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Edson Barboza MMA Technique and KO of the Year 2012

It's only January and we've probably seen what will go down as the MMA (Mixed Martial Arts)technique and KO of the year for 2012.  This chingaso went down in the Edson Barboza vs Terry Etim fight at UFC 142. When that spinning heel kick landed, it was one of those "Did that really just happen?" moments. After all, it was happening in the UFC, the highest level of MMA, and not the movies. Check out the video of the spinning heel kick in action and judge for yourself.

This MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) technique might even go down in UFC as the best kick ever! The timing, the technique, and the accuracy all lined up perfectly for Edson Barboza and unfortunately at the expense of Terry Etim. 

Barboza set up the spinning back kick so perfectly that Etim had no chance to block or evade the blow and took the full power of the MMA technique.  Catching the full power of that spinning back kick technique caused what I think will stand as the MMA technique and KO of 2012.  

Props to Edson Barboza as he did a good job of realizing it was a KO chingaso when it landed and didn't add any extra punishment to the knocked out Terry Etim. 

The UFC is off to a good start in 2012!  Hopefully there are more exciting fight finishing MMA techniques to come.  And hopefully, the UFC comes to Los Angeles in 2012!