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MMA and Self Defense Striking Tips

Self Defense Martial Arts Los Angeles
The UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) and the sport of MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) have proven that, against resisting opponents, there are techniques that will most definitely work. But, don't get the sport of MMA, confused with what will work optimally in an environment where there are no rules and your life, a family member’s life or a friend's is at stake.

In a street fight and self-defense situation, keep in mind that options open up, and different strategies can and should be used to come out alive. While fighting strategies in MMA and in a street fight/self-defense situation may have similarities, be aware of differences so that you can best apply the Martial Arts in a manner that will be advantageous and legal for you. Here are fighting tips from four Los Angeles MMA and Martial Arts experts.

James Poidog
Boxing and Muay Thai Instructor
TapouT Los Angeles

Striking for self-defense is different than MMA, since in MMA, fighters have taped hands and gloves to protect their hands. Even using a small, four ounce gloves is way different than using a bare hand. For self-defense, a closed fist works well on soft tissue, while you should alter the formation of your fist/hand to attack harder targets.

Due to the padding on your palm, open hand palm strikes on hard spots, like the face, work well without injuring or breaking your hand. Besides the formation of the fist/hand, striking mechanics are the same for both MMA and in self-defense.
In self-defense, targets will differ from MMA because of the rules. To gain an advantage in a self-defense situation, here is a simple rule of thumb: memorize the unified rules of MMA (especially the no hit list) and in self- defense, that's your go to list.

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Anthony Eisenhower
Brood 9 Martial Arts
Owner/Head Instructor

A quick striking concept that is utilized in MMA as well as Muay Thai is the notion of chopping the legs down. Strike the legs hard and fast and the fighter loses strength, mobility, footwork as well as their mental game.
You can use this same concept for self-defense instead of over extending your reach. That is to say, rather than going for facial features, strike at the legs. More specifically, the knees! Use full follow through of a thrusting kick to their knees to take out their mobility, as well as completely mess with their mental state. The less mobile an attacker is, the easier it will be for you to get away.

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Vincent-Marco Duchetta
Owner/Chief Instructor
Ring of Fire Martial Arts Academy
Low kicks, those delivered below the waist are your higher percentage kicks. In a self-defense situation, strikes to the limbs should be directed against the joints. Also, since James covered the head, I will add that punching to the body as well as open hand strikes should be targeted to the floating rib (bottom one, not fully connected). This rib is fairly vulnerable to breaks and will be painful when struck.

Mike Baig
Submission Factory Mixed Martial Arts

I am primarily a striker, but on the streets, I don't like to strike much at all. If I do, it is to set up a control hold. You must be aware of consequences on the street. Many times police get involved, and if there is evidence that a trained martial artist caused damage, there can be trouble with the law.
I generally take on a passive fight stance where my feet are in position, and my hands are up in a seemingly surrendering position, but ready to strike. By doing this, any witness will see that I was "surrendering" with my hands up. This is universally understood as, "I give up".

This stance allows me to use palm strikes against shoulders and head to set up a control hold if necessary. But of course, the best street defense is to simply not be there. Therefore, I use my words to stroke the other’s ego into believing that they have already bested me, and slowly step away with my hands up and ready to use.

This has worked for me in many years of bouncing at clubs and bars. As far as MMA goes, there are many strikes and targets that are not used, for the most part. I like to use hammer fists on the thighs, inside and out. Also, a good strategy to utilize is punching and elbowing the biceps and shoulders to fatigue them. This often worked for me, and still works for my fighters. There are so many targets on the body. Don't limit yourself to the head and stomach.

Submission Factory Mixed Martial Arts
Los Angeles, CA

Once again, these experts have stepped up with simple tips, that can go a long way to help you win an MMA fight, or come up on top in a street fight or self-defense situation. If you're in the Los Angeles area, and you're interested in getting into MMA, or you just want to learn how to defend yourself, contact them ASAP!