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Proving Grounds 6 Results Pasadena MMA

Proving Grounds 6, tonight Saturday October 1 proved to be another good night of fights at the Fight Academy in Pasadena.  MMA fans from all over the Los Angeles area packed the Fight Academy Gym to witness the Chingasos!  Here's is a quick recap and results of the night's MMA fight action.

Jose Pinzon (Fight Academy) vs. Cameron Harris (PKG)

Pinzon starts the fight showcasing nice punch kick combos.  Harris clinches in an effort to slow Pinzon down.  The rest of the round is more of Pinzon and his nice combos while Harris attempts a clinch fight. In Round two it's more of Pinzon's nice combos but about mid round Harris shoots for a double leg takedown and scores it.  Pinzon works a bit of rubber guard but Harris is able to stay out of trouble and lands periodic ground and pound. In round three Pinzon catches Harris with some punches early but then Harris is able to clinch and gets the fight to the mat with a head and arm judo type takedown.  Harris works from inside of Pinzon's guard but doesn't find an opening. The ref stand the fight back up an Pinzon quickly fires off more punches but none of them seem to get by Harris's defense.  Late in the round Harris shoots for a double and scores it.

Results: Jose Pinzon wins via split decision.

Mark Oganesyan (Fight Academy) vs. Gabriel Gasapar (Team I.C.E)

Gasapar opens up the fight by bull rushing Gasapar into the fence and showing good power.  Oganesyan is able to bounce of the fence but Gasapar is relentless in attempting to clinch.  Oganesyan sees an opening and scores a double leg takedown.  From there Oganesyan finds opening after opening and is able to land hard punches to the head.  Gasapar goes for a kneebar but only opens himself up for more punches.  Gasapar returns back to full guard but Oganesyan doesn't let up with his ground and pound and finishes the fight landing several more head shots. 

Results: Mark Oganesyan wins via ref stoppage.

Andrew San Miguel (Arsenal MMA) vs. John Donchig (Wagnom Kempo)

Donchig comes out with an unorthodox style which wasn't looking good at first but he quickly clinches with San Miguel and then performs a sacrifice type takedown and ends up on top with a bull dog head lock.  They trade punches from there but then Donchig tightens up the bull dog choke and finishes the fight. 

Results: John Donchig wins vis rarely seen bull dog choke.

Anthony Nealy (Fight Academy) vs. Walter Morales (MJA Fighting Systems)

The fighters get this one started by trading jabs and then Morales shoots in for a takedown.  Nealy fights it off and they clinch up agains the fence.  As they release Morales is able to land a hard punch.  The rest of the round they test a bit of each others stand up but neither gets the upper hand. In round two they switch back and forth from throwing wild chingasos that don't connect and clinching against the fence. To kick off round three, Nealy lands a strong leg kick that sends Morales into a spin and to the mat.  Nealy quickly mounts and begins his attack that culminates in an armbar attempt.  The armbar looked super tight but the fighting wasn't over, somehow Morales was able to stay in the fight with his arm fully extended. 

Results: Anthony Nealy wins via unanimous decision.

Adrian Vasquez (Fight Academy) vs. Jeremiah Maestre (Rounders MMA)

After a really short feeling out process Vasquez shoots in for a double leg takedown. Maestre is able to fight it off but Vasquez stays close and is relentless in his attempt. Vaszquez eventually gets his way and gets the fight to the mat and against the cage.  He lands a punch before Maestre is able to reverse the position with a kimura attempt.  In round two Maestre is able to quickly score a takedown and puts Vasquez on his back.  Maestre is able to land a bit of ground and pound before Vasquez is able to make his way back up.  They engage in a clinch battle up against the fence where Maestre is able to land a few punches. In round three Maestre throws a punch and then is able to get Vasquez to the ground.  When Vasquez is able to stand back up he lands a hard punch that get's Maestre's attention. Vasquez then is able to shoot in and puts Maestre on his back. Vasquez stays tight but Maestre is able to lock up a kimura lock but can't finish as the round ends.

Results: Jeremiah Maestre wins via split decision.

Mathew Reis (Fight Academy) vs. Adrian Ramirez (Submission Factory)

After touching gloves Ramirez begins throwing punches and bunches.  Unfazed Reis defends the assault and then is able to get the fight to the ground where he takes the back and fights for a rear naked choke.  Ramirez survives into the second round. In round the fighters start by trading chingasos.  Ramirez seems to get the better of the exchanges and just as Reis looks tired, Reis is able to shoot in and score a double leg takedown.  He moves into halfguard but doesn't do much damage. In round three Ramirez fires off some crisp punches but Reis is able to use his wrestling to counter with takedowns.  Reis goes for guillotines after each of his two takedown but is unable to secure the submission either time.  Late in the round Reis takes the back and works from there. 

Results: While Ramirez stand up looked sharp, his inability to keep the fight standing cost him.  One judge called it a draw but the other two scored it for Reis.  Matt Reis takes the win. 

Jesse Ontiveros (Team I.C.E) vs. Eric Rios (PKG)

After a brief stand up skirmish, Rios shoots in for a takedown and after a struggle finally puts Rios on his butt and against the cage.  The fight stalls there, the ref stands it back up and towards the end of the round Rios scores a more solid double leg takedown. In round two the fighters seem to elude each other for most of the round until Ontiveros lands a hard punch that causes Rios to shoot in.  They end up in a clinch battle for rest of the round. Round three unravels into what looked like a bar room brawl with both fighters throwing wild haymakers.  Mid round they end up in a clinch and fall to the mat where Rios is able to take side control and dominates from there. 

Results: One judge called it a draw while the other two scored it for the winner Eric Rios.

Marc Sholvinck (Fight Academy) vs. Renardo Palmer (The Hive)

These two fighters go back and forth testing their stand up and clinching until an illegal knee pauses the fight mid round. When the fight restarts it looks like Sholvinck begins to get the better of the stand up which causes Palmer to shoot in.  Palmer powers Sholvinck to the mat with a double leg takedown which results in the fight ending as Sholvinchk suffers a knee injury.

Results: Palmer wins via ref stoppage/TKO.

Eduardo Estrada (Sityodtong) vs. Jonathon Del Rosario (Submission Factory)

This fight starts off with a clinch fighting clinic as they quickly engage and throw knees and mixed in with punches from that position.  Late in the round Del Rosario is able to score a judo throw type takedown as the round ends.  Round two starts off with more close quarters combat.  Neither fighter seems to gain a noticeable advantage until Estrada is able to land solid knees to the body of Del Rosario late in the round.  Round three begins as a replay of this first two until mid round Del Rosario breaks away, launches and lands a head kick.  Estrada takes it and keeps fighting.  They continue with the clinch fighting and end in a rock em' sock em' robot rush at the end. 

Results:  In a split decision, Eduardo Estrada takes the win. 

Carlos Alaniz (Body Shop) vs. Donald Flowers (Paragon)

Alaniz launches a chingaso and then Flowers wastes zero time in changing levels, shooting in for a classic double leg takedown and then quickly takes the back in the ensuing scramble.  From there Flowers gives Alaniz no chance to think as he quickly slaps on the rear naked choke, flattens Alaniz out and puts him to sleep. 

Results: Donald Flowers wins via rear naked choke submission.

Crystal Lizama (Fight Academy) vs.  Norma Martinez (Paragon)

The ladies quickly exchange a couple of punches and then Lizama shoots in and scores a double leg takedown.  From there Lizama begins a ground and pound assault.  Martinez hangs in the fight going for a leg lock but Lizama was relentless and finishes the fight with her ground and pound.

Results: Crystal Lizama wins via ref stoppage/TKO.  

Here are some photos of this MMA event. Stay tuned for info on MMA events in the Los Angeles area.