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Cage vs Cons 2 MMA Event

The Cage vs Cons 2 MMA event is set and ready to showcase some chingasos at the Pico Rivera Sports Arena on November 19th.  The inaugural Cage vs Cons MMA event in Los Angeles was a success, and now Cage vs Cons 2 continues with the villains vs heroes theme in an MMA realm.  This villains vs heroes theme is sure to bring casual fans to the sport of MMA and show everyone the sportsmanship and warrior spirit that these athletes possess once they step in an MMA cage. 

The main event at Cage vs Cons 2 will feature police officer and MMA fighter Ismael Gonzales facing off against ex-con Nick Christy.  Gonzales is coming off a win at Cage vs Cons 1, and is looking to make it two in a row.  Christy is out to show he's more than just and ex-con and will showcase his MMA skills. 

Ismael Gonzales Cage vs Cons 2 Promo Fight Video

Nick Christy Cage vs Cons 2 Promo Fight Video

The co-main event at Cage vs Cons 2 is police officer Ben Davis vs ex-con Ralph A'au.  Officer Davis is out to prove that his experience in the military, being a correctional officer and now as police officer will do him well in an MMA fight inside a cage.  A'au will use the toughness he developed in the streets, and a stint at Pelican Bay, coupled with his MMA training, to pull him through anything that happens in the cage. 

Ralph A'au Cage vs Cons 2 Promo Fight Video

Ben Davis Cage vs Cons 2 Promo Fight Video

The Pico Rivers Sports Arena is located at 11003 Rooks Rd, Pico Rivera, Ca 90601.  If you're in the Los Angeles area and you've been itching to catch an MMA event, don't miss Cage vs Cons 2. Gates will open at 2 p.m. and the MMA fights get going at 7 p.m. For more info and tickets for Cage vs Cons 2, visit http://cagevscons.com/

UFC 137 Retires MMA Legends

Two MMA legends, BJ Penn and Mirco Cro Cop were on the card at UFC 137, both lost, and both announced their retirement.  It was a bitter sweet UFC card for fans as the fights were good, but the sport of MMA also lost more legends. 

BJ Penn had his moments while fighting Nick Diaz, but after the first round it was mostly Diaz.  Diaz battered Penn for the last two rounds with his signature peppering style of boxing.  Penn fired back at times and stood in their with the heart of a warrior, but his conditioning seemed to once again be a problem, and his fire for going after a win seems to have died. 

When the dust settled and the three rounds versus Nick Diaz were in the books, Penn told Joe Rogan during the post fight interview "Joe, this is probably the last time you see me in here."  The truth is that this is probably the best thing for BJ Penn.  He's only 1-3-1 in his last five fights and the fire for fighting might have gone away a long time ago. 

Cro Cop also had his moments in his fight with Roy "Big Country" Nelson.  At one point, it almost seemed that Cro Cop would finish off Nelson with a barrage of punches, but Nelson covered up well and survived Cro Cop's best attempt to finish the fight.  In the third round, Nelson capitalized on Cro Cop slipping after a kick attempt. He quickly jumped on Cro Cop and took back mount.  From there, Nelson's grappling skills helped him maintain the position while dropping punches to Cro Cop's head that forced the stoppage.

Cro Cop had announced his retirement before the fight, but he wanted to go out with a win.  Nelson was too good, came in prepared, and ruined Cro Cop's plans. For most fans it was sad to see another MMA legend go out with a loss, but once again, the truth is that it's was probably best he retired.  Cro Cop was 2-3 in has last five fights coming into the match with Nelson. 

Regardless of their losses, both BJ Penn and Cro Cop put on a good fight at UFC 137 and fans will always appreciate what they did for the sport of MMA.  Thank for the memories! 

Here are the full results for UFC 137

Main Card:
Nick Diaz defeated BJ Penn via unanimous decision.
Cheick Kongo defeated Matt Mitrione via unanimous decision.
Roy Nelson defeated Mirko Cro Cop via third-round TKO.
Scott Jorgensen defeated Jeff Curran via unanimous decision.
Hatsu Hioki defeated George Roop via split decision.

Donald Cerrone defeated Dennis Siver via rear naked choke submission.
Bart Palaszewski defeated Tyson Griffin via first-round KO.
Brandon Vera defeated Eliot Marshall via unanimous decision.
Ramsey Nijem defeated Danny Downes via unanimous decision.
Francis Carmont defeated Chris Camozzi via unanimous decision.
Clifford Starks defeated Dustin Jacoby via unanimous decision.

Valley Invasion Burbank MMA Event Results

Alberto Crane and his National Fight Alliance put on "Valley Invasion", an MMA event with some of the Los Angeles area's pro MMA fighters.  The Valley Invasion MMA event made history by being the first MMA event in the city of Burbank.  Here is a quick recap and results of the nights fight action.

Haik Tsaturyan vs. Octavio Morales (Fighting at 135 lbs)

Round 1: Tsaturyan dominated the round with accurate striking that floored Morales a few time early in the round.  Morales choose to attempt to pull guard several times after taking the hard shots from Tsaturyan early. Morales could not bait Tsaturyan to fight on the ground.

Round 2: Tsaturyan continued striking accurately while Morales continued with his strategy of trying to get the fight to the ground by pulling guard and baiting Tsaturyan.  Tsaturyan was content with continuing to dominate standing.

Round 3: Morales was able to get his way getting the fight to the ground and attempting leg locks.  He had two attempts that were close, but Tsaturyan's defense was too good.  Tsaturayn continued to dominate standing but late in the round Tsaturyan slipped and Morales was able to briefly take the back until Tsaturyan reversed out of it and ended up in Morales guard. 

Results: Haik Tsaturyan wins via unanimous decision.

Valley Invasion Pro MMA Burbank

Warm up for UFC 137 BJ Penn vs Nick Diaz  with some live pro MMA action in the Los Angeles area.  Alberto Crane's National Fight Alliance is putting on "Valley Invasion" in Burbank, California today at 3 p.m. 

Valley Invasion is going to make history as it will be the first professional MMA event in the city of Burbank.  This MMA event will be taking place at the Burbank Marriott Convention Center located at 2500 North Hollywood Way Burbank, CA 91505.

This MMA event will kick off at 3 p.m and should be done in time for you to catch UFC 137. For tickets and more info on Alberto Crane's National Fight Alliance event "Valley Invasion" visit www.NFAMMA.com. 

 If you're in the Los Angeles area, don't miss an opportunity to catch some live professional MMA action.  Pro MMA events don't come to the Los Angeles area often so make sure to take advantage. 

Combat Fight League Fight Fest 2 Results

On this night, 20 of the best up and coming CAMO MMA sanctioned fighters in the Los Angeles area stepped into the Combat Fight League (CFL) cage at the Marriott in Woodland Hills to exchange chingasos. The CFL and Fight Fest 2 offered more than just MMA on this night. They also featured eye candy from Spearmint Rhino, vendors like FIGHT ME Clothing with their models/ring girls and music from DJ Logic to entertain MMA fans.  Here's a quick recap and results of the nights MMA fight action.

Michael Perez vs. Daniel Firestone (Fighting at 170 lbs)

Round 1: After a feeling out process Perez aggressively goes in and ties up Firestone.  Perez attempts a throw but fails and allows Firestone to land on top.  Perez quickly reverses and then begins some ground and pound but the ref restarts the fight standing after some punches land on the back of Firestone's head.  After a Firestone kick, Perez again is able to get a takedown and the fight continues on the ground with Perez getting the better of it. 

Round 2:  Perez starts off with some good boxing that forces Firestone into a takedown attempt.  Perez locks up a guillotine but Firestone does not give in and continues with the takedown attempt.  Perez is able to use the momentum of the attempt to fall back and roll on top and into mount.  He continues to look for the guillotine from the top position but then lets it to go and locks up Firestone's arm in an armbar attempt.  Firestone fights it off for a while but the lock is too strong and eventually succumbs to the armbar submission.

Results: Michael Perez wins via armbar submission.

Combat Fight League Halloween Fight Fest 2

Want to catch some live MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) tonight?  If you're in the Los Angeles area, Combat Fight League is putting on Halloween Fight Fest 2.  Combat Fight League (CFL) puts on some of the best MMA events in the Los Angeles area, and you get a chance to check out one of their events tonight. 

Combat Fight League's Halloween Fight Fest 2 is going down at the Warner Center Marriot located at 21850 Oxnard St. Woodland Hills, CA 91367.  The doors open at 5 p.m.  General admission is $35, reserved seating is $50 and cage side seating is $75.  For more info go to www.CombatFightLeague.com.

Chingasos MMA will be there taking photos and doing a results and recap article.  Also look for Chingasos MMA sponsor FIGHT ME and check out some of their awesome T-shirt designs. 

Good luck to the CFL and the MMA fighters competing tonight at Halloween Fight Fest 2.  Stay tuned for a results and recap article as well as photos from this event.

UFC 137 Penn vs Diaz Fight Card Preview

MMA fans are disappointed that George St. Pierre (GSP) was injured and couldn't defend his title at UFC 137.  I'm sure Carlos Condit is also extremely disappointed he couldn't get his chance at GSP's title, but the show must go on and the main event at UFC 137 is now BJ Penn vs Nick Diaz.  The UFC 137 fight card also features some very interesting fights.

Penn vs. Diaz is going to be very interesting since these veteran MMA fighters have similar styles.  Check out my breakdown of this fight in this Youtube fight preview video:

There's a few other fights on the UFC 137 fight card that will be interesting for MMA fans.  Cheick Kongo is coming off and exciting come from behind KO win versus hard hitting Pat Barry. Kongo will be facing a gritty fighter in Matt Mitrione that has done nothing but win in the UFC, he's undefeated.  Kongo has had trouble with the grappling side of MMA but can throw KO chingasos with the best. Look for Mitrione to clinch and use dirty boxing to stay away from Kongo's power. 

Keeping the UFC 137 fight card interesting will be Mirco Cro Cop vs. Roy Nelson. Cro Cop is making his return to the cage after two straight KO losses.  He'll be facing Roy Nelson who is coming off two straight decision losses.  This is going to be a wounded animal type fight with both of them fighting for the future of their UFC career.

The prelims at UFC 137 will also feature a couple of very interesting fights.  Brandon "The Truth" Vera has fought in a UFC main event, now he's on the prelims.  Vera needs a big win bad! The truth is that he's fought top competition in the UFC, but doesn't have a win against a top level UFC fighter.  Vera will be facing Eliot Marshall, who's record is a bit shaky in the UFC as well. Marshal is looking to make his stand and stay in the top show in MMA.  Look for these fighters to fight with a sense of urgency so as to solidify their place in the UFC. 

Kicking off the prelims at UFC 137 is Dustin Jacoby vs. Clifford Starks.  This is a bit of a surprise move as both fighters are up and coming undefeated fighters.  The UFC seems to be sending out a message that they don't feed fighters fights. Look for the winner of this fight to make a big jump into a main card at a UFC event soon.

Here is the complete fight card for UFC 137

Pay Per View Main Fight Card:
BJ Penn vs Nick Diaz
Cheick Kongo vs Matt Mitrione
Mirko Cro Cop vs Roy Nelson
Scott Jorgensen vs Jeff Curran
Hatsu Hioki vs George Roop

Prelim fights on Spike:
Dennis Siver vs Donald Cerrone
Tyson Griffin vs Bart Palaszewski

Prelim fights on Facebook:
Brandon Vera vs Eliot Marshall
Ramsey Nijem vs Dan Downes
Chris Camozzi vs Francis Carmont
Dustin Jacoby vs Clifford Starks

MMA Fighter Jamie Yager Wins Again!

Jamie Yager finished off his third opponent in a row last night in a first round KO of Mozzy Arfa at the Samurai Pro MMA event in Culver City California. Here's a quick recap of the fight that led to the KO result. 

The fight starts off with Yager and Arfa trading leg kicks.  Then after a quick punching exchange, Arfa attempts a high kick and slips but he quickly recovers and stands back up. Yager throws a power punch but Arfa is able to block it and then answers with a leg kick.  They trade a few more leg kicks before Arfa is backed up against the cage by a high kick attempt by Yager. Yager wasted no time in scoring a double leg takedown from there.  Yager then begins to work some ground and pound while Arfa works to defend from his back.  Arfa is able to stall the fight on the ground for a minute or so by holding on tight. Yager backs out and up from Arfa's guard which allows Arfa to get back up momentarily. Yager quickly shoots for another double leg and slams Arfa back to the mat.  Arfa works hard for a triangle but Yager is too good on top.  He easily escapes and then goes beast mode dropping vicious elbows and punches which overwhelm and finish off Arfa resulting in a KO.

This fight result for Jamie Yager marks not only the third win in a row, but the third finish in a row!  If he doesn't already have the attention of Dana White and the UFC, he definitely should!  Look for Yager to be back in the UFC real soon.  

Samurai MMA Pro in Culver City

Los Angeles MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fans are in for a treat this month as live pro MMA action returns to the Los Angeles area. The Samurai MMA Pro event is going down in Culver City Friday October 21st.  Samurai MMA Pro will be headlined by former TUF (The Ultimate Fighter) show contestant Jamie Yager.

Jamie Yager will be the main event and will be facing one of the Los Angeles area's best pro MMA fighters Mozzy Arfa. Arfa is 3-1 as a pro and has finished his last two fights in the first round!  He defeated David Mancha at Respect in the Cage via rear naked choke submission and Selah Williams at Battle in the Bullring via TKO. Yager will be Arfa's biggest challenge yet, and it will be fun to see if he's up for the challenge.

Since Jamie Yager's loss in the UFC, he's come back with two straight wins. At TWC-10 Beat down(The Warriors Cage) he demolished Marcus Gaines in the first round finishing him off with a rear naked choke submission. Most recently at MMA Fight Pit Genesis, he finished off a tough opponent in Willie Parks with a guillotine choke a few seconds into the second round. 

Check out the free MMA fight video of Jamie Yager vs. Willie Parks

The Samurai MMA Pro event will be held at the Culver City Veteran's Memorial Center. The venue will cater to a crowd of 1,500 spectators and is hosted by the Kings MMA Team.  This will be the Samurai MMA Pro inaugural Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) event, so look for and awesome show and get your tickets early!  Doors open at 5:00 p.m., fights will start at 7:00 p.m.

Here's the complete fight card for Samurai MMA Pro:
(subject to change)

Jaime Yager vs. Mozzy Arfa

Waacheen Spirit Wolf vs. Michael Madrid

Fernando Bettega vs. Gareth Joseph

Kevin Casey vs. TBA

Beneil Dariush vs. Leonardo Soares

Raymond Ayala vs. TBA

Nolan Tickman vs. Gabriel Baino

For tickets and or more info on Samurai MMA Pro, check out http://www.samuraimmapro.com/ or call 310-439-1330.  Make sure you don't miss out and support MMA in Los Angeles. 

Finishing MMA Fights with BJJ

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, also referred to as submission grappling is a beautiful thing to see in action to finish a fight.  Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) is even more beautiful when you get to see it used to finish a fight in the highest levels of MMA and UFC competition. 

Just to make things clear, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) would probably be more accurately described as being under the umbrella of submission grappling, since there are other grappling arts, such as Sambo, Judo, catch wrestling etc. that are  used in submission grappling, MMA and UFC fighting. 

With that being said, check out this free MMA video titled  Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in MMA, by Youtube user dancing4money.  He did an awesome job in this free video of putting together some of the best moments of BJJ and submission grappling used to finish fights in the UFC and some other MMA events. 

Stay tuned for updates on Los Angeles MMA events.  There are some good MMA events coming up in the Los Angeles area and if you want to catch some live MMA action and possibly witness some of these great BJJ and submission grappling techniques you don't want to miss them. 

UFC 136 Results and Recap

UFC 136 Edgar vs. Maynard III made MMA (Mixed Martial Arts)fans extremely happy with an exciting main event that lived up to the hype.  Frankie Edgar vs Gray Maynard III was a great fight.  Here is a recap and results for UFC 136 (Main Card).  The pre-lim results are on the Chingasos MMA Twitter.  

Melvin Guillard vs. Joe Lauzon
UFC Lightweight Division (155 lbs)

Guillard comes out with power full punches, but Lauzon stands in there and lands a short crisp left hook.  Guillard quickly goes down. Lauzon jumps on him quickly, takes his back and slaps on the rear naked choke. 

Results:  Lauzon wins via rear naked choke submission 47 seconds into the fight.

Leonard Garcia vs. Nam Phan
UFC Featherweight Division (145 lbs)

These two waste no time in getting the action going.  They start trading stand up shots a few seconds into the fight.  About mid round Phan lands a straight punch that floors Garcia.  Phan follows him to the ground but gets stuck in half guard.  The fight is stood back up where they get back into trading chingasos.  Garcia begins to get wild and Phan capitalizes with sharper striking.  Phan is able to floor Garcia again towards the end of the round.

In round two Phan begins to dominate the fight by taking advantage of Garcia's wild punches.  Phan continuously counters Garcia's wild strikes with crisp, straight and more accurate punches.  At the end of the round Garcia's face looks a mess from Phan's punishment. 

Garcia starts round three with aggressive leg kicks.  Phan takes them but then Garcia turns the fight around by landing a wild hook on Phan's chin.  Garcia then goes in for a finish, while he lands some, he misses most of his fight ending punch attempts.  Phan recovers and then begins to turn the fight back in his favor with his more controlled striking.  Phan is able to score a takedown with a little less than two minutes left.  After little action on the ground, the fight is stood up and they get back to trading chingasos!

Results:  In a fight of the night candidate, Phan wins via unanimous decision.

Chael Sonnen vs. Brian Stann
UFC Middleweight Division (185 lbs)

This fight starts quickly by the fighters rushing and they begin a clinch battle.  After battling for position against the cage for a while, Sonnes is able to score a takedown and begins to work from side control. Eventually Sonnen takes the back and works to finish the fight from there.  Stann defends well and is able to make his way to half guard and then full guard towards the end of the round.  Sonnes is able to land a bit of ground and pound from that position as the round comes to a close.

Stann opens up round two by throwing a kick.  Sonnen counters by taking him down and moving into side control.  Sonnen  works his ground game and mixes in ground and pound most of the round until a bad stand up by the ref.  Sonnen doesn't complain and gets back to work taking Stann right back down.  Sonnen takes side control and then works for an arm triangle.  Stann defends but eventually succumbs to the submission.

Results: Sonnen wins via arm triangle submission.

Jose Aldo vs. Kenny Florian
UFC Featherweight Division

Florian gets the fight going with solid leg kicks.  Aldo is able to land a solid punch that cuts Florian. A couple of minutes into the round Florian attempts a takedown but Aldo scrambles out and then they get into a clinch battle agains the cage. Florian is able to score another takedown but can't keep Aldo down long.  Aldo breaks away, but Florian gets the fight back up against the cage and the round ends there.

In round two they start off by testing each others stand up but neither can land a significant blow.  The round continues on looking like a sparring match with sparatic hard leg kicks landing. 

The action begins to kick up a bit at the start of round three.  Aldo begins to land more shots.  Florian goes for a takedown but fails and Aldo ends up in mount.  Florian works out of it and defends from half guard. Aldo can't capitalize and Florian eventually makes his way back up towards the end of the round.

Florian tries to kick up his aggression to start off round four but Aldo stifles the attempt. Florian attempts a takedown but Aldo fights it off and they end up in a clinch battle against the cage.  Aldo breaks away but Florian is able to regain the clinch and they battle against the cage again.  Florian fights for a takedown but to no avail. Aldo is again able to break away towards the end of the round and lands a couple of strikes.

In round five, after briefly trading, Florian goes in for the clinch and pushes up Aldo agains the cage.  When Aldo breaks away he catches Florian off balance and pushes him to the floor. Florian defends with up kicks but Aldo eventually times them and takes mount.  Florian fights to get out of the position and with under two minutes left makes it back to his feet. The clinch up against the fence and break away with a few seconds left in the fight.

Results: In somewhat of a boring fight, Aldo wins via unanimous decision. 

Frankie Edgar vs. Gray Maynard
UFC Lightweight Division

After a long feeling out process Edgar goes for a takedown but Maynard is able to fight it off.  They get back to standing in front of each other and Maynard lands a powerful uppercut that shakes up Edgar. Edgar tries to recover but Maynard is able to land more blows that almost end the fight.  Somehow Edgar survives as Maynard continues to go in for the kill. The round could easily be scored 10-8 for Maynard.

Edgar looks fully recovered from the first round at the beginning of round two.  Edgar presses the action as Maynard seems to wait for another chance to land a power shot.  Edgar is able to pepper Maynard with punches and kicks most of the round.  Maynard can't seem to find the distance in this round as Edgar finished the round sticking and moving. 

Round three was more sticking and moving from Edgar while Maynard waited for a power shot.  Edgar's foot work and speed began to dictate the fight.

Round four is more of the same from Edgar.  Maynard finally goes in for a takedown but Edgar fights it off easily and gets back to peppering Maynard with chingasos from all angles. Late in the round Edgar shoots in for a takedown and as Maynard fights it off Edgar lands a power uppercut that lands clean on Maynard's chin.  Maynard is dazed and Edgar goes in for the kill with devastating punches.

Results: Edgar wins via TKO. 

If you read my pre UFC 136 fight card and picks article, there weren't many surprises in the results on this card.  The only surprise was the result of the Guillard vs. Lauzon fight.  Nevertheless, it was and exciting night of fights and all of us MMA fans patiently wait for UFC 137. 

FIGHT ME Clothing and Apparel

MMA Fighter Tony Lopez sporting Fight Me
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UFC 136 Fight Card Preview and Picks

UFC and MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fans are in for some good action this Saturday.  The UFC 136 fight card is being headlined by two title fights and fighters that have proven to bring the action!  Here's a quick preview and picks for UFC 136.

The main event at UFC 136 event features the third title fight between lightweights Frankie Edgar and Gray Maynard.  Gray Maynard won their first match up to become the lightweight champ.  The rematch was action packed but ended in a draw.  Look for Edgar to use his speed to outpoint Maynard and win a close decision.

The co-main event matches up two featherweight fighters in Jose Aldo and Kenny Florian. Florian has always fought outside of his natural weight class and even so, has done well agains top competition. Now that the UFC has a featherweight division, he can show off his full potential as he goes after the title.  Unfortunately for Florian, he's going to have to face an MMA recking machine and UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo. Aldo has finished 7 out of his last 9 fights with a KO or TKO.  He brings a record of 19-1 into this fight with his only loss coming way back in 2005. Look for Aldo to overwhelm Florian with this athletic ability and finish the fight in the later rounds.

On the UFC 136 fight card is one of the best trash talkers in MMA ,Chael Sonnen. He faces Brian Stann who is on a three fight winning streak.  Stann is taking a step up in competition by fighting Sonnen.  Look for Sonnen to use his experience, and exceptional wrestling to win via decision.

One of the most powerful fighters in the UFC lightweight division Melvin Guillard will be facing a slick submission specialist in Joe Lauzon.  Lauzon will have trouble with Guillard's power.  Look for Guillard to land some hard punches and finish the fight with at KO or TKO.

Kicking off the UFC 136 main card is Nam Phan vs Leonard Garcia. It  should be an interesting fight as both fighters have shaky fight records and need to win this one in a bad way if they want to stay in the UFC.  Garcia is a brawler that brings the fight.  Look for Garcia to overwhelm Phan with aggression to pull off the win.

Here is the rest of the UFC 136 fight card :

Spike TV Prelims:
Demian Maia vs Jorge Santiago
Jeremy Stephens vs Anthony Pettis

Facebook Prelims:
Joey Beltran vs Stipe Miocic
Zhang Tie Quan vs Darren Elkins
Aaron Simpson vs Eric Schafer
Steve Cantwell vs Mike Massenzio

Check out the UFC 136 preview video:

UFC 136 takes place Saturday October 8th at the Toyota Center in Houston Texas.  Do you agree with my UFC 136 fight picks?

UFC Fighter Dominick Cruz Looks Unbeatable at Bantamweight

UFC fighter Dominick Cruz defended his bantamweight title versus Demetrious Johnson Saturday night at UFC Live 6 (UFC Live on Versus  6) and is looking unbeatable.   If Johnson was supposed to be the biggest MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) test for Cruz, then he passed with flying colors. 

The MMA fighting action was fast and furious from the beginning to the end of this fight, but for the most part Cruz seemed to stifle Mighty Mouse Johnson with takedowns, an unorthodox fighting stance and footwork.  Johnson had some moments but nothing that was strong enough to stop the momentum that Cruz built. 

Cruz was able to complete takedowns against Johnson, which is no easy task and shows off his wrestling skill.  Johnson is short, stocky, fast and skilled, and if you've ever trained in MMA or any form of grappling, you know how hard it is to takedown and control someone like that. 

Most of the fight went back and forth with the stand up with neither fighter able to impose their will on the other.  This might be where someone can have a chance at beating Cruz, but then again, he is so elusive with his funky foot work that it seems hard to catch him with any type of solid fight ending chingasos.  Mighty Mouse Johnson tried and failed. 

It was a convincing win for Cruz and it will be interesting to see who the UFC throws at him next.  The bantamweight division is still new in the UFC and I'm sure they're looking at how the fans like these type of fast paced MMA fights that seem to be hard to end and leave the judges to choose the winner. 

Proving Grounds 6 Results Pasadena MMA

Proving Grounds 6, tonight Saturday October 1 proved to be another good night of fights at the Fight Academy in Pasadena.  MMA fans from all over the Los Angeles area packed the Fight Academy Gym to witness the Chingasos!  Here's is a quick recap and results of the night's MMA fight action.

Jose Pinzon (Fight Academy) vs. Cameron Harris (PKG)

Pinzon starts the fight showcasing nice punch kick combos.  Harris clinches in an effort to slow Pinzon down.  The rest of the round is more of Pinzon and his nice combos while Harris attempts a clinch fight. In Round two it's more of Pinzon's nice combos but about mid round Harris shoots for a double leg takedown and scores it.  Pinzon works a bit of rubber guard but Harris is able to stay out of trouble and lands periodic ground and pound. In round three Pinzon catches Harris with some punches early but then Harris is able to clinch and gets the fight to the mat with a head and arm judo type takedown.  Harris works from inside of Pinzon's guard but doesn't find an opening. The ref stand the fight back up an Pinzon quickly fires off more punches but none of them seem to get by Harris's defense.  Late in the round Harris shoots for a double and scores it.

Results: Jose Pinzon wins via split decision.

UFC Live 6 Cruz vs Johnson Tonight

Tonight on Versus, the UFC throws up a Bantamweight championship fight.  UFC Bantamweight Champion Dominick Cruz will defend his title against Demetrious Johnson in UFC Live 6 (UFC Live on Versus 6). 

The Bantamweight division (135 lbs) is new to the UFC and I'm sure they're hoping for more than just a 5 round decision.  If Cruz and Johnson put it all out on the line in this fight, I see it going about 4 rounds with an exciting finish. 

Dominick Cruz is riding a nine fight winning streak and is 18-1 overall.  His only loss was to Urijah Faber but he avenged that loss in his last fight at UFC 132.  While he is riding that nine fight winning streak, 7 of those wins come via decision, so finishing Johnson might not be an easy task.

 Demetrious Johnson is riding a four fight winning streak and has an overall record of 9-1.  Three of his last for fights have gone to a three round decision.  This is the first time he will have 5 rounds to work with since it's a title fight, so it will be interesting to see how he fares.  Will he have the gas tank to defeat the champ and become the new UFC Bantamweight champion?  We will soon find out. 

What is clear about these two fighters is that they're fast paced and action packed. Thet first fighter to gas and make a mistake will probably be the loser.  I hope that they push the pace and force the weakest to gas as it will leave an opening and make for an exciting finish before the fight goes to the judges.  

Check out the UFC Live 6 Cruz vs Johnson preview video.