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Lytle vs Hardy, Fight of the Year?

Sunday night's UFC on Versus showcased Chris Lytle vs Dan Hardy, and a showcase of hard chingasos with a nice submission (Chingajitsu) finish it was! This UFC fight is definitely going to be an MMA (Mixed Martia Arts) fight of the year candidate for 2011.

The fight featured Chris Lytle throwing some of the hardest body shots I've seen in MMA.  Those hard punches seemed to have stifled Dan Hardy. While Hardy was able to counter with hard punches of his own, a few that almost put Lytle out, it turned the fight into a boxing match for most of the fight. This definitely benefited Lytle and the trading back and forth excited MMA fans.

The fight was a rock em' sock robot fight up until late in the third round when Hardy went for a takedown and Lytle locked up vicious guillotine choke that he didn't let go until after Hardy tapped.  The back and forth trading of chingasos with the submission finish definitely makes this one of the most exciting fights of 2011, especially because it was fought at the highest levels of MMA.

Unfortunately for fight fans, this fight marked the end of Lytle's career.  He's 36 years old and planned this fight as his last.  He's retiring to focus on his family.

As far as Dan Hardy, while this fight wasn't planned as his last, it will most likely be, at least in the UFC.  He's lost four in a row and that usually means you're out of the UFC. 

It's sad that Chris Lytle is retiring, he's put on great fights and in doing so earned 10 fight night bonuses in his UFC career (UFC record).  

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