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Condit Beats Diaz in Backward Jog-A-Thon

Someone in the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship)forgot to tell Nick Diaz that the main event at UFC 143 had been changed from an MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fight, to a Backward Jog-A-Ton. An uninformed Diaz, aggressively came forward attempting punches and looking to engage in a fight, while Carlos Condit dominated the Backward Jog-A-Thon.

Carlos Condit did an excellent job at UFC 143 running away from a fight with Nick Diaz and showcasing his backward running skills. In gazelle like fashion, Condit ran from the predatory, Nick Diaz.  At the end of the five round fight, oh wait, I mean Jog-A-Thon, the judges rewarded the contest to Condit. They were obviously mesmerized and blown away by the elegance of Condit's backward jogging style.

If the main event at UFC 143 wasn't a backward running contest, you could have fooled me.  I think we all watched in hopes of a war, an all out Chingasos and Chingajitsu fest!  Instead, we witnessed Carlos Condit running backwards from a  Nick Diaz for the majority of 5 rounds.  The only time in the fight when Condit couldn't  run, was late in the 5th round when Diaz finally caught him, took his back, and attempted to finish with a submission.  Unfortunately for fans that like to see fights and fight finishes, Diaz ran out of time.

Condit won the fight, yet, he ran from the fight.  While it might go down in the record as a win, he definitely loses chingon points.  You can't be a chingon running from a fight. Even if you do throw a few kicks that land on the opponents leg.  

Since the awkward decision in main event at UFC 143, the buzz is coming from two directions.  One, informed MMA fight fans that are perplexed at the decision.  And the other, Carlos Condit fans and Nick Diaz haters that force themselves to believe it was a good decision. 

Whatever you might think of the decision, we can all agree that Carlos Condit was not ready to entertain MMA fans.  He came to UFC 143 armed with the strategy of avoiding a fight with Nick Diaz and luckily for Condit, the judges rewarded that strategy.  Hopefully for MMA fans, this is not repeated when George St. Pierre (GSP) and Condit meet to unify the UFC welterweight title.