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Chingasos MMA - Final Round Fight Gear Contest

Martial Arts Competition Los Angeles
Calling all chingones and chingonas!  We need a little help.  Final Round Fight Gear put up some gloves for a contest, and instead of hand picking someone worthy of these professional, double stitched, leather boxing gloves, we chose to let the people decide! For those of you that follow and support Chingasos MMA, you already now we had a contest last week. 

This contest was meant to shake and rattle the Los Angeles area MMA, Muay Thai and boxing cage so as to find some of the areas most talented fighters.  The contest was simple, showcase some of your chingasos and let the people vote on who deserves the gloves. 

So, with all that out of the way, let’s get to the first entry!

First to show up was up and coming MMA female fighter Melana Smith. 

Next up was, Nick Dunn!

Third was Heinrich Wassmer!

Last but not least, check out Jared Ejigu!

“No Guts, No Glory!”

Much respect to these fighters for putting themselves out there and competing for these gloves.  They’re all worthy, but, we can only have one winner.  Help us pick the winner.  VOTE HERE!

 The poll will close Wednesday at 5 p.m. and we’ll contact the winner soon after to award the Final Round Fight Gear gloves. 

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