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Cage vs Cons 2 Results and Recap

It was a cold night, but the MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fighters heated things up at Cage vs Cons 2 in Pico Rivera. The fight action was fast and ferocious with five fights finishing in the first round. The MMA fighters at Cage vs Cons 2 were hunting for wins, and they definitely pleased the crowd with their efforts.   Michael Lynch and the rest of the folks behind Cage vs Cons did a great job picking out fighters that would put out exciting fights.  Here's a recap and results of all of the night's MMA action. 

Nate Arreola vs. Daniel Valdez (Amateur Fight)
Fighting at 145 lbs

Round 1:  After a quick test of their stand up the fighters clinch. They fight for position for a while before Valdez scores a takedown.  Valdez looks for a rear naked choke but Arreola fights out of it and the fight eventually gets back to it's feet. Valdez scores some punches, Arreola goes down and Valdez is able to finish with another good punch and what looked to be a rear naked choke.

Results: Daniel Valdez wins via rear naked choke submission in the first round.

Eric Uresk vs. Luke Adams
Fighting at 145 lbs

Round 1: Adams ducks a punch and quickly takes the back, Uresk is able to turn back into him and they engage in a clinch battle. Uresk gets the fight to the ground and fights from within Adams guard.  Adams defends well only allowing light peppering shots from Uresk.

Round 2: After testing their stand up for a few seconds, Uresk takes the fight to the ground with a double leg takedown and the rest of the round is a repeat of round one where Uresk fights from within the guard of Adams.

Round 3 : Adams is able to get a clinch, pushes the fight up against the fence and works some knees.  Uresk eventually reverses the position and then works some dirty boxing. After they stall up against the cage they are restarted. Adams is able to land a kick but Uresk catches a second attempt and then once again takes the fight to the ground, where he grinds the fight out peppering Adams with punches.

Results: Eric Uresk wins via unanimous decision.

James Teele vs. Chris Brown
Fighting at 170 lbs

Round 1: The fight action quickly gets started as Brown goes for a kick and slips. Teele takes advantage and slaps on a guillotine attempt. Brown is able to escape and after a scramble the fight gets back to standing. Brown lands some nice punches.  Teele can't find his footing on the slippery mat and shoots in.  Brown goes to guard and attempts a kimura.

Round 2: Brown throws a kick and then they clinch against the fence.  Brown is able to take the back and then forces the fight to the ground.  Brown works some ground and pound from back mount and then work in the rear naked choke to finish the fight.

Results: Chris Brown wins via rear naked choke submission.

Carl Santiago vs.  Alex Espinoza
Fighting at 155 lbs

Round 1: After a brief stand up skirmish, Espinoza scores a double leg takedown. Santiago makes a move to get off his back and Espinoza counters by taking the back.  Santiago stands up with Espinoza on his back and then throws himself to the mat in an attempt to slam and shake off Espinoza.  Espinoza holds on and works for the rear naked choke.  Santiago once again tries to slam his way out of the rear mount position but this time Espinoza clamps on the rear naked choke tighter and finishes the fight.

Results: Alex Espinoza wins via rear naked choke submission.

Marcus Gaines vs Paul Karsky
Fighting at 185 lbs

Round 1: A few seconds into the fight Gaines slips and Karsky quickly smothers him with a solid guillotine attempt.  Karksy pulls guard to attempt the submission finish but Gaines manages to pull his head out.  After a short scramble, Karsky is able to reverse from the bottom and puts Gaines on his back.  Gaines works from guard and traps an arm in a submission attempt.  Karsky picks Gaines up and tries to slam his way out of the submission attempt.  Even though it was a hard slam, Gaines doesn't give up the arm and finishes the armbar submission.

Results: Marcus Gaines wins via armbar submission.

Mark Matthews vs. Richard Blake
Fighting at 185 lbs

Round 1: These two fighters traded stand up for the first part of the round. Both landed hard punches. Mid round, Mathews was able to lock up a tight standing guillotine.  Mathews brought Blake down to the mat in an attempt to finish the fight with the guillotine choke. Blake was able to fight it off, but Mathews would not let go of the neck, took Blake's back and finished the fight with a rear naked choke.  

Results: Mark Matthews wins via rear naked choke submission.

Ralph Aau vs. Ben Davis
Fighting at Heavyweight

Round 1: This fight gets started with a powerful exchange of chingasos. Then Aau shoot in for a takedown, but Davis fights it off and they clinch up against the fence.  Aau finally gets the fight to the ground, takes the back and rains down some cranium crackin' punches that cause Davis to tap. 

Results: Ralph Aau wins via tap out due to punches.

Nick Christy vs. Ismael Gonzales
Fighting at 165 lbs

Round 1:  These fighters slip and slide there way into a clinch against the fence. They battle for position but the fight goes no where and ref Big John McCarthy restarts the fight.  After briefly exchanging chingasos, they go back to clinch fighting up against the fence. The fight is again restarted but it quickly goes back to clinch fighting against the fence. With a few seconds left, Gonzales is able to shoot in, and scores a double leg takedown. 

Round 2: Gonzales uses kicks to get the party started, but Christy counters with quick crisp punching for the first part of the round. Gonzales sees an opening, shoots in and scores another double leg takedown.  Finding nothing on the ground, Gonzales backs out and Christy stands back up, but then Gonzales quickly scores a single leg takedown. Christy's guard is tight but Gonzales finds and opening and is able to land a few elbows. 

Round 3:  Christy opens up his boxing and is able to land a few good shots, but then he shoots in and Gonzales is able to clinch and press him up against the fence.  Christy lands some knees but at least one lands low and the fight is paused.  Once it's restarted, Gonzales scores a textbook double leg takedown and traps Christy against the fence.  Christy fights hard and is able to reverse the position. Christy ends up on top and is able to work in some elbows.  In an attempt to reverse, Gonzales leaves his neck open. Christy locks up a guillotine and pulls guard. Gonzales is able to escape the submission attempt and the fight continues there with Christy throwing chingasos from the bottom, and Gonzales trying to drop his bombs from within the guard.

Results: Ismael Gonzales wins via split decision.

If you missed Cage vs Cons 2, make sure you stay tuned for info on their next event.  You'll get you MMA money's worth if the action is even half as good as Cage vs Cons 2.  Photos from this event are coming soon!