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IFS 12: Gladiators Collide

IFS MMA Los Angeles Event
If you're in the Los Angeles area and you're attempting to turn a boxing or Muay Thai fan on to MMA (Mixed Martial Arts), the IFS (International Fight Showdown) event is a good one to start with. Boxing and Muay Thai fans love seeing a good stand up war, but are sometimes turned off to the ground game. The IFS is changing all that with their brand of fighting.

The IFS came up with an innovative idea and changed up the normal MMA round system a bit so as to feature stand up fighting while still allowing full on MMA. Under the IFS, the fights are still three rounds. However, the first round is all boxing with boxing rules but MMA gloves. The second round is Muay Thai with Muay Thai rules but MMA gloves. If the fighters make it to the third round, that one is full on MMA. Yes, with MMA gloves! The fighters do not change gloves in between rounds. They fight the entire fight with the same MMA gloves.

IFS 12: Gladiators Collide, will have plenty of action for those that attend. The event is broken up into Pro 1, AM 1 and Muay Thai. The Pro 1 will feature professional fighters mixing it up with the IFS special round system. The AM 1 will feature up and coming amateur fighters that are getting ready to make the leap to the next level. Last but not least, there will also be nine regular Muay Thai fights.

IFS 12: "Gladiators Collide" will take place September 16 at the Industry Hills Expo Center. The Expo will open at noon, and the fights get going at 2 p.m.

Industry Hills Expo Center:
16200 Temple Avenue
City of Industry, CA 91744

General admission is $30. To get your tickets, you can call (714) 588-9327, or visit www.IFSPRO.com.

Here's a video explaining the IFS

Here's the complete fight Card for IFS 12: "Gladiotors Collide"
Pro 1 Fight Card:

Toby Grear vs. Eddie Hernandez

Jason Williams vs. Darren Smith

David Barrious vs. Adam Rothweiler

Terrion Ware vs. John Sassone

AM 1 Fight Card:
Jonathan Del Rosario vs. Kevin Bee

Michael Koelzer vs. Glen Spencer

Muay Thai Fight Card:

Jasmine Singh vs. Marie Choi

Raj Patel vs. Daniel Macdonald

Jose Zamora vs. Steve Martinez

Natelie Morgan vs. Renee Rosas

Crystal Lagunas vs Lisa Mauloin

Cristian Gonzalez vs Danny Durkin

Jonathan Puu vs Marquis Ross

Marcus Guevara vs. Victor Jovel

Eduardo Alvarado vs. Jay Alvarez