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UFC 136 Results and Recap

UFC 136 Edgar vs. Maynard III made MMA (Mixed Martial Arts)fans extremely happy with an exciting main event that lived up to the hype.  Frankie Edgar vs Gray Maynard III was a great fight.  Here is a recap and results for UFC 136 (Main Card).  The pre-lim results are on the Chingasos MMA Twitter.  

Melvin Guillard vs. Joe Lauzon
UFC Lightweight Division (155 lbs)

Guillard comes out with power full punches, but Lauzon stands in there and lands a short crisp left hook.  Guillard quickly goes down. Lauzon jumps on him quickly, takes his back and slaps on the rear naked choke. 

Results:  Lauzon wins via rear naked choke submission 47 seconds into the fight.

Leonard Garcia vs. Nam Phan
UFC Featherweight Division (145 lbs)

These two waste no time in getting the action going.  They start trading stand up shots a few seconds into the fight.  About mid round Phan lands a straight punch that floors Garcia.  Phan follows him to the ground but gets stuck in half guard.  The fight is stood back up where they get back into trading chingasos.  Garcia begins to get wild and Phan capitalizes with sharper striking.  Phan is able to floor Garcia again towards the end of the round.

In round two Phan begins to dominate the fight by taking advantage of Garcia's wild punches.  Phan continuously counters Garcia's wild strikes with crisp, straight and more accurate punches.  At the end of the round Garcia's face looks a mess from Phan's punishment. 

Garcia starts round three with aggressive leg kicks.  Phan takes them but then Garcia turns the fight around by landing a wild hook on Phan's chin.  Garcia then goes in for a finish, while he lands some, he misses most of his fight ending punch attempts.  Phan recovers and then begins to turn the fight back in his favor with his more controlled striking.  Phan is able to score a takedown with a little less than two minutes left.  After little action on the ground, the fight is stood up and they get back to trading chingasos!

Results:  In a fight of the night candidate, Phan wins via unanimous decision.

Chael Sonnen vs. Brian Stann
UFC Middleweight Division (185 lbs)

This fight starts quickly by the fighters rushing and they begin a clinch battle.  After battling for position against the cage for a while, Sonnes is able to score a takedown and begins to work from side control. Eventually Sonnen takes the back and works to finish the fight from there.  Stann defends well and is able to make his way to half guard and then full guard towards the end of the round.  Sonnes is able to land a bit of ground and pound from that position as the round comes to a close.

Stann opens up round two by throwing a kick.  Sonnen counters by taking him down and moving into side control.  Sonnen  works his ground game and mixes in ground and pound most of the round until a bad stand up by the ref.  Sonnen doesn't complain and gets back to work taking Stann right back down.  Sonnen takes side control and then works for an arm triangle.  Stann defends but eventually succumbs to the submission.

Results: Sonnen wins via arm triangle submission.

Jose Aldo vs. Kenny Florian
UFC Featherweight Division

Florian gets the fight going with solid leg kicks.  Aldo is able to land a solid punch that cuts Florian. A couple of minutes into the round Florian attempts a takedown but Aldo scrambles out and then they get into a clinch battle agains the cage. Florian is able to score another takedown but can't keep Aldo down long.  Aldo breaks away, but Florian gets the fight back up against the cage and the round ends there.

In round two they start off by testing each others stand up but neither can land a significant blow.  The round continues on looking like a sparring match with sparatic hard leg kicks landing. 

The action begins to kick up a bit at the start of round three.  Aldo begins to land more shots.  Florian goes for a takedown but fails and Aldo ends up in mount.  Florian works out of it and defends from half guard. Aldo can't capitalize and Florian eventually makes his way back up towards the end of the round.

Florian tries to kick up his aggression to start off round four but Aldo stifles the attempt. Florian attempts a takedown but Aldo fights it off and they end up in a clinch battle against the cage.  Aldo breaks away but Florian is able to regain the clinch and they battle against the cage again.  Florian fights for a takedown but to no avail. Aldo is again able to break away towards the end of the round and lands a couple of strikes.

In round five, after briefly trading, Florian goes in for the clinch and pushes up Aldo agains the cage.  When Aldo breaks away he catches Florian off balance and pushes him to the floor. Florian defends with up kicks but Aldo eventually times them and takes mount.  Florian fights to get out of the position and with under two minutes left makes it back to his feet. The clinch up against the fence and break away with a few seconds left in the fight.

Results: In somewhat of a boring fight, Aldo wins via unanimous decision. 

Frankie Edgar vs. Gray Maynard
UFC Lightweight Division

After a long feeling out process Edgar goes for a takedown but Maynard is able to fight it off.  They get back to standing in front of each other and Maynard lands a powerful uppercut that shakes up Edgar. Edgar tries to recover but Maynard is able to land more blows that almost end the fight.  Somehow Edgar survives as Maynard continues to go in for the kill. The round could easily be scored 10-8 for Maynard.

Edgar looks fully recovered from the first round at the beginning of round two.  Edgar presses the action as Maynard seems to wait for another chance to land a power shot.  Edgar is able to pepper Maynard with punches and kicks most of the round.  Maynard can't seem to find the distance in this round as Edgar finished the round sticking and moving. 

Round three was more sticking and moving from Edgar while Maynard waited for a power shot.  Edgar's foot work and speed began to dictate the fight.

Round four is more of the same from Edgar.  Maynard finally goes in for a takedown but Edgar fights it off easily and gets back to peppering Maynard with chingasos from all angles. Late in the round Edgar shoots in for a takedown and as Maynard fights it off Edgar lands a power uppercut that lands clean on Maynard's chin.  Maynard is dazed and Edgar goes in for the kill with devastating punches.

Results: Edgar wins via TKO. 

If you read my pre UFC 136 fight card and picks article, there weren't many surprises in the results on this card.  The only surprise was the result of the Guillard vs. Lauzon fight.  Nevertheless, it was and exciting night of fights and all of us MMA fans patiently wait for UFC 137.