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UFC Fighter Dominick Cruz Looks Unbeatable at Bantamweight

UFC fighter Dominick Cruz defended his bantamweight title versus Demetrious Johnson Saturday night at UFC Live 6 (UFC Live on Versus  6) and is looking unbeatable.   If Johnson was supposed to be the biggest MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) test for Cruz, then he passed with flying colors. 

The MMA fighting action was fast and furious from the beginning to the end of this fight, but for the most part Cruz seemed to stifle Mighty Mouse Johnson with takedowns, an unorthodox fighting stance and footwork.  Johnson had some moments but nothing that was strong enough to stop the momentum that Cruz built. 

Cruz was able to complete takedowns against Johnson, which is no easy task and shows off his wrestling skill.  Johnson is short, stocky, fast and skilled, and if you've ever trained in MMA or any form of grappling, you know how hard it is to takedown and control someone like that. 

Most of the fight went back and forth with the stand up with neither fighter able to impose their will on the other.  This might be where someone can have a chance at beating Cruz, but then again, he is so elusive with his funky foot work that it seems hard to catch him with any type of solid fight ending chingasos.  Mighty Mouse Johnson tried and failed. 

It was a convincing win for Cruz and it will be interesting to see who the UFC throws at him next.  The bantamweight division is still new in the UFC and I'm sure they're looking at how the fans like these type of fast paced MMA fights that seem to be hard to end and leave the judges to choose the winner.