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U of MMA -Fight Night 3 Photos

U of MMA
Last night, Jay Tan, Turi Altavilla and the U of MMA put on Fight Night 3 at Club Nokia at L.A Live in Los Angeles.  The U of MMA has absolutely risen the bar as far as putting on an MMA event.  This was one of the most professionally run MMA events that I've attended.   An elegant venue, an excited encouraging crowd, and a slew of skilled fighters entering the U of MMA cage made it an awesome night of MMA action in Los Angeles.   The night culminated with the main event where the U of MMA title was up for grabs! 
U of MMA Title Photo Fight Night 3
The women got in on the fight action!
U of MMA Womens Fight
Punches in bunches!
women fight los angeles
face punch U of MMA
This was one of the exciting fights at U of MMA's Fight Night 3. It eventually ended with an armbar submission technique.
 Mens MMA action More photos from U of MMA's Fight Night 3 will be posted soon. You can check out some of the weigh in photos on the Chingasos MMA Facebook.  
What goes up... 
mma takedown
...must come down!
 takedown slam
In MMA, like in life, you can find yourself in a really bad position. bad mma position
But, if you keep fighting, you can find your way out of it and win!!
 MMA Fight Winner
 He came to throw hard punches!
 hard punches mma
More photos coming soon...