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UFC 141: Lesnar vs Overeem

 By Chingasos MMA Contributor
Ricardo Robles

Who you got in the UFC 141 main event? Do you think Brock Lesnar will ground and pound his way to another UFC win? Or, do you think Alistair Overeem, with his world class striking, will come out el mas chingon in his UFC debut?

When I first heard about this fight, my thought was,"Ouch, easy fight. Why are they feeding Brock?" Hijole, I was extremely surprised when I found out that Las Vegas had Overeem as the favorite. So, I had to look back at their fights and think about this again.

I don't like Brock (in fact I really dislike him), but I'm not a hater. I give credit where credit is due. So, after rethinking this fight, who do I have? The answer is, yes, I still have Brock Lesnar winning this fight at UFC 141. Chingesu…I needed a Tecate to help me say that. It's true though; I think Lesnar is going to destroy Overeem. Now I need one more Tecate to help me finish writing.

This fight appears to be the proverbial "striker vs. grappler" matchup. Overeem is the K-1 champion. He has thrown enough chingasos and has enough knockouts to fill a highlight reel. When it comes to striking, Overeem is a beast. Overeem is going to do everything he can to keep the fight on the feet and give Brock a serious beat down.

Then there's Brock. He is the 2000 D1 wrestling champion. He has tremendous power and speed. And, there is no doubt about what he is going to do. Brock is going to shoot in and try to get the fight to the ground.

I have no doubt that Brock will put Overeem on his ass. He is just too strong, too powerful, and too skilled in wrestling. Also, his cardio has never been in question. Takedowns are draining, but he has the stamina. He will shoot in until he gets the takedown. Brock will not gas. However, I doubt that Brock will need to shoot in more than a few times to get the fight to the ground. In fact, he will probably get the fight to the ground on the first attempt. Once the fight hits the mat, Brock will hold Overeem there and beat him until the ref steps in.

So does that mean that I don't think Overeem has any chance. Not at all. This is MMA, after all. Here are some situations that I think might give Overeem the win.

Brock doesn't shoot in right away. Overeem stays away and concentrates on throwing chingasos. Overeem catches Brock with a chingaso and puts him to sleep.

Brock shoots in and puts Overeem on his back. Overeem gets back up. Brock keeps shooting in, but every time he does, Overeem gets back up or stuffs the shot. Brock is completely demoralized and Overeem is able to knockout Brock.

Brock shoots in. He is careless in his double leg takedown and Overeem catches Brock's neck. Overeem finishes Brock with a guillotine. Overeem does have 8 wins via guillotine choke.

Diverticulitis takes too big of a toll on Brock. Brock is a mere shadow of his former self. His strength is no longer the same. His quickness has diminished. His take downs are no longer legendary.

Having said that (let me open another Tecate first) I doubt any of those scenarios will play out. Brock Lesnar is just a monster. While Overeem did a great job of sprawling against Fabricio Werdum, Werdum's shot was primitive compared to what Brock's shot will be on Friday. Brock will not throw himself on the ground and beg Overeem to follow him. Brock will force Overeem to the mat and pound him out. Overeem may be the Strikeforce and K-1 champion, but Brock will give him a rude welcome to the UFC.

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