustaffson has some of the best stand up in the division.  He's tall, and long and can strike with great combinations.  He also has the experience of fighting Jon Jones and he'll look to clean up some of the mistakes he made in their first fight. 

Jon Jones is officially 22-1 but let's face it, he's really undefeated.  That one loss was after he KO'ed Matt Hamill but was disqualified for throwing downward elbows.  That would have easily been just another win.  His second victory over arguably the GOAT Daniel Cormier was officially called a no contest (NC) after testing positive for a banned substance.  So he's really 24-0 with the only man to ever beat Jon Jones is well....Jon Jones.  

Jon Jones has fought and beat the best of the best in the UFC's light heavyweight division.  If not for his out of competition legal troubles, Jon Jones would be considered the GOAT.  He's showed a full toolbox of MMA skills.  Great stand up, creative striking, takedowns, submissions and some of the best KO/TKO's. Unfortunately for him, the fans, and the sport, all now tainted. 

This fight will be the chance to get back on track for Jon Jones.  He's now voluntarily enrolled in VADA (Voluntary Anti-Doping Associating) and in USADA, the first MMA fighter to do so.  Now he just needs to prove he can fight clean and stay out of trouble.  

Look for this fight to be caution for the first two rounds.  Jones hasn't fought since July of 2017 and will definitely need to warm up. Gustaffson is a methodical fighter who isn't going to risk much early.  After both fighters get into a rhythm more and more chingasos will begin to land.  It will look similar to the first fight but this time, Jon Jones will take Gustaffson seriously and push the pace to finish before Gustaffson gets too comfortable.  

I see Jon Jones taking this fight by KO/TKO in the later rounds, reclaiming his stripped UFC light heavyweight belt and being on his way to gaining the trust of the fans and the MMA community.  

How do you see this fight going down?  

UFC 231: Max Holloway vs Brian Ortega Fight Pick & Preview

free ufc 231 fight pick preview video
The UFC tonight is going to feature a main event that many MMA fans have been thirsting for!  No cancellation this time, Max Holloway is healthy, he's made weight, and is ready to defend his UFC featherweigth title versus fast rising and number one contender Brian Ortega! Let's take a closer look at these two fighters and then I'll make my fight pick for UFC 231: Max Holloway vs Brian Ortega!  Feel free to comment below!  

Brian Ortega is coming into UFC 231 undefeated in MMA at 14-0. He's coming off one of the most impressive victories in his career as he knocked out Frankie Edgar.  Ortega is well known as a submission artist, but his stand up has been improving by leaps and bounds and he's showed it is a force to be reckoned with.

Brian Ortega has become a fan favorite by finishing fights.  He's finished 10 of his 14 fights including his last 6 UFC fights which have all been finished either by a submission or KO/TKO.  In those six he's pulled off two guillotines, one triangle, two KO's and a TKO. 

Max Holloway is the UFC featherweight champion and comes into UFC 231 with an overall MMA record of 19-3.  Holloway hasn't lost a fight since 2013.  Since then he's done nothing but win. He's not just defeated bums, he's faced some of the top featherweights in the division including Jose Aldo twice. He's on a 12 fight winning streak for a reason.  Holloway is the real deal! 

Holloway can stand and bang!  He usually wears his opponents down with his gas tank, ability to take punches and his ability to counter anything and everything a fighter throws at him.  He's finished 11 of his 19 fights, 9 via KO/TKO and another 2 via submission. 

This fight is going to go come down to toughness.  Holloway has proven stand up ability.  Ortega's has great Jiu Jitsu and highly improved stand up.  Look for this fight to go into deep waters.  The ground game is where the fight will be decided.  Ortega is better there, and will use that to set up his stand up and wear down Holloway.  

Look for Ortega to make this a muddy fight, using grappling to set up strikes, possibly get it to the ground, and eventually take the momentum and ride it to a victory!  

Agree?  Comment below. 

UFC 230 Daniel Cormier vs Derrick Lewis Fight Pick & Preview

UFC 230 has flown under the radar, mostly due to the UFC not being able to decide on a real main event until a few weeks ago.  But, here we are now with Daniel Cormier defending his newly captured UFC Championship belt versus the heavy handed KO artist Derrick Lewis.  Lets take a closer look at these fighters and then I'll make my main event fight pick for UFC 230: Daniel Cormier vs Derrick Lewis. 

Derrick Lewis is coming into this UFC title shot with an overall MMA record of 21-5.  Lewis is a power punching finisher with 18 of his wins coming via KO/TKO. His last fight was a perfect example of the power this man possesses. Just when it looked like he was headed for a decision loss, Lewis unleashed a right hand from hell that knocked Alexander Volkov into another dimension.  

Lewis can bang!  But, his gas tank is highly suspect.  The fight with Francis Ngannou was an absolute snoozefest and will go down in history as one of the most boring fights ever.  He redeemed himself last time out, but Daniel Cormier is on another level. 

Danile Cormier is officially 21-1 in MMA.  That one official loss is to Jon Jones and who knows if Jones was natural then, as we all know he tested positive for PED's their second fight.  Cormier is a wrestling expert that has learned how to blend in chingasos perfectly to get his desired results!  

Cormier is the Lightweight and Heavyweight Champion for a reason.  The man can absolutely fight, and he trains at one of the best MMA camps in the world.  Cormier has a great wrestling pedigree, trains with top MMA fighters, and has loads of experience.  That is the combination of elements a fighter has to face when they step in the cage and face off against Daniel Cormier.  

Lewis is a huge underdog on paper.  But, fights aren't fought on paper.  Lewis can absolutely win this fight.  All he has to do is land one of those missiles he has chambered in his MMA arsenal.  

Now that is easier said than done.  Lewis is facing a fighter with a proven arsenal of MMA weapons, a deep gas tank, and someone that has been tested at the highest levels.  Those things are cryptonite to a one trick pony type fighter like Derrick Lewis.  

Look for Cormier to start off slow. He doesn't want to run into a right hand from Lewis while Lewis is fresh and powered up.  Cormier will make Lewis work and draw his power down.  Then, Cormier will get a clinch, score a takedown and Lewis will stay on his back until the fight is stopped!  

What are you thoughts on this main event fight? 

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UFC 229: Khabib Nurmagomedov vs Conor McGregor Fight Pick & Preview

free fight ufc 229 khabib conor mcgregor preview prediction news

A storm has been brewing between one of the most dominant grapplers in MMA, undefeated Khabib Nurmagomedov, and one of the best strikers in MMA, Conor McGregor.  That storm will be unleashed on the MMA world this Saturday October 6 at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. Let’s take a closer look at these two fighters and then I’ll make my official Chingasos MMA pick form UFC 229: Khabib Nurmagomedov vs. Conor McGregor. 

Khabib Nurmagomedov is 26-0 in MMA.  He has 8 submissions and 8 KO/TKO's on his resume.  Even more impressive, Khabib has never lost a round in the UFC!  When fighters don’t get finished, he just mauls them until the final bell rings.  

“Khabib Nurmagomedov mauls people. And when he gets a hold of people, it almost seems like they're shocked at how strong he is.” - Joe Rogan 

“Once he gets what he wants, it’s very hard to take that away.” - Cain Velasquez 

Khabib Nurmagomedov is a grappling expert. He uses his stand up to set up that grappling game. He throws chingasos hard as he closes the distance and then sooner or later…usually sooner takes fighters down and dominates them until the fight ends.  His striking isn’t pretty.  It isn’t a classic stand up style.  But, Khabib doesn’t need it to be for what he wants to do.  His striking has worked well for his style.  His punches come from odd angles.  Those angles are setting up a clinch or a takedown.  Exactly what he wants! 

Conor McGregor is 21-3 in MMA overall. He’s 9-1 in the UFC with that one loss coming to Nate Diaz which he later avenged.  Conor McGregor won UFC titles both in the 145 lbs division as well as the 155 lbs division.  His stand up is arguably the best in the UFC. McGregor has 18 wins via KO/TKO.  McGregor knocked out Jose Aldo to win the 145 lbs UFC belt and knocked out Eddie Alvarez to win the UFC 155 lbs UFC belt.  

Conor McGregor’s stand up got him a big money boxing match with arguably one of the best boxers in history, none other than Floyd Mayweather.  With only a few weeks to train and adapt to boxing rules, McGregor still went 10 rounds with the undefeated 50-0 boxing champion.  

These days in MMA every fighter is pretty well rounded in all aspects of hand to hand combat, mixed martial arts. But, we still have fighters that are dominant in one of those aspects.  So now at UFC 229 we have this classic matchup of a grappling expert vs a striking expert.  Each fighter’s strength is the others perceived weakness. 

While the rules of MMA have been arranged to satisfy the casual fan, who doesn’t generally understand the grappling arts, fighters who have a strong grappling background have still found a way to not only stay relevant, but dominant.  

This fight is going to show just how important grappling arts are in the world of MMA.  Conor McGregor will rearrange his general game plan so as to stop takedowns.  This will take some of his striking ability away.  Conor McGregor has been a master of managing distance.  His striking needs distance.

Khabib Nurmagomedov is a master of taking distance away.  Once he invades a fighters personal space, the fight is fought in his domain and where he is most dominant, the wrestling/grappling realm.  Fighters can not out maneuver him in that realm.  

The fact that Conor McGregor is going to need to adjust to Khabib, and not the other way around is a telling sign of who has the upper hand in this fight.  Look for McGregor to stop takedowns early.  He will be successful, but he will also give up some if not all of his power striking ability.  As the fight goes on, McGregor’s biggest weakness will rear it’s ugly head.  That weakness is his gas tank.  Grappling takes a lot of energy and Khabib’s grappling will become a huge leak in McGregor’s tank.  

Khabib will need to avoid that big KO McGregor chingaso!  He will, and slowly but surely he will wear down McGregor with his takedown attempts.  As the fight progresses, those attempts will become full on takedowns.  Khabib will ground and pound his way to a victory in the later rounds.  

Check out the free UFC video: 

UFC 229 Bad Blood: Khabib vs McGregor

After two years away from the Octagon, Irish superstar and two division champ Conor McGregor makes his return against undefeated lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov. See these athletes train and prepare for their mega-fight at UFC 229.

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UFC 228 Tyron Woodley vs. Darren Till Fight Pick & Preview

free ufc 228 tyron woodley vs Darren Till Fight pick prediction
The UFC’s 170 lbs division has been ruled by Tyron Woodley. Tonight, Woodley will face his toughest challenge yet in the undefeated stand up specialist Darren Till.  This is going to be a classic wrestler with KO power vs a stand up striking surgeon match up! Let’s take a closer look at each of these MMA fighters and then I’ll make my official Chingasos MMA fight pick for UFC 228: Tyron Woodley vs Darren Till.  

Tyron Woodley is officially 18-3 in MMA with 7 KO’s and 4 submissions.  He has explosive KO power as he showed in KO’s over Robbie Lawler and Josh Koshek.  What opens up his power shots is excellent top of the food chain wrestling ability.  If Woodley wants to stand, that’s where the fight will take place.  If he wants a takedown, he’ll most likely get it and be able to win rounds and cruise to fight wins.  

Darren Till is undefeated at  17-0-1 in MMA.  He’s coming into this title shot with 10 KO’s and 2 submission on his resume.  Till is coming off a big unanimous decision win over Stephen Thompson and a TKO victory over Donald Cerrone.  He’s a striking specialist and has beaten striking specialists!  That tells you how high level his striking game is.  His size for the 170 lbs division, striking and takedown defense makes him a big threat to Woodley.  

After the big KO of Robbie Lawler, Woodley has seemed to fight defensively.  He fought Stephen Thompson to a draw, and then beat him in majority decision in the rematch.  His last fight against Demian Maia also showed more of a defensive fight philosophy that probably lost him fans.  That style of holding back and waiting won’t work with Till.  

Darren Till is an aggressive stand up fighter with great foot work.  He’ll be able to avoid the big KO power shots from Woodley, and will fight off any takedown attempts.  Woodley is powerful, but his engine burns fuel really quick.  He fights in bursts.  Till can keep the pressure on.  

I see Till avoiding any dangerous exchanges in the first few rounds and then turning up the heat with pressure and precision striking as the fight progresses.  Woodley will always have a power advantage, but when that power begins to drain, Till will take over the fight.  Tonight, you’ll see a new UFC 170 lbs champion!  

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UFC 227: T.J. Dillashaw vs Cody Garbrandt Fight Pick & Preview

free ufc 227 fight video fight preview free
UFC PPV's this year started slow, but UFC 226 started to really heat things up and UFC 227 is carrying on the torch with another great main event! T.J Dillashaw vs Cody Garbrandt will be a rematch.  Dillashaw one the first fight but definitely got lucky and saved by the bell.  He knocked out Garbrandt in the second round.  This rematch is Dillashaw's shot at showing that luck had very little to play in his big W and will be a shot at redemption for Garbrandt.  Let's take a closer look at these fighters and then I'll make the official Chingasos MMA fight pick. We've picked the winner 15 times in the last 19 UFC PPV's!  

T.J. Dillashaw's MMA record is 15-3 overall.  He's riding a 3 fight winning streak including his last fight where he got the TKO victor over Garbrandt and picked up the 135 lbs UFC title. 

For a smaller fighter, Dillashaw can finish fights, 7 of his 15 victories have come via KO/TKO and another 3 via submission.  He's always been a well rounded MMA fighter but his striking game has evolved and gotten sharper every fight. 

Cody Garbrandt's MMA record is 11-1.  The only smudge on his record is that loss to Dillashaw.  Keep in mind, he almost finished Dillashaw in the first round.  The bell was Dillashaw's savior and it's why many people in the MMA community feel it was a lucky win for Dillashaw. 

Cody Garbrandt, like Dillashaw can finish fights!  As a matter of fact, Garbrandt actually has more KO/TKO's even though he has less fights.  Garbrandt has finished 9 of his 11 wins via KO/TKO.  

If you like chingasos, this is the fight you don't want to miss!  Even though these guys are in the 135 lbs divisions, both of these guys can throw bones with power and technique.  This is one of those fights you want to invite a casual fight fan to watch because the chances of it being entertaining are extremely high! 

So what's the Chingasos MMA pick? Well, this is definitely a tough one.  Dillashaw seems to have a few more stand up striking tools and technique, but Garbrandt has great boxing and power!  

I see Garbrandt being more aggressive in this fight.  He admitted to losing focus and probably having and adrenaline dump in their first match up.  That won't happen this time.  Look for Garbrandt to land the harder shots and eventually KO/TKO Dillashaw! 

Check out Coundown to UFC 227 - Free Video 
Go inside the lives and training camps of four athletes preparing for UFC 227.  Bantamweight champion TJ Dillashaw defends his title against former champion Cody Garbrandt; plus flyweight champion Demetrious Johnson takes on Henry Cejudo.

UFC 226: Daniel Cormier vs Stip Miocic Fight Pick & Preview

Free UFC 226 Fight Pick Preview
The UFC has had some lackluster PPV's this year, but UFC 226 pits the UFC heavyweight champion vs the UFC's lighweight champion!  Yes! It's a "super fight"! Daniel Cormier is stepping up a weight class to fight Stipe Miocic.  Let's take a closer look at these two fighters, and then I'll make my official Chingasos MMA fight pick!  

Stipe Miocic's MMA record is 18-2 and hasn't lost a fight since 2014.  That last loss came to Junior Dos Santos via decision.  He's avenged that loss in 2017 with a TKO first round victory.  Miocic is a finisher! JDS hasn't been the only victim of a KO/TKO.  Miocic has finished 14 of this 18 wins via KO/TKO.

As you can clearly see, Miocic has heavy hands, but that's not what makes him a great MMA fighter.  Miocic has a strong wrestling base that allows him to dictate where the fight will take place.  If he knows he's the better striker, he'll keep it standing.  Like we saw in his last fight with Francis Ngannou, if the other fighter is a KO artist, he can get a takedown and ride out a victory. 

Daniel Cormier is officially 20-1(one loss was overturned due to Jon Jones testing positive for a banned substance).  His only losses have come to one man, Jon Jones, arguably the best pound for pound fighter ever.  Cormier has fought the best of the best.  He's no stranger to fighting heavyweights as that's where his career started. He's become a legend in the UFC's lightweight division taking on and beating everyone they've put in front of him with the exception of Jon Jones.  

Daniel Cormier probably has the best wrestling not only in the lightweight division, but in all of MMA.  He's tossed around guys that shouldn't have been tossed around!  He mixes in that great wrestling ability with solid boxing.  Cormier can also dictate where the fight will take place.  

So what's the bottom line?  Well, Miocic is the better striker.  He has more power and can finish with one punch.  Cormier is the better wrestler and takedown artist.  

Cormier is an underdog in this fight, but if he can avoid a big KO chingaso and or chingasos from Miocic, he will get the takedown and maintain an advantage on the ground.  That's a big IF, but I do see it happening.  This is why...

Stipe Moicic has good wrestling, and has been able to keep the fight standing when he wants but he hasn't faced anyone with the wrestling capabilities that Cormier has.  Not even close!   Moicic's last 6 opponents were all striking preference fighters, Francis Ngannaou, Junior Dos Santos, Alistair Overeem, Andre Arlovski and Mark Hung. 

Look for Cormier to avoid the big chingasos, score takedowns and ride out a late ground and pound victory or a unanimous decision!  Cormier will be the undisputed lightweight and heavyweight UFC champion! 

Get warmed up for UFC 226.  Watch Daniel Cormier vs Volkan Oezdemir 

And or Stipe Miocic vs Alistair Overeem

UFC 225: Robert Whittaker vs Yoel Romero 2 Fight Pick & Preview

free fight whittaker romero ufc 225 fight pick
The UFC is finally back on track putting on fights that fans want to watch! Let's face it,  2018 has been a subpar year to say the least as far as PPV events go, but UFC 225 is a nice looking fight card headlined by a rematch between Robert Whittaker vs Yoel Romero.  Their first fight was fun to watch and I expect the rematch to be just as exciting if not more.  As Chingasos MMA readers know, we pick winners!  In 2017 we went 10-2 and so far in 2018 were already 4-1.  Let's get onto the fight pick and preview for UFC 225: Rober Whittaker vs Yoel Romero.   

Yoel Romero comes into this rematch with an overall MMA record of 13-2.  He's beat some of the best in the UFC's middleweight division, Luke Rockhold, Chris Weidman, Ronaldo Souza, and Lyto Machida have all fallen victim to the strength, power and technique of Yoel Romero.  His only loss in the UFC has been to the champion Robert Whittaker and that fight went the distance!  

Yoel Romero deserved a rematch for the title earlier, but Robert Whittaker was hurt, so he took on Luke Rockhold and stamped his ticket to a rematch with an explosive KO victory.  

Yoel Romero has Olympic level wrestling, a lot of power, strength and explosiveness. His stand up seems to improve every fight but his gas tank is not the best.  Whittaker was able to fend off takedown after takedown forcing Romero into deep waters where his gas tank became an issue  Whittaker then used his stand up and chingasos to win rounds and take the decision. 

Robert Whittaker comes into this fight with an overall MMA record of 19-4.  Whittaker hasn't lost a fight since 2014! Whittaker can finish fights, he has 9 KO/TKO's on his resume and 5 submission.  

Robert Whittaker has some of the best stand up skills in the UFC.  And, a killer takedown defense as he showed in the previous match up with Yoel Romero. If Whittaker wants to stand and throw chingasos, no one has stopped him from doing that!  

This time, Yoel Romero will be more conservative with his takedown attempts.  Look for the fight to start a lot slower than their first match up.  The strategy will drastically change for Romero, and Whittaker will have to adjust.  In this fight, there will be heavy power shots and exchanges.  I see Whittaker winning most of those exchanges.  Apparently, so do the odds makers because Whittaker is almost a 3 to 1 favorite.  

Whittaker is the better striker, he'll fend off most if not all takedown attempts.  Yoel Romero knows this.  So, look for Romero to fake takedowns this time and throw some heavy chingasos when Whittaker bites on the faints.  Whittaker will land more, but look for Yoel Romero to land that onee hard brain rattling chingaso. 

 While the odds are against Romero, keep in mind Whittaker is coming off a knee injury.  If Romero can hit that knee, slow Whittaker down just enough, and catch him when coming in or out of takedown attempts, Romero will surprise many.  I don't see a surprise, I see old man strength and power overcoming youth and speed in this fight.  Yoel Romero will end up with his hand raised when it's all said and done.  

Unfortunately for Romero, he will not be champion as he weighed in 2 oz over the 185 lbs limit.  But, a win will most likely set up a trilogy fight. 

Who do you have winning?  

UFC 224: Amanda Nunez vs Raquel Pennington Fight Pick & Preview

free ufc 224 fight nunes pennington prediction
UFC 224 is headlined by a "who?" vs "who?"... main event.  The casual fan has no clue who these fighters are. It's almost like the UFC is testing it's fan base as well.  It's testing how much money they can make with a crappy card.  Who's paying for that PPV?  Probably not many people, but, as always, we'll do a breakdown of the main event for those of you that enjoy making wagers.  In 2017, Chingasos MMA went 10-2 in main event fight picks helping people make a whole lot of money. In 2018, we're planning on similar numbers.  Let's get into the main event fight pick, Amanda Nunes vs Raquel Pennington.  

Amanda Nunes is the UFC women's 135 lbs champion and comes into this title defense with an overall record of 15-4. Nunes is on a 6 fight winning streak which includes the famous smoking of overrated and overhyped Ronda Rousey. 

Raquel Pennington is 9-5 overall and has a moderately impressive 4 fight winning streak.  Her biggest win has been against Meisha Tate.  She won a unanimous decision versus Tate.  Nunes on the other hand overwhelmed Tate and submitted her in the first round.  

The difference in this fight will be Nunes abilitly to finish.  She's finished 4 out of her last 6 wins.  Pennington has won her last three by decision and one of those was a split decision.  

Look for Nunes to be more athletic, sharper, and more technical in every aspect of MMA.  This fight wont go past the 3rd round and Nunes will have another title defense added to her resume. 

UFC 223: Khabib Nurmagomedov vs Al Iaquinta Fight Pick & Preview

UFC 223 free fight pick Khabib Iaquinta no video
Finalizing the UFC 223 main event has been an absolute circus! But, as of Saturday morning, the main event will be Khabib Nurmagodedov vs. Al Iaquinta. Hopefully the dust has finally settled and the main event stays as that!  In 2017 Chingasos MMA went 10-2 in main event fight picks making a whole lot of people a whole lot of money.  Bet at your own risk.  It's time to break this fight down and make a fight pick and prediction. 

Al Iaquinta has stepped in on 1 day notice and brings with him an MMA record of 13-3.  Iaquinta is no slouch though, he's on a 5 fight winning streak with four of those coming via KO/TKO! Iaquinta can bang and throw chingasos but he also has a strong wrestling base.  His takedown defense is one of the best and will definitely test Khabib Nurmagomedov.  

Khabib Nurmagomedov is coming into UFC 223 with an overall MMA record of 25-0!  When Khabib isn't submitting opponents (8 on his record), he's taking them out via KO/TKO (8).  When he can't sub or KO/TKO he'll just grind you down and get the decision.  Khabib just knows how to win!  

Most of Khabib's opponents have been so fearful of the takedown and ground and pound that they leave openings for hard chingasos in the stand up realm!  Khabib will deliver those as his 8 KO/TKO's show. 

This fight will be interesting as Iaquinta has great takedown defense.  Look for these fighters to trade standing. But, eventually, Khabib will find an opening and have another W in his bag.  Kudos to Iaquinta for stepping in on short notice, but that short notice will not be helping him in this high caliber fight.   

UFC 222 Cris Cyborg vs Yana Kunitskaya Fight Pick & Preview

Who's fighting at UFC 222? Who's the main event?  These are two questions I've been getting recently.  And, I can't blame the casual MMA fan for not knowing.  UFC 222 had a huge drop in interest once Max Holloway got hurt and Cris Cyborg vs Yana Kunitskaya got elevated to the main event.  It's not really main event worthy, but, it should still be interesting.  Last year I went 10-2 in main event fight picks making a lot of people a lot of money, and that's probably why you're here! So, let's get into these two fighters and then I'll make my fight pick for UFC 222: Cris Cyborg vs. Yana Kunitskaya.  

Cristiane "Cyborg" Justino is 19-1 overall in MMA.  In the UFC, since they've created a division just for her, she's 4-0.  The competition hasn't been all that stiff. She's looking like the stand/striking MMA version of Ronda Rousey. There's a lot of hype that's built up, but mostly it's been built up because of sub par competition.  Make no mistake about it though, Cyborg is tough, and she can bang! 

Yana Kunitskaya is 10-3 in MMA but has not fought in the UFC. Yana is 2-2 with a no contest in her last 5.  Not exactly main event title shot material, but, here we are.  Yana has a punchers chance, 7 of those 10 wins have come via KO/TKO.  The competition, questionable at best, but nevertheless she can put another woman to sleep.  

On paper, Yana has zero chance at beating Cyborg.  Luckily for her, fights aren't fought on paper.  You just never know.  I wouldn't be the house on her, but if you're a high risk gambler, this could be Mike Tyson vs. Buster Douglas.  Officially though, I'm taking Cyborg for the win.  

What are your thoughts on UFC 222: Cris Cyborg vs Yana Kuniskaya? 

UFC 221 Yoel Romero vs. Luke Rockhold Fight Pick & Preview

free ufc 221 romero rockhold fight preview
The UFC has had all kinds of issues with injuries, but, luckily they also have a wealth of talented MMA fighters.  UFC 221 has flown under the radar but make no mistake about it, Yoel Romero vs Luke Rockhold as the main event should be exciting.  Both of these fighters have had exciting fight finishes and are headliner material.  In 2017 I went 10-2 in main event fight picks. Let's take a closer look at these fighters and then I'll make my official fight pick for UFC 221 and hopefully put up a similar record in 2018.  

Luke Rockhold is coming into UFC 221 with an overall MMA record of 16-3. Rockhold is 6-1 in his last 7 with that only smudge coming to Michael Bisping. Rockhold can finish fights, of his 16 wins, 6 have come via KO/TKO and 8 via submission.  

Yoel Romero is coming into UFC 221 with an overall MMA record of 12-2.  He's coming off a decision loss to Robert Whittaker, but was on an 8 fight winning streak before that with the only other loss coming way back in 2011. Romero is also a fight finisher sporting 10 KO/TKO's on his resume.  

Both these fighters are explosive, with Romero being the most explosive and dangerous always being one chingaso away from finishing a fight.  But, Romero has had problems with conditioning.  Rockhold's conditioning is still a question.  Many of his fights haven't gone past the second round.  

Look for this fight to start slow.  Both fighters will cautiously look for an opening to gain an advantage. Rockhold will use his kicks, Romero will look to set up one of his punches and or knees.  

As the fight progresses, Romero always seems to find an opening.  Look for the same in this fight.  One of those powerful, KO/TKO power heavy chingasos will land and Rockhold will not be able to use his wrestling to survive as Romero is the most skilled wrestler between the two.  

How do you think UFC 221: Yoel Romero vs Luke Rockhold plays out? 

UFC 220 Stipe Miocic vs Francis Ngannou Fight Pick & Preview

The UFC is kicking off 2018 in a great way!  UFC 220 features Stipe Miocic vs Francis Ngannou. These two MMA fighters are hard hitting fight finishers. Someone is going to sleep in that cage Saturday night!  I had another great year in 2017 going 10-2 in UFC main event predictions. If you're looking for the most accurate fight picks in the game, you've come to the right place.  Let's take a closer look at these two MMA beasts and then I'll make my fight pick/prediction for UFC 220: Stipe Miocic vs Francis Ngannou.  

Francis Ngannou is coming into this UFC title shot with an overall MMA record of 11-1.  Since entering the UFC in December of 2015 he's done nothing but finish fights with 5 KO/TKO's and 1 submission.  What he lacks in experience he makes up with in brutal power!  That power was on display in his last fight where he almost took Alistair Overeem's head off with one of the most devastating uppercuts I've ever seen.  It was actually scary to watch!  

Francis Ngannou is big, athletic and hits like a freight train!  He's also hungry and knows this is his shot at solidifying his journey from rags to riches.  A win Saturday night puts him on the map, and all heavyweight in the UFC on notice.  But, to do all that, he's going to get over the biggest hill he's come across.  That hill might be more of a mountain in Stipe Miocic.  

Stipe Miocic is coming into this UFC heavyweight title defense with an overall record of 17-2.  While that's a pretty impressive MMA record, what's even more impressive is that he's finishes his last 5 opponents via KO/TKO. Those fighters weren't cans either, 4 of the 5 were former UFC heavyweight champions, and the other was hard hitting MMA legend Mark Hunt.  

Stipe Miocic has great boxing skills, but what makes that work so well in MMA is his wrestling.  If he wants to stand, he'll stand.  Good luck trying to take him down!  It's probably not going to happen and you're going to eat some hard chingasos for your efforts.  Miocic has great technique, conditioning, power and is tough as nails!  

This fight is tough to pick, on paper, Stipe Miocic is technically better in every MMA category including experience.  But, Francis Ngannou has an X factor, and that's his unbelievable power.  

Look for Miocic do well early. He'll use his boxing and wrestling in a defense manner as to drag Ngannou into deep water were the hope is that Ngannou's power will diminish. Unfortunately for Miocic, Ngannou only needs one punch, and he will get his power shot off first before Miocic can set his offense up.  This is going to be a race to see who can land first, and I see Ngannou crossing that finish line ahead of Miocic.  On Saturday night, we'll have a new champion and a Mike Tyson type legend in the making.

How do you UFC 220: Stipe Miocic vs Francis Ngannou goes down?  Comment below.  First correct comment will get sent an MMA=CHINGASOS t-shirt.