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IFS Triple Threat MMA Event

MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fans in the Los Angeles area are in for an exciting event on Sunday March 4th. IFS 10 "Triple Threat" is putting a twist on MMA fight action.  IFS 10 will feature IFS Pro-1 and IFS AM-1.

IFS Pro-1 will feature professional fighters engaging in a three round fight.  It's not MMA, it's not boxing, and it's not Muay Thai.  It's actually all three.  The first round will be strictly boxing rules.  The second round will be Muay Thai rules.  The third and finally round will be MMA rules.  The IFS AM-1 will give the areas up an coming amateur fighters a taste of the same format.

Check out Jonathan Del Rosario from the Submission Factory in Los Angeles training for IFS 10. He will be competing in IFS AM-1.

By the way, big thanks to Charlton Pardo of Final Round Fight Gear for sponsoring the video.  If you need MMA training equipment, make sure to check out www.FinalRoundGear.com. All their gear is genuine leather, no vinyl crap!

If your'e in the Los Angeles area, and you want to attend IFS 10, get your tickets at www.IFShowdown.com.  IFS 10 goes down this Sunday, March 4, 2012 at the Industry Hills Expo Center.

The Industry Hills Expo Center is located at:
 16200 Temple Avenue
City of Industry, CA 91744

Check out the International Fight Showdown (IFS) promo video with more on the IFS 10 MMA event.