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UFC 207 Ronda Rousey vs Amanda Nunez Fight Pick & Preview

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MMA fans, both casual, and hardcore, have been waiting for Ronda Rousey to return after she was embarrassed by Holly Holm.  Rousey’s battle cry has been “Fear the Return”.  But, she’s returning to face a champion in  Amanda Nunez who tore apart the former champion, Meisha Tate, who became champion after choking out Holly Holm, who again…embarrassed Ronda Rousey.  Who should fear who is the question?  Let’s take a closer look at these fighters and then I’ll make my fight pick for UFC 207: Ronday Rousey vs. Amanda Nunez.  

Ronda Rousey comes into this title fight with an overall MMA record of 12-1.  She pretty much ran dominated her first 12 fights.  She became a star.  She became a legend.  She was feared.  And then, Holly Holm exposed a huge hole in her MMA game.  Holm dominated her with striking, and eventually knocked her out with a vicious head kick.  

Now, everyone is asking if Ronda Rousey was a fluke, or if that KO was a fluke.  Rousey is dominant in the grappling game.  Scary dominant!  But, that domination came in an era where women’s MMA was just appearing on the radar.  There wasn’t many women to fight, let alone highly skilled women that were training full time. This era is different.  Women are true professionals and are training and fighting full time.  Can Rousey close her stand up hole and regain her dominance?  

Amanda Nunez comes into this title defense with an overall MMA record of 13-4.  She’s riding a 4 fight winning streak and has finished 3 of those fights in the first round. Nunez seems to be getting better and better.  Her last fight where she won the title, she looked amazing!  She didn’t just look amazing fighting an average fighter, she looked amazing fighting a veteran and champion in Meisha Tate.

Now, Amanda Nunez is champion and the pressure is on.  Can Nunez handle that pressure?  How will she react when Rousey a former dominant champion clinches and drags her into a grappling situation?  It’s one thing to become champion, it’s another to defend that championship.  This fight will answer a lot of questions!  

Look for Rousey to fight smarter than how she fought Holly Holm.  Look for her to be in better shape and have better stand up defense.  Unfortunately, It won’t be enough.  Nunez will be faster, more accurate and technical in the stand up game. Roused will be peppered with punches.  Roused will try to force a grappling situation but Nunez will defend and keep the fight standing.  

Eventually, Rousey will be frustrated by the boxing of Nunez and will attempt risky takedown attempts that will backfire.  Nunez will capitalize on Rousey’s desperation and will land chingasos over and over again.  Nunez is the underdog in this fight but she will earn the respect of the MMA community by defeating Ronda Rousey.  

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Who do you think will win at UFC 207?  Ronda Rousey or Amanda Nunez

UFC 206 Max Holloway vs Anthony Pettis Fight Pick & Preview

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The main event at UFC 206 is not the main event the UFC originally planned, but with the injury to Daniel Cormier, it is what we have now and the show must go on. Anthony Pettis versus Max Holloway is now the main event and it’s an intriguing fight.  Pettis is trying to regain some of the shine he lost in the 155 lbs division.  This was set to be his second fight at 145 lbs, but he misses weight and now it’s going to be at a catch weight of 148 lbs.  Max Holloway is in line to get a title shot at 145 lbs and Pettis is standing in his way.  Let’s take a closer look at these fighters, and then I’ll make my official pick for UFC 206: Anthony Pettis vs Max Holloway.  

Anthony Pettis is coming into UFC 206 with an overall MMA record of 19-5.  All but one of those fights have been in the 155 lbs division (lightweight).  He’s held the title at UFC lightweight, but after three straight losses, it was time for a change.  His first fight at 145 lbs (featherweight) was a complete success.  He tapped out Charles Oliveira with a guillotine choke in the third round.  

Pettis has shown that he has a complete MMA toolbox.  His stand up is excellent, it’s exciting and it produced some very nice finishes.  Pettis isn’t a one trick pony though, he can finish fights on the ground and off his back as well.  He won the UFC lightweight title with an armbar submission off his back. and he has 8 other submission victories on his resume.  Pettis is a finisher!  Along with the 8 submission victories, he also has 7 KO/TKO’s.  His chin has been durable.  While he does have 5 losses on his record, they’ve all come via decision.  

Max Holloway is coming into UFC 206 with an overall record of 16-3 and he’s riding a 9 fight winning streak.  Holloway has 6 KO/TKO’s on his record along with 2 submission wins.  His last loss was way back in 2013 to now double UFC title holder Conor McGregor.  Holloway also has a good chin.  He’s never been KO/TKO’ed.  Two of his losses, including the loss to McGregor came via decision and his one submission loss was to Dustin Poireir in his 5th professional MMA fight.  

Holloway can stand and bang as his last fight with Ricardo Llamas showed.  His takedown defense is excellent and while we haven’t seen too much ground work from him, he does have two submission victories.  He’s shown a preference to the stand up game and his takedown defense allows for that to play out.  But, will that be a good idea with a versatile striker like Pettis?

Standing and banging with a heavier opponent is usually not a good idea, especially when that heavier opponent has a versatile striking game and a proven chin.  Holloway is in for a tough night!  He won’t be able to trade with Pettis, and on the ground, Pettis will also have the advantage.  For Holloway to have a chance at coming out of that cage with the victory, he’s going to have to bring his A+ game and hope that Pettis is still recovering from a bad weight cut.  

Fighters that miss weight usually have a rough time during the fight.  It could be a mental issue knowing that they missed weight, or, it could be a physical issue where they are still drained from attempting to make weight.  While that’s usually the case, Pettis is a veteran and he’s fought some of the best fighters in MMA under the most stressful of situations, title fights!  Look for Pettis to be his old self in that cage at UFC 206 and pick Holloway apart.  Pettis hits harder, has a better ground game and will be the heavier opponent.  Holloway will not be able to overcome all of those obstacles.  

Who do you think will win? 

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