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Quake in the Cage 8 MMA Event Results

MMA returned to the Los Angeles area with the Quake in the Cage 8 event at the South El Monte Community Center on Sunday September 25. Quake in the Cage MMA events are put on by The Vault MMA and Fitness Center and Old School Promotions.  Quake in the Cage 8 was stacked with eight CAMO sanctioned MMA fights on the card. Here's a quick recap and results from the night's MMA event.

Andre Camarena vs Alex Marquez
135 lbs Division

No time was wasted as the fighters rush into chingasos and then a clinch which culminates in a takedown for Marquez.  Marquez mounts and is able to attempt an armbar that looked pretty tight but Camarena powers out of it.  Marquez is able to control the fight on the ground by taking the back.  In round two they rush into chingasos again and Marquez is able to get a takedown.  Marquez is able to dominate on the ground controlling in side position, then taking the back and finishing the fight from there with some ground and pound.

Results: Marquez wins via ref stoppage in the second round. 

Jovan Rodriguez vs. Luc Bondole
Heavyweight Division
This fight starts with the fighters exchanging punches to the dome.  After some haymakers that missed, they end up clinching and Bondole is able to score a takedown.  He mounts and is able to finish the round by taking the back and delivering a few head shots.

Results:  Bondole wins via doctor stoppage between rounds.  Rodriguez suffered an eye injury at some point in the first round. 

Frank Ordonez vs. Derrick Martinez
Super Heavyweight Division
Ordonez did a good job sticking and moving.  He circled around Martinez while landing a few punches.  Martinez was able to land a few of his own when he would time the movement.  Round two was more of the same circling from Ordonez while Martinez looked for an opening.  Round three was plagued by over cautiousness but it did end with a small burst of action that ended the round.

Results:  Ordonez wins via Judges decision.

Lam Phan vs Giovanni Torres
Welterweight Division
Phan wastes no time in shooting in and scoring a text book double leg takedown.  He controls the fight on the ground moving from position to position taking the back a few times and attempting a rear naked choke.  Torres is able to survive the round.  Phan starts off round two with a couple of nice front kicks then again he is able to score a double leg takedown.  From there he eventually takes mount, lands a couple of good shots to the face of Torres and then finishes the fight with and armbar submission. 

Results: Phan wins via armbar submission.

Spenser Mix vs. Kenneth Glover
Middleweight Division
The fighters quickly engage with punches in bunches.  Glover is able to get the better of the exchanges and then secures a body lock and suplexes Mix to the ground.  Not getting far on the ground Glover lets Mix back up and then uses his boxing skills to land several punches to Mix's face.  Round two starts off with Glover landing some strong punches and flooring Mix.  Mix hangs in there with some kicks but unfortunately one landed on the groin and there was a break in the action.  When the fight resumed Glover was able to counter kicks from Mix with excellent boxing.  Mix was able to turn the round around for a little while by clinching and landing several knees to the body of Glover.  After taking some punishment, Glover was able to score a takedown and ended the round in side control.  In round three Mix quickly clinches and uses his knees to counter Glover's boxing.  The fight was stopped once again as this time Glover accidentally lands a knee to the groin of Mix. When the fight resumed Mix quickly clinches.  Glover tries a takedown but Mix is able to sprawl and the fight ends with Mix landing some nice body punches from that position.

Results:  In a fight of the night candidate, Glover wins via judges decision.

David Gomez vs. Devin Robinson
Middleweight Division
Robinson starts off the fight by quickly touching gloves and then launching into an all out attack that floored Gomez. Robinson goes into beast mode with his relentless attack. Gomez was able to survive the onslaught and even trapped Robinson in a guillotine for a little while.  Robinson escapes and they trade a bit more standing.  Round two starts off with a chingososfest.  Both fighters throw wild haymakers in what looked like a bar room brawl.  Eventually they clinch. Robinson gets a takedown and is able to take the back.  He goes for a rear naked choke but Gomez escapes and stands back up. Round three starts off with more bar room brawling.  Both fighters land punches until they finally clinch.  Gomez attempts some sort of judo type takedown but Robinson lands inside of his guard.  The fight is stood up and Gomez finishes the fight landing two solid body punches.

Results:  In another fight of the night candidate, Robinson wins via judges decision.

Josu "Max" Garibay vs. Armen Bakanyan
Lightweight Division
The fighters in this one briefly try out their stand up.  Neither one lands any hard shots and then a grueling clinch battle against the cage ensues.  Garibay is able to finally score a takedown. As Bakanyan tries to stand back up, Garibay goes along for the ride and takes his back.  He attempts a rear naked choke but Bakanyan survives.  Round two starts off with the fighters testing their stand up once again.  Both of them throw chingasos but neither can land a significant blow.  Garibay attempts a takedown but Bakanyan fights it off and they go back to trading blows.  In round three the fighters open up their stand up attack a bit more.  After trading standing, Bakanyan goes in for a single leg takedown.  Garibay is able to fight it off and then goes for a takedown of his own that Bakanyan is able to fight off.

Results:  As the judges score cards where revealed, you could see that it was a tough fight to score and the fight actually ends up in a draw. 

Isaac Velasco vs. Alex Castellanos
Featherweight Division
Quake in the Cage Championship Fight
Velasco starts off with landing some nice combinations and then shooting in for a takedown.  His first attempt is fought off by Castellanos but Velasco doesn't release the hold and puts more power on his second attempt which helps slam Castellanos to the mat.  From there Velasco is able to take the back and then attempts a triangle from an odd angle.  Castellanos is able to survive the triangle attempt but Velasco sees an opening for a kimura and attempts that submission.  Castellano also survives that attempt. In round two Velasco displays more crisp striking and then takes the fight to the ground where he is able to dominate the round.  In round three, Velasco continues to display his crisp stand up.  Velasco repeats the fight pattern by shooting in and taking it to the ground after landing chingasos on his feet.  From side control Velasco is able to land some vicious knees to the side of Castellanos.  Velasco mounts but then gave an opening to Castellanos.  Castellanos reverses the position and ends up on top.  Castellanos didn't spend much time in that position as Velasco uses a hip bump to reverse positions.  Velasco ends up on top and works some ground and pound.

Results:  In a unanimous decision, Velasco wins and takes home the Quake in the Cage featherweight division championship belt. 

Photos from this MMA event