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Jake Ellenberger MMA Fighting Threat at 170?

Jake Ellenberger continued his winning streak not only in MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) but in the UFC, the highest level of MMA.  With the first round knock out win versus Jake Shields at UFC Fight Night 25, he now propels his UFC winning streak to five in a row.  He's an experienced fighter with an overall record of 26-5 and he solidifies his position as a title contender and threat to George St. Pierre.

Unfortunately for Jake Ellenberger, the Welterweight division (170 lbs) in the UFC is stacked with talent, so a title shot might not be in the near future.  Ellenberger will probably be matched up with a gatekeeper at Welterweight before he earns a true title shot.

I'd like to see him fight a strong striker like Thiago Alves to prove he can stand and bang with the best strikers at Welterweight.  If he can exchange chingasos and beat a strong striker like Alves, then he would prove he's well rounded enough to be a threat to the champ GSP and earn a title shot.

With so much talent in the UFC, and with so many things that can happen in a sport like MMA, Jake Ellenberger is on the right track to a title shot, but the stars still have to align properly for him in order for that to happen.  If everything goes right for Ellenberger, look for a title shot within the next year to year and a half.