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Submission Wrestling - No Gi BJJ Tournament Pasadena

On December 15, MMA gyms and schools in and around the Los Angeles area will get a chance to showcase their talent.  Chingasos MMA has once again teamed up with Coach Tony of Villa Parke Jiu Jitsu to bring together a submission wrestling, no-gi BJJ, competition. If you've been itching to showcase your grappling skills, this is a free competition for you to do so.  Just like our last competition, this one will be set up tournament style, but this time it won't just be an individual affair!  This time it will be a team/gym exhibition tournament!

This team/gym format will allow area gyms to form a 7-person team.  Each person on that team will have an opportunity to earn a point for each win.  Those points will go toward the team. At the end of the exhibition tournament, a school/team will be crowned as Kings of Submissions in the Chingasos MMA Grappling Challenge, hosted by Coach Tony.  A team trophy along with a highlight video produced by Chingasos MMA will showcase the best of the best grapplers in the Los Angeles area!

E-mail Chingasos MMA with the name of your 7 person team, as well as the names and divisions (1 in each division) of each member to register. This team exhibition tournament will be limited to the first eight teams that register with Chingasos MMA.  

This event will be completely free to compete in! There will only be a $2 donation at the door for spectators. 

There will be seven divisions:

Jiu Jitsu BJJ Tournament Pasadena
(one team member for each division)

Men's Beginner-Intermediate

Mens Advanced

7.Women's Open

Weight Classes:
Heavyweight 191 lbs and above
Middleweight 166 lbs - 190 lbs 
Lightweight 165 and below 

Each win in the Men's Beginner-Intermediate and Women's Open Division will earn one point towards the team or school total.

Each win in the Men's Advanced division will earn 3 points towards the team or school total. 

Each match will consist of 1-five minute round.  The only way to win is by submission.  If there's no winner at the end of the five minute round, there will be a sudden death over time where the first person to get a takedown wins. 

Weigh-ins and registration will be from 8:00 a.m. to
9:15 a.m.

Brackets will be set at the end of the registration period, and will be
done a random basis within the respective division.

Rules meeting will begin at 9:30, and all competitors are required to attend.
Matches will begin at 10:00.

Competitors may wear gi pants, gi shorts, MMA fight shorts, grappling shorts, or acceptable gym shorts (referee discretion). All pants and shorts must be free of pockets, metal or hard plastic. Cargo shorts or any other street clothes will not be allowed. Competitors must wear shirt, t-shirt, or rashguard. Wrestling shoes will be allowed. Competitors must also wear a groin protector and mouthpiece.

Chokes, neck cranks, jaw and chin cranks, armbars, shoulder, wrist, and hip locks (straight and twisting armbars, shoulder locks, and wrist locks), knee locks, foot locks, and ankle locks (heel hooks included), and key locks.
All finishing techniques must be applied in a gradual and safe manner or will result in disqualification.

ILLEGAL TECHNIQUES: Strikes of any kind to any part of the body, including elbow, forearm, knee strikes, and head butting. Attacks to the windpipe, eyes and nose. Fish hooking, biting, spiking an opponent on his/her head, pulling hair, pinching, twisting of skin sticking a finger into a cut of an opponent, small joint manipulation, putting a finger into any orifice, interference by a corner with any official or fighter, attacking an opponent before or after the fight, during a rest period or when being attended by medic or any other official. Throwing an opponent off the mat and general unsportsmanlike conduct.

The rules are pretty simple and straight forward.  When in doubt, do the honorable thing, and remember that you are representing yourself, your school or gym, and the sport.  Let's have fun and showcase the sportsmanship in this sport. 

Final day to register your team or school will be Saturday December 7.  This exhibition team tournament will take place in the city of Pasadena at the Villa Parke Community Center gymnasium.   

Villa Parke Community Center
63 E Villa St.  Pasadena, California 91101

Here's a video from the last No-Gi BJJ, submission grappling tournament in Pasadena at the Villa Parke Community Center. 

UFC 154: St. Piere vs. Condit Fight Pick & Preview

This Saturday, November 17, George St. Pierre returns to UFC action! He will try to regain his throne, and once again rule over the welterweight division. Standing in his way is the man that has been holding the interim welterweight championship belt and keeping his seat warm, Carlos Condit. Let's take a closer look at these two fighters, then I'll make my fight pick. If I'm correct, it will add to my UFC main event fight pick winning streak, which currently stands at 10 in a row!

George St. Pierre (GSP) is always in the discussion of who's the best pound for pound MMA fighter. He hasn't lost a fight since 2007 and has an overall record of 22-2. With his well rounded skills, GSP is the epitome of MMA's evolution. GSP can beat you with his striking, his ground game and or anything in between. The one knock on GSP is his inability to finish fights. His last 5 fights have all gone to decision.

Carlos Condit has an overall all record of 28-5. He's 13-1 in his last 14 fights. Since his last loss back in 2009, he's rattled off 5 wins in a row, including the fight versus Nick Diaz, which got him the Welterweight Interim Championship title. In that five fight winning streak, he's also earned a UFC Knock out of the Night honors twice, and a Fight of the Night honor. Condit is definitely a finisher! He has 13 victories by way of submission technique, and another 13 wins via KO/TKO.

While Condit's victory over Nick Diaz was controversial, his strategy of running away from Diaz and not engaging in a brawl worked to his advantage and showed that he can put his pride aside to do what it takes to survive a dangerous opponent.
At UFC 154, Condit will most like employ another cautious strategy. GSP will not chase after him like Diaz did which will make this a battle of who will be willing to engage first. Eventually, I think GSP's rust from his long layoff will do him in and cause an opening that Condit will take advantage of.

Look for this to be a cautious fight where Condit will take advantage of a fighter coming off a career threatening injury and a long lay-off.

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