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Self Defense, Martial Arts and Your Environment

Self Defense Martial Arts Los Angeles
The UFC has popularized the sport of MMA (Mixed Martial Arts). Many MMA techniques that are used in the UFC and other organizations can definitely be used in self defense situations.  But, what must be kept in mind is that the sport of MMA unfolds in a controlled environment with safety equipment, a referee, rules, and a padded cage or ring.  In a self-defense situation, these aspects will be absent. In a self-defense situation, the environment in a possible attack is of the utmost importance.  It can be used against you, or, you can use it to your advantage.  Check out some tips from a couple of Martial Arts experts in the Los Angeles area.

James Poidog
Boxing and Muay Thai Instructor
TapouT Los Angeles

Know your environment, for example, walls, fences, cars, curbs, etc. Each and every part of your environment can become a potential weapon. Imagine a throw to a brick wall or parking curb. Even if your assailant knows how to land, it's doubtful they've practiced on hard surfaces.

Using the environment to your advantage easily changes the game. Backing an opponent off the curb can not only throw off their attention, giving you that split second to attack, it can cause injury to those that are unaware.

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Vincent-Marco Duchetta
Owner/Chief Instructor
Ring of Fire Martial Arts Academy

The Grandmaster of my Hapkido organization used to teach us that when you are in a self defense situation, position yourself so that the tools of your environment are to your rear, or at an angle off to your side (corners of benches, walls etc). These corners serve as good surfaces to redirect your opponent into using a throw or twisting technique.

Bottom line, be prepared, use your environment, and defend yourself with purpose and conviction.

Ring of Fire Martial Arts Academy
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Arcadia, Ca 91006
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These self-defense tips are simple, but they are often overlooked.  Remember that using Martial Arts to defend yourself begins before any striking, throwing, takedown, choking, or joint locking movement on your part.  Setting the stage and using your environment to your advantage when possible, can make the difference between defending yourself successfully, or becoming a victim. 

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