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Can Lyoto Machida Stop the Jon Jones Train at UFC 140?

Jon Jones has been a runaway train in the UFC light heavyweight division.  That train ran wild through the division, right into, and through a UFC title fight. Quinton Rampage was sent to stop this runaway train at UFC 135. Jon Jones demolished him, finishing him off with a rear naked choke in the 4th round. This Saturday December 10th, at UFC 140, Lyoto Machida steps in front of that train.  Will Lyoto Machida be the fighter to derail Jon Jones?

Lyoto Machida is coming off an exciting, second round, front kick KO win over Randy Couture.  That was a nice win for Machida that stopped a losing streak where he had back to back losses to Rampage and Shogun Rua. This brings me to my next point.

Machida is being sent to stop the Jon Jones train, yet Machida has recent losses to Rampage and Shogun Rua, two fighters that Jones not only beat, but dismantled! The fact that Machida was beat by two fighters that Jones has dismantled, leads me to believe that Jon Jones is just on another level than Machida.

Lyoto Machida is a smart, tactical fighter, that has also been described by Joe Rogan as elusive.  These attributes will help Machida survive for a while, but it will only be a matter of time until Jon Jones finds openings and begins to pick Machida apart on his way to another victory in the UFC.