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Self Defense Tips -3 Martial Arts Experts

self defense Los Angeles
It's been said that it's better to have and not need than to need and not have.  When it comes to self-defense, it's a good idea to have workable Martial Arts skills, both mental and physical, even if it's just the basics.  We've all seen what works in MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) competition. Some of those skills, as well as a good head on your shoulders, can possibly save your life, a family member’s life, and or a friend's life. 

Recently I asked some Martial Arts experts in the Los Angeles area for some Martial Arts and self-defense tips for our Chingasos MMA readers.  Here they are:

Vincent-Marco Duchetta
Owner/Chief Instructor
Ring of Fire Martial Arts Academy

When you find yourself in a self-defense situation on the street, physical altercation should be your last resort. If "verbal judo" doesn't diffuse the situation and you are forced to go the physical route, make sure your technique is fast, strong and precise. Whether it is a punch, kick, joint lock or throw, commit 100% to it.

Ring of Fire Martial Arts Academy
310 S 1st Ave
Arcadia, Ca 91006
(626) 445-7072

Anthony Eisenhower
Brood 9 Martial Arts
Owner/Head Instructor

If caught in a situation that requires you to use physical self-defense, keeping calm and keeping a relaxed breathing pattern is extremely important (not always achieved). Also, think about points of control and breaking points on a person’s body. Any way that a limb shouldn't move, but especially joints such as the knee, elbow, ankle, etc., strike them hard and fast and make them move in the way they shouldn't move. Remember, there are no rules if your life is involved.

Brood 9 Martial Arts
6508 1/2 Arizona Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90045

James Poidog
TapouT Los Angeles
Boxing and Muay Thai Instructor.
TapouT Los Angeles

The things I'd like to emphasize are the things we can do to avoid conflict well before it comes to any decision on engaging in violence at all. Situational awareness is a skill set used by both law enforcement and military to avoid or minimize possible conflict scenarios. How many folk walking to their cars, gym, or home at night are engrossed on their phones texting, etc. or lost in thoughts about the day? Even those who know better, do it. Simply engaging the mind on the now and scanning the field around you with eyes and ears can alert you to suspect individuals, groups, and environmental changes, giving you more time to asses and enact defensive movement or preparation. It's surprising, to me, how many of us don't do this, and how easy it is when trained.

TapouT Los Angeles
400 W. Pico Ave. Los Angeles, CA. 90015
1-877-4-LA-TAPOUT (877-452-8276)

Those tips are simple, yet workable, and they can save your life, a family member’s life or a friend's life.  If you are in the Los Angeles area and you're interested in the Martial Arts for self-defense, contact one of these experts so that you can learn proper self-defense techniques.  Again, it's better to have and not need than to need and not have.

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