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Conor McGregor Exposed Boxing in a Win for MMA

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McGregor vs Mayweather was entertaining from the pre-fight hype to the fight itself.  While McGregor lost the boxing match, he exposed boxing for what it is, a very limited combat sport, or form of fighting.  In his first professional boxing match,  Conor McGregor (0-0) took on Floyd Mayweather (49-0), the best boxer alive  and arguably the greatest of all time and held is own for 9 rounds and over 27 minutes.  He shocked the world by actually winning the first 3 rounds (9 minutes).  

Let’s not forget, McGregor only had a few months to train for his professional boxing debut, this “fight” with Mayweather. Mayweather has been training in boxing specifically since he was 4 years old.  Mayweather is undefeated, he’s the best boxer alive and even so, Conor McGregor held his own.  Many experts didn’t give McGregor a chance.  At least one said that McGregor wouldn’t land a punch.  

Well, McGregor did more than land a punch.  He won the first three rounds and was extremely competitive until he ran out of gas in the 10th.  Mayweather was in trouble several times, even turning his back and waiting for the ref to stop the attack.  You gotta give it to Mayweather though for being a master of boxing rules.  He used them to perfection.  Turn your back in a street fight??  NOOOOO!!! 

Many people confuse boxing with fighting.  MMA in the early years showed that it was the sport that would most closely resemble a real life street fight.  In a real fight, you would get hurt if you turned your back.  In a real fight, a ref isn’t going to unclinch you, as a fighter, you’ll have to figure out how to fight in a clinch.  In a real fight, kicks, knees, elbows, takedown, throws, joint locks, choke holds and punches are allowed. In boxing, only punches to the waist on up are allowed.  And, even those punches are limited in the way they must be thrown.

As the fight (boxing match) showed us, McGregor landed a hammer fist to the head of Mayweather a few times but was warned by the ref as it’s an illegal punch/strike in boxing.  In a real fight, duck your head and look at the floor and you’re asking for trouble.  The hammer fist is the least of your worries.  There’s a knee strike and a possible guillotine choke from there.  In a real fight, boxing would fail here, but in boxing, ducking your head is technique that is widely taught and used in the ring. 

Conor McGregor exposed boxing for being a limited combat sport, and if you’re looking for a practical self-defense Martial Art, pure boxing is probably not the best choice.  If you’re looking for a practical way to defend yourself without weapons, I would highly suggest you choose something that resembles what’s been shown to work in MMA competition as that is the closest thing to a real street fight.  Don’t limit yourself to one tool.  As Conor McGregor vs. Floyd Mayweather showed us, one extremely sharp tool is nice, but having multiple useable options would be even better.