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MMA Fighting Show Casting Couples in Los Angeles

MMA Fighting Show Casting Los Angeles
Are you ready for 15 minutes of MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fight fame?  If so, and you're in the Los Angeles area, you're in luck.  A couple of days ago I was contacted by casting agent David Tapia and was asked to spread the word about an upcoming MMA fighting reality show based on couples.

David explained to me that it will be a reality/competition show called "Couples Fight" for a YouTube Channel web series launching this Summer.  They're looking for couples without MMA experience to fight after training with a pro.

Couples will be training with a professional MMA fighter for a couple of days, and then will be matched up to take on and fight another couple of about the same size.
Shooting and MMA training will be taking place over a four day run. The couples will be compensated for their participation.  The winners of the fight will get $500.00 per person.

There is compensation for the day and a $1000 grand prize for just 3 rounds.

  • Fight Will Be Sized Fair
  • Personality a Plus
  • Train with a Legend for Free
  • Must be a Couple
  • Ages 21-35

Those are the basics, if you're interested in being casted for this MMA reality fight series and you're in or around the Los Angeles area, e-mail dtcasting1@gmail.com or Call 323.359.3698.