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Combat Fight League Fight Fest 2 Results

On this night, 20 of the best up and coming CAMO MMA sanctioned fighters in the Los Angeles area stepped into the Combat Fight League (CFL) cage at the Marriott in Woodland Hills to exchange chingasos. The CFL and Fight Fest 2 offered more than just MMA on this night. They also featured eye candy from Spearmint Rhino, vendors like FIGHT ME Clothing with their models/ring girls and music from DJ Logic to entertain MMA fans.  Here's a quick recap and results of the nights MMA fight action.

Michael Perez vs. Daniel Firestone (Fighting at 170 lbs)

Round 1: After a feeling out process Perez aggressively goes in and ties up Firestone.  Perez attempts a throw but fails and allows Firestone to land on top.  Perez quickly reverses and then begins some ground and pound but the ref restarts the fight standing after some punches land on the back of Firestone's head.  After a Firestone kick, Perez again is able to get a takedown and the fight continues on the ground with Perez getting the better of it. 

Round 2:  Perez starts off with some good boxing that forces Firestone into a takedown attempt.  Perez locks up a guillotine but Firestone does not give in and continues with the takedown attempt.  Perez is able to use the momentum of the attempt to fall back and roll on top and into mount.  He continues to look for the guillotine from the top position but then lets it to go and locks up Firestone's arm in an armbar attempt.  Firestone fights it off for a while but the lock is too strong and eventually succumbs to the armbar submission.

Results: Michael Perez wins via armbar submission.

Jesus Garcia vs. Sean Cerveny (Fighting at 140 lbs)

Round 1: These fighters quickly get into the fight action by clinching and engaging in a dirty boxing with knees battle.  Mid round Garcia finds an opening and shoots in for a takedown that scores.  Garcia lands some ground and pound but Cerveny is able to get out and ends up on top.  Garcia reverses, ends up on top and then he's able to land some hard punches to Cerveny's face. 

Round 2: The fighters quickly clinch again and battle there until Garcia gets a body lock which he uses to takes Cervany down.  Garcia then begins a ground and pound attack from the mount.  Cervany, unable to get out of that position takes enough damage for the ref to step in and stop the fight.

Results: Jesus Garcia wins via ref stoppage, TKO. 

James Shirley vs. Saad Ul-Hasan (Fighting at 155 lbs)

Round 1: After the tap of the gloves Hasan quickly shoots in for a single leg takedown. Shirley is able to fight off the attempt but Hasan switches to a body lock and is able to get the fight to the ground.  Hasan is able to take the back and works from there landing punches and going for a rear naked choke.  Shirley looks to be in serious trouble but somehow he survives and escapes the bad position.

Round 2: The fighters briefly exchange punches and then clinch.  Hasan gets the fight to the ground with a throw.  He works some ground and pound but then Shirley reverses the position.  Shirley then begins a ground and pound attack from inside Hasan's guard. Shirley makes a mistake which allows Hasan to lock up a triangle from the bottom.  Shirley tries to work out of it but Hasan finishes it off.

Results: Saad Ul-Hasan wins via triangle choke submission.

Edgar Khatchatryan vs. Paul Garcia (Fighting at 170 lbs)

Round 1:This one starts off tentatively but the fighters eventually engage and end up in a clinch battle against the cage.  Garcia is able to land some knees.  They scramble around for a takedown and the fight ends up on the mat with Khatchatyan on top. Khatchatryan holds Garcia down but can't capitalize on the position.

Round 2: Khatchatryan is able to catch Garcia with a stiff punch that sends Garcia back peddling. Khatchatryan is able to get a takedown but Garcia defends well and survives the round.

Round 3:  They exchange some stand up and then Khatchatryan is able to clinch and take Garcia's back standing.  Khatchatryan pins Garcia up against the cage and works from there until he eventually pulls Garcia down and finishes him off with a rear naked choke.

Results: Edgar Khatchatryan wins via rear naked choke submission.

Justin Rodriguez vs. Bobby Fiscer (Fighting at 160 lbs)

Round 1: Rodriguez get's this fight started with a quick jab that lands and then scores a head and arm throw that gets the fight to the ground.  Rodriguez is able to control well but Fiscer eventually escapes.  After scrambling around Rodriguez is able to re-establish a good position on the ground where he finishes off the round.

Round 2: The fighters exchange punches and then Rodriguez again is able to score a takedown.  He controls the fight on the ground from there almost pulling off an Americana submission.

Round 3: In a repeat of the first two rounds, after a brief skirmish standing, Rodriguez is able to get the fight to the ground where he controls with strong positioning and ground and pound.

Results: Justin Rodriguez wins via unanimous decision.

Mose Aieti vs. Luc Bondole (Fighting at 190 lbs)

Round 1: Aieti gets this fight started with some accurate power punches that land on Bondole's face.  Bondole is unfazed but remembers to keep his hands up.  Aieti continues to fire off power shots but Bondole eventually gets a plum and slows him down. Bondole ends the round with a standing guillotine attempt.

Round 2: Aieti shoots in for a takedown but Bondole stuffs it and traps him in a guillotine hold. They stall up against the cage and the fight is restarted only to return to the same position.  With a few seconds left Bondole is able to land some strong knees to the body of Aieti.

Round 3:  They try exchanging chingasos with neither landing a significant blow.  Bondole establishes the plum and is able to control the fight from there landing sporadic knees.  Aieti tries to fight out of it but Bondole controls the fight from that position most of the round. 

Results: Luc Bondole wins via unanimous decision.

Damon Parker vs. Josh Miller (Fighting at 190 lbs)

Round 1: After a quick stand up skirmish, the fighters clinch and Miller is able to get the fight to the ground with a judo throw.  Miller takes the back and then goes after the rear naked choke submission.  Parker attempts to survive but Miller flattens him out and fiercely finishes off the submission.

Results: Josh Miller wins via rear naked choke submission.

Anthony Hernandez vs. Christopher Cagle (Fighting at 185 lbs)

Round 1: This one starts off a little slow as the fighters gauge distance. Hernandez finds it and throws a kick that lands to the body of Cagle but Cagle catches it and the fight goes to the ground.  Cagle holds on to the leg and Hernandez takes advantage by going around to Cagles back and starting some ground and pound.  Cagle covers up well so Hernandez backs out, finds a better angle and then rains down chingasos that finish the fight. 

Results:  Anthony Hernandez wins via ref stoppage, TKO. 

Joel Pinckard vs. Amir Allam (Fighting at Heavyweight)

Round 1: The first round was odd as the fighters showcased some nice stand up combinations but the fight was stopped twice due to illegal strikes.  Once for and accidental eye poke from Allam and then again with an accidental groin shot from Pinckard.

Round 2: The fighters start off with more crisp stand up until the fight stalls when Pinckard gets is able to hold a clinch up agains the fence.  Late in the round Allam is able to score a takedown and finishes on top peppering Pinckard with a few punches.

Round 3:  In a weird round, the fight is stopped once again when Allam falls through the cage. Pinchard gets the best of the rest of the round.

Results: Joel Pinckard wins via unanimous decision. 

Jens Grau vs. Renardo Palmer (Fighting at Heavyweight)

Round 1: The gloves touch and then they quickly ram into each other engaging in a clinch battle.  Palmer pushes off, creates some space and then lands some haymakers. Grau sees and opportunity and shoots in for a takedown that scores. The fight stalls on the ground.

Round 2: The fighters trade wild haymakers and takedown attempts.  Palmer eventually ends up scoring a double leg takedown and get the fight to the ground.  Grau defends well from guard not taking much damage.

Round 3: Palmer comes out guns blazing and then presses Grau up against the cage. Grau land an accidental knee to the groin of Palmer and the fight is paused. When they restart, Grau shoot in for a takedown and Palmer attempts a guillotine. Grau ends up in Palmers guard where the fight is stalled and restarted standing. Palmer ends the fight going for a takedown as the round ends.

Results: Renardo Palmer wins via split decision.

David Tubbs vs. Jonathan Greene (Fighting at 170 lbs)
*Combat Fight League (CFL) Title Fight

Round 1: This one gets started with the fighters trading power punches. Tubbs gets the better of the exchange and floors Greene.  Greene goes for a leg lock while Tubbs scores with a few more punches.  Eventually Greene lets go of the leg and in a scramble the fight stands back up.  Greene finishes the round going for a guillotine choke submission.

Round 2: Tubbs quickly engages with punches and pushes Greene up agains the fence.  Greene locks up a crucifix like hold and pulls Tubbs into his guard.  From there, Tubbs lands some ground and pound while Greene almost pulls of an armbar submission.

Round 3: The fighters choose to stand in this round and they put on a chingasos exhibition with strikes coming from all angles.  As Tubbs seems to begin to take over the fight, Greene lands a kick that brings the fight back towards his favor. They go back and forth trading punches and kicks from there.  With a few seconds left in the fight, Tubbs dives in for a takedown but Greene stuffs it and lands some body punches as the round ends.

Results: In a possible fight of the night, David Tubbs wins via split decision. 

Frank Estrada vs. Jose Medina (Fighting at 145 lbs)
* Combat Fight League (CFL) Title Fight

Round 1: This fight quickly gets started with the fighters exchanging chingasos and takedown attempts.  The pace is fast and furious as the fighters attempt to gain an advantage.  Medina is able to score the first takedown but Estrada quickly works for submission.  After some scrambling the fight gets back to standing where it goes back and forth some more.

Round 2: The pace doesn't slow in this round as they fight to gain control.  Estrada is able to pin Medina up against the cage where he is able to work in some strikes and eventually gets the takedown, takes mount, and works some ground and pound.

Round 3: Medina comes out attacking with punches but Estrada defends well, clinches and presses Medina up against the cage. After a scramble Medina lands an illegal knee which cause the fight to be paused and a point is taken away.  When the fight resumes Estrada quickly clinches and presses Medina up against the fence for most of the round.  Late in the round Medina is able to escape fires off some punches and finishes the round attempting a guillotine. 

Results:  Frank Estrada wins via unanimous decision. 

Here are the photos from Combat Fight League's Halloween Fight Fest 2.

This was our first time at a Combat Fight League (CFL) MMA event and I must say they put on an awesome show. They're definitely holding it down for Los Angeles MMA fans.  The fans got their moneys worth at Halloween Fight Fest 2 with 12 exciting MMA fights, music by DJ Logic and ring girls from Spearmint Rhino and FIGHT ME. We're looking forward to the next MMA event from the Combat Fight League (CFL).  If you're in the Los Angeles area and you're itching to catch an MMA event, definitely check in and we'll keep you updated.