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UFC 149 Faber vs Barao Fight Pick

UFC 149 Faber vs Barao
With so many MMA events going on recently, UFC 149, Faber vs. Barao has flown under the radar, but hardcore fans know that this fight has the ingredients, for a fight of the year candidate.  UFC 149, which will the be first UFC event at the Scotiabank Saddledome in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, will surely have Canadian MMA fans wanting the UFC back for more chingasos!  Let's take a look at the main even, which will be for the UFC Interim Bantamweight title, Urijah Faber vs. Renan Pegado "Barao".

Renan Pegado "Barao" started his MMA career with a loss.  Since then, he hasn't looked back and has done nothing but rack up win after win, amassing a total MMA record of 28-1.  Included in those wins are has last three that have all been in the UFC.  He's no stranger to finishing fights either, as he has 6 KO/TKO and 13 submission victories.  Barao is well rounded with excellent striking ability, which he uses to set up his submission attempts.  He has the ability to beat a fighter in any realm of MMA.

 Urijah "The California Kid" Faber was a dominant fighter early in his career racking up a record of 21-1 in his first 22 fights.  Then, things got a little rocky when he suffered a TKO loss to Mike Brown in his 23rd fight. Since that loss, he hasn't won more than two in a row and is only 5-3.  To his credit, his last three losses have all been on decision. If he can finally shake off that TKO loss and be more aggressive, he has a chance to once again unveil his full potential. 

Unfortunately for Faber, this fight will not be an easy one to unveil his potential.  Barao is a better striker, and is better on the ground.  I am picking Barao to take this victory by being able to defend all of Faber's takedown attempts and by picking him apart standing.  If Faber is not careful, Barao will find an opening and finish Faber off. But, most likely, the the fight will go to the judges and Barao will take the decision victory. 

The winner of Faber vs. Barao will face Dominick Cruz to unify the titles in a future UFC event. Check out the video "Countdown to UFC 149: Faber vs. Barao":