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SparStar MMA Event August 2

MMA Los Angels SparStar
As we head into the heart of the Summer season, SparStar Promotions returns with Friday Night Fights at the Hollywood Park Casino.  Tony Padilla and his MMA fight promotion company SparStar Promotions has truly set the bar and shown how an MMA show should be run.  They've become the premier MMA event company in the Los Angeles area. On Friday August 2, you have another chance at catching some live MMA action and a well produced show.

If you're an up and coming fighter and you're looking to get involved in MMA competition, this is one of the events you should become a part of.  If you're a fight fan and you're interested in checking out MMA and cage fighting action for the first time, this event would be a great choice.

For more informations, visit www.SparStarPromotions.com or you can call 626-562-244-8067.

At Chingasos MMA we pride ourselves on giving this awesome sport as much exposure as possible, and we're more than glad to work with those that strive to do the same.  We appreciate fight promoters like Tony Padilla and organizations like SparStar. 
Mark Kriski, Mike Beltran, Tony "T-Bone" Padilla
Thanks to Tony Padilla and his understanding of how important it is to give these fighters exposure, on August 2, we'll be at the Hollywood Park Casino doing some photography and giving these fighters much needed exposure. 

Hollywood Park Casino
3883 W Century Blvd, Inglewood, CA 90303
 (310) 330-2800