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UFC 155 Dos Santos vs Velasquez Fight Pick

Dos Santos Cain Velasquez UFC 155
UFC 154 halted my main event fight pick winning streak at 10.  With my fight pick for UFC 155: Junior Dos Santos vs. Cain Velasquez, I'm confident I will start another solid streak heading into 2013.  This is no easy pick for me either, as last time they met, I picked it wrong!  But I've done the homework and as always, I'll share it with you. Then I'll make my official UFC 155 main event fight pick.  Lets take a look. 

Junior Dos Santos is the best boxer in the UFC Heavyweight division.  Not only that, but he also couples that with a great takedown defense. That great takedown defense  allows him to be able to showcase those hand skills even against big strong wrestlers. Worse for his opponents, his boxing isn't just for pretty looks and peppering shots, his fists have bonafide devastating KO power!  He's now 15-1 with 11 of those wins coming via KO/TKO. He recently demolished UFC vet and former champion Frank Mir, finishing him off with power punches a couple of minutes into the second round.

Cain Velazquez is the best wrestler in the UFC heavyweight division with formidable striking to boot.  He used that solid combination and a great work ethic to win the UFC Heavyweight title. Many thought he would hold on to that belt for a long time but then Dos Santos landed a solid overhand right to his ear area and snatched the belt away.  Since that loss, Velasquez showed that he still has the work ethic and desire to become champion once again.  He elevated his record to 10-1 with 9 KO/TKO victories when he ran through Big Foot Silva in his last fight. 

In the rematch, at UFC 155, Cain Velasquez knows the mistakes he made and needs to correct.  Junior Dos Santos didn't make any mistakes in their first fight, so he'll have to fight his fight and hope that it is good enough once again.  Velasquez, I believe will rectify his mistakes, be more aggressive in his takedown attempts and push the fight into the later rounds where his superior conditioning will become an advantage. 

Look for Cain Velasquez to regain his title in via judges decision, or late round ground and pound TKO over Junior Dos Santos.

Agree?  Disagree?  Feel free to comment. 

Also check out the UFC video, Countdown to UFC 155: Dos Santos vs. Velasquez

Jiu Jitsu Pasadena - No Gi Kings of Submission

Jiu Jitsu Martial Arts Pasadena MMA
Last Saturday, the Chingasos MMA Kings of Submission challenge went down in Pasadena, California! Five of the best Mixed Martial Arts gyms/schools in the Los Angeles area entered teams to win the KOS trophy. Here are some thoughts from Chingasos MMA Lieutenant, Ricardo Robles, who was in charge of managing the brackets, running the rules meeting and MC'ing the event.

By Ricardo Robles
I'm extremely happy at the way the Kings of Submission Tournament turned out. I think it was a big success. Here are some of my thoughts:

*Congratulations to the winners:
The Vault MMA and Fitness in Monrovia. Obviously, they have a good program over there. If you're looking for a grappling/MMA school, that would be a good place to check out.

The Vault was represented by:
Ben Barrett – Lightweight (Beginner/Intermediate)
Aaron Sandoval – Middleweight (Beginner/Intermediate)
Simon Shiota – Heavyweight (Beginner/Intermediate)
Anne Starcrack – Women’s Open
Kahlil Moreland – Lightweight (Advanced)
Jose Rivas – Middleweight (Advanced)
Daniel Galvan – Heavyweight (Advanced)

*The competition worked out the way we had hoped. Every single point was important. The Vault are the Kings of Submission, but So Cal MMA, in Eagle Rock, was only two points behind. Even Team Florez Kickboxing, a school known for their strikers, had a chance to win it all going into the final bracket. Their top heavyweight suffered a wrist injury which knocked them out of contention.

*Yes, this was a team competition. However, there were still winners in each bracket. Here is the list:

Lightweight Beginner/Intermediate – Ben Barrett (The Vault)
Middleweight Beginner/Intermediate – Enrique Rolon Jr. (SoCalMMA)
Heavyweight Beginner/Intermediate – Walter Castellanos (SoCalMMA)

Women’s Open – Ericka Newsome (Fightworx/Florez Muay Thai)

Lightweight Advanced – Kahlil Moreland (The Vault)
Middleweight Advanced – Karlo Avdoian (SoCalMMA)
Heavyweight Advanced – Daniel Galvan (The Vault)

*This no gi Jiu Jitsu tournament was completely free. However, the level of competition was outstanding. This was NOT an easy tournament to win. All the grapplers really had to work hard to earn wins in their respective brackets and earn points for their team.

*Honestly, I was nervous about how things would turn out. I tend to be a perfectionist, and obviously I want everything to be perfect. Of course, everything did not turn out perfect, but I’m pretty happy overall with how things turned out. I did see adjustments we can make to make the next tournament even better.

*I was happy with the level of sportsmanship from all of the competitors. I would add, however, that everyone needs to read the rules. I actually heard someone say, “I didn’t know heel hooks were allowed”. Seriously, even though it was specifically written in the rules and discussed at the rules meeting?

*Thanks to Coach Tony from Villa Parke Jiu Jitsu for once again providing a venue for this no gi Jiu Jitsu tournament.

Ricardo did a great job managing the brackets, running the rules meeting and MC'ing this no gi Jiu Jitsu event. We also had help from other volunteers, such as Ismael Ford, Jose Lopez, and my nephew Lupe Robles who offered up much needed help.

Here's a highlight video of the event. 

Stay tuned for info on upcoming tournaments and other MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) events in and around the Los Angeles area as well as UFC fight picks.

Los Angeles MMA - Mansion Fights 4

Mansion Fights 4 Los Angeles MMA
The Los Angeles MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) scene has beet quiet lately, but this Friday, Armored Wings is bringing you sanctioned MMA cage fights at Mansion Fights 4.  Then, Saturday morning Chingasos, MMA is putting on the Kings of Submission Team Challenge in Pasadena.  It should be a fun weekend for combat sports fans.  Let's look into what Mansion Fights 4 is all about.

Mansion Fights 4 is sponsored by Fight Me Clothing, Down2Scrap and will be held at the "Mansion" located at 13311 Sherman Way in Hollywood, California.  Doors open at 5:30 p.m. and the MMA cage fighting action will begin at 7:00 p.m.

After the fights, the party at the Mansion will continue until 2 a.m. with sounds by DJ J-Onez.  Quench your thirst with the authentic Mansion Fights Bar Menu, which will feature the new "REAL SERIOUS" Drink!  Uh oh..

If you need tickets to Mansion Fights 4, go over to WantTickets.com/MansionFights4.

You can see the fight card at http://camo-mma.org/amateur-mma-events/E521/Mansion-Fights-IIII-by-Armored-Wings-Promotions

Don't miss out on a chance to watch sanctioned MMA cage fighting action with a bonus of a Mansion after party! 

Mansion Fights 8 is coming up soon, before going, you should read this article.