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Samurai Pro MMA Los Angeles

This Friday night , Los Angeles MMA fans get a chance to witness some professional Mixed Martial Arts fighting action!  The Samurai MMA Pro 3 event is going down at the Culver City Veteran's Memorial Auditorium. These are all up and coming pros so expect a chingasosfest as they try to prove a point while climbing up the ranks!

The doors to the Samurai MMA Pro event will open at 6:30 p.m. and the first MMA fight will get going at 8 p.m.  Special guests, and MMA legends Fabricio Werdum and Renato "Babalu" Sobral will be in attendance.  There will also be beer, cocktails and food on hand. 

One of the fights to keep an eye on is Terrion Ware vs. Paul Amoro.  Ware is making his second professional entrance into an MMA fight and has been looking explosive in training. A while back, when Terrion Ware was still fighting his way through the amateur ranks, we were able to catch a glimpse of him training.  Check out a promo video Chingasos MMA put together for him back in his amateur days:

Here is the complete fight card for Sumurai MMA Pro 3

Fernando Vargas vs. Jonathan Rivera
Fighting at 170 lbs (Welterweight)

 Magno Almeida vs. Darren Smith
Fighting at 155 lbs (Lightweight)

Cooper Gibson vs. Felipe Lavandoski
Fighting at 145 lbs (Featherweight)

Alex Coates (debut) vs. Walter Selva
Fighting at 185 lbs (Middleweight)

Marcus Kowal vs. Mike Kubeska
Fighting at 135 (Bantamweight)

Eric Steans vs. Jerome Buchanan
Fighting at 155 lbs (Lightweight)

Paul Amaro vs. Terrion Ware
Fighting at 135 lbs (Bantamweight)

Stay tuned for UFC fight picks, and more MMA in Los Angeles.