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Will Tito Ortiz Fight Again?

Almost a week has gone by since Tito Ortiz lost to Rashad Evans at UFC 133.  As I wrote before, Tito was fighting for his career.  So, will Tito Ortiz fight again? That question seems to be on MMA and UFC fan's minds. 

Tito's loss at UFC 133 at first glance seemed like a career ender.  But, in retrospect, he was doing well until a top of the food chain MMA and UFC fighter in Rashad Evans got the best of him in the second round.  The fight puts Rashad Evans in line for a Light Heavyweight title shot soon. So, while Tito Ortiz lost, he lost to a former champion that is now up next for a Light Heavyweight title shot. 

When the loss in analyzed in that way, Tito's loss begins to look a lot less career ending than at first glance.  If Tito can rack up some wins, he will be right back in the hunt for a Light Heavyweight title. Unfortunately for Tito and any other MMA fighter, Jon Jones has that title and I don't believe he's going to give it up any time soon. Even worse, the gatekeepers to the title are going to be bad match ups for Tito.

So while it looks like Tito Ortiz will fight again, it doesn't look like he will be able to return to being a champion, at least not in the UFC.  With that being said, he's still a good fighter and a big draw for the UFC, so it's going to be interesting to see how they match him up on future UFC fight cards.