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UFC 194 Jose Aldo vs Conor McGregor Fight Pick & Preview

Who is Conor McGregor?  Conor McGregor is the UFC’s interim featherweight champion. Probably more importantly, he’s also a world champion caliber trash talker that has put UFC 194 on the casual MMA fan’s radar.  Jose Aldo vs. Conor McGregor will unify the belt and finally settle the debate as to who is the real UFC featherweight champion.  Pound for pound, these are arguably the two best fighters in all of MMA.  Lets take a closer look at these fighters and then I’ll make my UFC 194 Aldo vs. McGregor fight pick.  

Jose Aldo is 25-1 overall and hasn’t lost a fight since 2005.  He’s won 18 fights in a row and has defended the UFC featherweight title seven times.  Aldo has a full MMA tool box  along with the athleticism to use each tool effectively. In the last ten years he’s fought the best of the best and has always found a way to come out on top.  This fight with Conor McGregor to unify the belt will be his toughest challenge yet!  

Conor McGregor is 18-2 and has finished 16 of those wins via KO/TKO.  He’s riding a 14 fight winning streak.  The last six of those fights have been in the UFC and he’s finished five of them with a KO/TKO.  Three of those KO/TKO’s happened in the first round and two of them in the 2nd round.  Needless to say, Conor McGregor has one strike fight finishing power and he can do it at the highest level of MMA!  

When it comes to personality, these fighters are the exact opposite.  Jose Aldo is reserved and just goes about his business.  Conor McGregor on the other hand is flashy and loves to talk.  McGregor doesn’t just talk though, he has the skills to back up all that trash talking.  Can Aldo stay focused while in the midst of a trash talking storm? 

Jose Aldo has been in big fights, he’s been doing this a long time and he’s a true professional.  He’ll be able to stay calm and implement his game plan.  The problem for Aldo will be McGregor’s power.  Aldo is probably a bit quicker with his striking, but McGregor can take a punch, and he’ll probably be willing to take three to give one of his.  

On the ground, many people give Aldo the edge, but as we saw in the Mendez fight, McGregor can handle himself on the ground and if taken down, he can find his way back up while not taking much damage.  

Most of the damage in this fight will be exchanged while standing.  Look for Aldo to mix in takedowns attempts with this high level striking.  McGregor will be able to fend off most of the takedown and will look to deliver power striking in the scrambles.  McGregor’s unorthodox stand up and creative striking will give Aldo trouble.  

I see McGregor at some point landing a power strike and gaining or changing the momentum of the fight in his favor.  From there, he’ll turn up the heat and go for a finish.  McGregor will walk out of the cage as the one and only UFC featherweight champion.  

Get warmed up for UFC 194: Jose Aldo vs. Conor McGregor! 

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Who are you picking for the win?