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Ralek Gracie First Known Fight Video

If you're a fan of MMA (Mixed Martial Arts), you already know that back in the day, the Gracie's, the first family of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ), had challenge matches. The Gracie's held these challenge matches or fights, to prove the efficacy of Gracie Jiu Jitsu in real fights. 

While you might have already known about those old school challenge matches, you might not have known that Ralek Gracie, Rorion Gracie's son, now fights in MMA, but also had an old school Gracie challenge match/fight. 

Here's the video of Ralek Gracie as a teenager in what looks like one of the old school Gracie challenge matches.  Check out the fight.

Ralek Gracie hasn't had many MMA fights.  He's 3-0 in MMA.  His first fight was in June of 2007 at the MMA event K-1 Heros.  Most recently, he defeated MMA legend Kazushi Sakuraba in May of 2010 at the MMA event Dream 14. 

Ralek Gracie's future in MMA is unclear, but it would be interesting to have the new breed of Gracie fighters make a run at MMA in it's current and advanced form.