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Valley Invasion Burbank MMA Event Results

Alberto Crane and his National Fight Alliance put on "Valley Invasion", an MMA event with some of the Los Angeles area's pro MMA fighters.  The Valley Invasion MMA event made history by being the first MMA event in the city of Burbank.  Here is a quick recap and results of the nights fight action.

Haik Tsaturyan vs. Octavio Morales (Fighting at 135 lbs)

Round 1: Tsaturyan dominated the round with accurate striking that floored Morales a few time early in the round.  Morales choose to attempt to pull guard several times after taking the hard shots from Tsaturyan early. Morales could not bait Tsaturyan to fight on the ground.

Round 2: Tsaturyan continued striking accurately while Morales continued with his strategy of trying to get the fight to the ground by pulling guard and baiting Tsaturyan.  Tsaturyan was content with continuing to dominate standing.

Round 3: Morales was able to get his way getting the fight to the ground and attempting leg locks.  He had two attempts that were close, but Tsaturyan's defense was too good.  Tsaturayn continued to dominate standing but late in the round Tsaturyan slipped and Morales was able to briefly take the back until Tsaturyan reversed out of it and ended up in Morales guard. 

Results: Haik Tsaturyan wins via unanimous decision.

Keenan Lewis vs. Peter Baltimore (Fighting at 135 lbs)

Round 1: Lewis gets the fight started quickly with a textbook double leg takedown but can't do much with it as Baltimore's ground defense was solid.  Late it the round the fight is stood up.  Lewis throws a kick, Baltimore catches it and takes the fight to the mat.  Lewis reverses and they finish there with not much happening.

Round 2: Baltimore locks up a guillotine early, pulls guard to try to finish and while it looked tight, Lewis works out of it.  The fight stalls there and it's stood up. They clinch and Baltimore goes for another guillotine but Lewis easily gets out of this attempt and finishes the round on top. 

Round 3: Lewis shoots in early but Baltimore is able to stuff it and they end up fighting up against the fence in the clinch.  Mid round Lewis is able to score another text book double leg and they continue the fight on the ground.  Baltimore is able to lock up a what looked to be reverse triangle from the bottom as the round ends.

Results: Keenen Lewis wins via unanimous decision.

Jon Gorton vs. German Baltazar (Fighting at 135 lbs)

Round 1: After testing each others stand up, Gorton shoots in for a double leg and gets the fight to the ground. Baltazar works his guard game for a bit but then gets up and the one ups Gorton with a high flying  double leg of his own.  They make their way back up and Baltazar is able to score another takedown. 

Round 2: They start off the round with a stand up back and forth exchanges with neither fighter really swaying the fight to their advantage. Gorton scores a takedown but Baltazar uses the cage and the fight gets back to standing and trading chingasos. Gorton scores another takedown but Baltazar gets right back up and they resume trading blow. 

Round 3: Baltazar shoots in quickly and strikes first with a takedown. Gorton makes his way back up and then they trade takedowns. Close to then end of the round Gorton is in Baltazar's guard and Baltazar locks up a tight triangle. Gorton is able to defend and gets out.

Results: Jon Gorton wins via split decision.

Ako Harper vs. Jeremy Ramage (Fighting at 155 lbs)

Round 1: Ramage wastes no time and shoots in for a takedown. Harper fights it off but Ramage is relentless and finishes it. Harper doesn't spend too much time on his back though as he is able to get back up.  Ramage is intent on keeping the fight on the ground and returns Harper there. Harper is able to sneak his arm in and lock up a guillotine that he uses to reverse and get on top, the submission looked tight but Ramage makes his way out. 

Round 2: Harper comes out aggressively with punches that connect. Rampage survives the onslaught an is able to score a double leg takedown. Harper makes his way make up and then pins Ramage agains the fence until he can score a takedown of his own. Harper briefly takes the back but then loses the position and Ramage ends up on top inside the guard of Harper.

Round 3: Ramage tries a few kicks but Harper avoids them and they ensue the fight in a clinch against the fence. Ramage is able to get the takedown from there. Ramage mounts and begins a ground and pound assault but Harper defends well. Harper eventually pushes Ramage off but right into Ramage's armbar attempt.  No cigar for Ramage though as Harper survives the attempt.

Results: Jeremy Ramage wins via split decision.

Mike Jasper vs. Daniel McWilliams (Fighting at 155 lbs)

Round 1: Jasper catches a kick from McWilliams and gets the fight to the ground. McWilliams actively goes for a kneeler but Jasper escapes.  Jasper makes his way back up and the fighters clinch up agains the fence.  Jasper lands some vicious elbows and then puts McWilliams on his back where he finishes the fight with some ground and pound.

Results: Mike Jasper wins via ref stoppage, TKO.

Daniel Clark vs. Eric Steans (Fighting at 155 lbs)

Round 1: After a short feeling out process they engage in a fact paced back and fourth clinch battle. Clark attempts a knee that Steans uses to get a takedown. Clark quickly scrambles and takes Steans back. Clark works for a rear naked choke from there and while it looked tight steans makes his way out.

Round 2: They start trading but end up in a clinch.  Stean is able to get a strong hold and scores a double leg takedown. Stean attempts a heel hook but Clark escapes. Stean puts Clark back on his back and works some ground and pound.

Round 3: Clark comes out with punches. Steans avoids damage and picks up his aggression level. Stean is able to use that to score another double leg takedown, mound and drop punches and elbows to Clark's head that finish the fight. 

Results: Eric Stean wins via ref stoppage, TKO.

Bobby Sanchez vs. John Robles (Fighting at 135 lbs)

Round 1: Sanchez scores first by shooting in for a takedown.  He attempts to take the back and fails allowing Robles to get on top. Robles works some ground and pound and then finishes by going beast mode and jackhammering elbows to Sanchez head.

Results: John Robles wins via ref stoppage, TKO.

Orlando Sanchez vs. William Wheeler (Fighting at Heavyweight)

Round 1: As Wheeler attempts some strikes, Sanchez clinches and muscles the fight to the ground. Sanchez works from side control until Wheeler turns and turtles up.  At the point Sanchez takes a solid position and rains down punches in bunches finishing the fight.

Results: Orlando Sanchez wins via ref stoppage, TKO.

Sevak Magakain vs. David Gardener (Fighting at 155 lbs)

Round 1: The feel each other out and then Gardener dives in for a single leg takedown attempt. Gardener makes a mistake and Magakian scrambles out of the attempt but Gardener re-shoots and gets hold of the leg again.  Magakain is able to maneuver around the attempt, he gets a good position and lands some strong punches that finish the fight.

Results: Sevak Magakian wins via ref stoppage, TKO.

While the MMA fights at Alberto Crane's Nation Fight Alliance event Valley Invasion started late, they finished with a bang.  The night finished with five crowd pleasing TKO's in a row.  Stay tuned for more MMA events from Alberto Crane and his National Fight Alliance. Photos from this event coming soon.  

Here are some of the Photos taken at Nation Fight Alliance "Vally Invasion" MMA event.