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MMA Fighter Jamie Yager Wins Again!

Jamie Yager finished off his third opponent in a row last night in a first round KO of Mozzy Arfa at the Samurai Pro MMA event in Culver City California. Here's a quick recap of the fight that led to the KO result. 

The fight starts off with Yager and Arfa trading leg kicks.  Then after a quick punching exchange, Arfa attempts a high kick and slips but he quickly recovers and stands back up. Yager throws a power punch but Arfa is able to block it and then answers with a leg kick.  They trade a few more leg kicks before Arfa is backed up against the cage by a high kick attempt by Yager. Yager wasted no time in scoring a double leg takedown from there.  Yager then begins to work some ground and pound while Arfa works to defend from his back.  Arfa is able to stall the fight on the ground for a minute or so by holding on tight. Yager backs out and up from Arfa's guard which allows Arfa to get back up momentarily. Yager quickly shoots for another double leg and slams Arfa back to the mat.  Arfa works hard for a triangle but Yager is too good on top.  He easily escapes and then goes beast mode dropping vicious elbows and punches which overwhelm and finish off Arfa resulting in a KO.

This fight result for Jamie Yager marks not only the third win in a row, but the third finish in a row!  If he doesn't already have the attention of Dana White and the UFC, he definitely should!  Look for Yager to be back in the UFC real soon.