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Muay Thai Techniques for MMA

When top level MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fighters want to improve their stand up skills, they seek out top level Muay Thai instructors or teachers.  Sometimes, as has been spoken about by Joe Rogan during UFC events, they even travel to Thailand to get trained in the traditional Muay Thai fighting method.  Top level fighters and trainers know that there are several nuances and secrets to Muay Thai techniques that some instructors and teachers in America fail to teach or show.  I was educated on this topic a few weeks ago by Ajarn Nelson Siyovong. 

Ajarn Nelson Siyovong is a former Muay Thai fighter from Northeast Lao Esan Thailand and is now an RMT (Rhythm Muay Thai) teacher/instructor.  I visited him a few weeks ago and the talk we had about Muay Thai and it's application to MMA was priceless.  I was able to film Ajarn Nelson doing an impromptu Muay Thai techniques demo.  Check out the video:

Do you compete in Muay Thai or MMA but can't make it to Thailand? You can still train in the traditional Muay Thai method and absorb the secrets and nuances by training with Ajarn Nelson.  You can book some private lessons from Ajarn Nelson, or attend one of his seminars. If you don't, your competitor just might.

The video was just a quick Muay Thai techniques demo.  Ajarn Nelson has a lot more Muay Thai secrets and nuances he's willing to teach you. If you're in the Los Angeles or Orange County area, contact Ajarn Nelson for private lessons at 626-831-1010.  You can also contact Ajarn Nerlson to conduct a Muay Thai techniques seminar at your MMA gym or school.