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Conditioning for MMA

One of the great things about MMA fighters and athletes is that they're always willing to improve on their strength and conditioning programs.   In the early days, body builders would try MMA and gas out within a minute or so.  This is because bodybuilding isn't as functional for MMA as they might have thought.  The planes of motion are restricted and the movements are slow.  There's a wealth of information out there on exercises and workouts to improve your conditioning for MMA, but it's generally scattered and it's hard to find the good stuff.  Fortunately, one awesome resource is www.MyMadMethods.com.

My Mad Methods is a website dedicated to thinking outside of the box and utilizing  unconventional training methods ,exercises and workouts (including kettlebells, clubs, sandbags, macebells, etc.) to condition and train your body in a wide variety of ways.  There are some many movements to MMA that variety in your strength and conditioning program is essential so that you strengthen and condition your body in all the possibly planes of motion and functions. 

If you need to spice up you strength and condition program for MMA, check out their site.  They have several contributors and constantly put together stuff that will definitely help your MMA game. 

One of my favorite sections on their site is the exercise section.  They have exercises listed with quick "how to" videos.  This makes it easy to try the exercises and to start incorporating them into your strength and condition program for MMA.  This is great when you need to change things up or to just add variety.  They also have full workout videos you can try.