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Silva vs Sonnen UFC 148 Fight Pick

UFC 148 Fight Pick
Anderson "The Spider" Silva met Chael Sonnen in the UFC cage for the first time at UFC 117 back in August of 2010. MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fans and experts were surprised for four and a half rounds as Sonnen dominated Silva! But then, Sonnen made a mistake, Silva quickly capitalized and submitted Sonnen with a triangle armbar submission from the guard.

After two long years, Chael Sonnen finally gets his rematch and his chance at proving that the first four and a half rounds in their first match up were no fluke. Silva is tired of the trash talking and wants to shut Sonnen up for good! Lets take a closer look at these fighters.

Anderson Silva has plain and simply dominated the middleweight division. He entered the UFC for the first time in April of 2006 and has rattled off 14 straight wins since! Those 14 UFC wins have been highlighted by 8 KO/TKO's and 3 submissions. If that's not impressive enough, keep in mind that those wins have come versus the top MMA fighters in the division and in the world!

Chael Sonnen is 5-1 in has last six UFC fights with the only smudge in that stretch being the loss to Anderson Silva. Sonnen is coming off a solid decision win where he beat a top Middleweight contender in Michael Bisping. He's definitely earned his rematch, but can he pull off the win this time?

I don't think so! Sonnen will go home with another loss. Silva is too good! Sonnen doesn't have the finishing power to knock him out or to get a TKO. Sonnen won't submit Silva. And as the first fight showed, it's a five round fight. Sure it's nice to win the first four rounds, but you have to finish! The longer you stay in a fight with a great fighter, the longer he has to figure out a way to win. Silva is a great MMA fighter and that's exactly what he did in their first fight. In this fight, at UFC 148, look for Silva to have an answer for Sonnen a lot sooner.

Check out a great promo video for UFC 148 Silva vs Sonnen 2 put together by Youtube user NickTheFace2.