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Practical Self Defense for Women - Pasadena

Self Defense Woman Pasadena
Can you afford a self-defense class? The real question is: Can you afford NOT to take a self-defense class?  This website’s demographic is largely men, but, it’s important that women realize the benefits of getting some type of Martial Arts training.  The crime statistics aren’t pretty, according to the U.S. Department of Justice's National Crime Victimization Survey --there is an average of 237,868 victims (age 12 or older) of rape and sexual assault each year. - https://www.rainn.org/get-information/statistics/frequency-of-sexual-assault 

Just in Pasadena this year, 2014, according to the Pasadena Police Preliminary Statistical Report there have already been 21 rapes, 89 robberies, and 206 assaults. 

The best way to prevent an attack, assault, or any other crime is to become an extremely difficult victim.  Not everyone wants to train to fight in a cage or in some sort of combat sport. Not everyone wants to join a traditional Martial Arts school, but, everyone, especially women, can and should learn some practical, effective and efficient self-defense techniques. 

The Practical Self-Defenses and Fitness for Women seminar/workshop this Saturday is designed with the busy woman and their needs in mind.  Attend this Saturday, and you will be armed with knowledge, techniques and concepts that can help you avoid and or survive and assault/attack.

The Practical Self-Defense and Fitness for Woman will be held at FX Training Pasadena located at 2061 N. Los Robles Ave. #104.  You can sign up HERE