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Los Angeles MMA: QC 7 Results

Ring of Fire and Old School Promotions brought MMA back to the Los Angeles area Friday night with a 10 fight MMA card.  Quake in the Cage 7 featured some of the best up and coming fighters from some of the best MMA gyms and fight teams in the Los Angeles area.  It was an exciting night of fights, capped off with an after party sponsored by Chingasos MMA.  Here are the results and recap of the MMA fights at Quake in the Cage 7.

Fight 1: Kenneth Lighfoot vs. Juan Cassano

Recap: These two came out blazing with chingasos.  Both connected with strong punches to the face.  Mid round Lightfoot took the fight to the ground with a double leg takedown and controlled the fight from there attempting several chokes.  Cassano started the second round with some punches and followed with a kick that Lightfoot was able to catch and then take the fight to the ground.  Lighfoot controlled the round from there almost finishing a rear naked choke.  In Round three, Cassano began a quick attack but Lightfoot countered with an explosive double leg takedown which culminated in landing across the ring and up against the cage.  Late in the round Cassano reversed the position but ended up in a triangle choke position. 

Results: Kenneth Lighfoot wins via judges unanimous decision.

MMA Fight Henderson vs Fedor

Henderson vs Fedor is finally here, something MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fans have wanted for along time, but that should probably have happened at least three years ago.  Now it's lost some of it's luster.  Henderson is past his prime and Fedor is coming off two losses. Nevertheless it goes down this Saturday July 30 at the Sears Centre in Illinois.  

Event though Dan "Hendo" Henderson vs. Fedor Emelianenko has lost some if it's luster, it is still a big MMA fight for both and should be entertaining to watch.  Several questions will be answered.  Does Fedor still have fight left in him?  How much does Hendo have left? The biggest question though will be answered on Saturday.  Who will win?

I'm taking Fedor in this fight.  He's younger, more well rounded, and with a win, I know he knows he will be right back in contention for a title run and big money fights.  Fedor is also bigger and is used to fighting bigger guys.  Hendo goes up and down from Middleweigth to Light Heavyweight.  This will also play a big factor in the fight.  MMA athletes know that when skill level matches up, size, strength and conditioning will play a vital role in who pulls out the win. 

Here's the complete MMA fight card for Strikeforce M-1 Global Fedor vs. Henderson

Dan Henderson vs. Fedor Emelianenko
Marloes Coenen vs. Miesha Tate (Strikeforce Womens Welterweight Championship)
Tim Kennedy vs. Robbie Lawler
Paul Daley vs. Tyron Woodley
Tarec Saffiedine vs. Scott Smith
Gesias Cavalcante vs. Bobby Green
Alexis Davis vs. Julie Kedzie
Derek Brunson vs. Lumumba Sayers
Eduardo Pamplona vs. Tyler Stinson
Bryan Humes vs. Gabriel Salinas Jones

Strikeforce M-1 Globar Fedor vs Henderson will be live on Showtime at10 p.m.

Check out the preview video:

The Kids of MMA: We Are The Future

By Chingasos MMA Contributor
Steven Rivera

The sport of MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) is full of amazing talented athletes from around the world. With the mass amount of young future fighters joining the sport everyday, it's no wonder why the sport continues to grow.

The kids of MMA/BJJ enjoy training just as hard as many pro fighters with their long hours of training in the gym. Many of them train 4-6 hours a day, 5-6 days a week. These kids are amazing at what they do. They compete in many competitions nationwide such as the NAGA (National American Grappling Association) and many others. They are truly the future of MMA.

The Kids of MMA fan page on Facebook (T.K.O. MMA) knows and respects the importance  of keeping these young athletes motivated and inspired. The Kids of MMA was created to give all young fighters a place to share their accomplishments and aspirations with each other and their fans. They can share photos, videos, and anything else that they would like to share. It's a great place for them to make new friends that enjoy competing in the same sport.

The Kids of MMA is also a great place for kids who want to become fighters. When they see the accomplishments of other young fighters, it motivates them to push harder and follow their dreams. That's what it's all about, allowing these hard training athletes to pursue their dreams of becoming pro fighters.

Many young fighters, all of them champions, have already joined The Kids of MMA fan page and enjoy being able to talk and share with other kids.  Fighters such as Courtney "The Dragon" Cardoza, Mad Mad Madison, Taylor N Guerra, Stevo Poulin, Zach Ostergren, Anthony "Little Ninja" Mark, Ruotolo Twins, Noah "The Beast" Alsguson and many more.

Here's what one of the parents had to say about T.K.O. MMA

"Your kids of MMA is great! This is a perfect place for young fighters to get together. My little Anthony loves it along with his training partner Taylor. We will continue to post and spread the word on you page." - Bobby Mark

The Kids of MMA also has a special group page for the parents of these young athletes to congregate and share their thoughts and info with each other. To join just go to the special tab on The Kids of MMA fan page labeled T.K.O. MMA Parents.

Our goal is to keep everyone connected and support the sport of MMA/BJJ for kids any way we can because they will one day grow up to be Champions and Legends of the sport. The Kids of MMA, We are the Future!

MMA Los Angeles: Quake in the Cage 7

MMA fans in the Los Angeles area are in for some good cage fighting action next Friday July 29.  Quake in the Cage 7 is going down and if it's anything like QC 6, fight fans are going to leave extremely happy after this event.  At Quake in the Cage 6, all six fights on the card ended in either a submission or a knockout!  Quake in the Cage 7 returns with more fights and a solid fight card.

Headlining Quake in the Cage 7 is a Bantamweight championship fight, Terrion Ware vs Rocky Morales.  Terrion Ware won the QC title a couple of months ago and now gets to defend it against a fighter he previously lost a decision to.  Ware wanted a chance at redemption, he wanted this fight, and now he gets it.  Rocky Morales comes in with the confidence of having won their first match up and with the added motivation of fighting for the belt this time around.

The co-main event is Isaac Velasco vs. Dakota Hughes.  Velasco is coming off a tough controversial loss that derailed his three fight winning streak.  Velasco is set on getting back to his winning ways against one of the most exciting fighters the Ring of Fire MMA team sends out, Dakota Hughes.  Hughes has a special brand of MMA he brings to the cage.  He throws chingasos from all kinds of crazy angles and there's always ooh's and ahhh's from the crowd when he fights.  Don't miss this one folks!  The winner get a chance at the 145 lbs belt.   

Quake in the Cage 7 will also feature James Puncell, a 47 year old tough as nails fighter that's proving age is just a number.  Check him out as he steps in the cage to fight someone almost half his age in Armen Bakanyan. 

Quak in the Cage 7 is bringing some of the best MMA gyms and teams in the Los Angeles area to compete.  So Cal MMA, AMMS (Academy of Mixed Martial Science), Takedown, AKA (American Kickboxing Academy), ChampKrew, Bloodbank MMA, Millennia, Hitman, Animal House, The Vault MMA, Ring of Fire, Main Event Gym and others.  Get your tickets before they sell out!

Here's the official fight card for Quake in the Cage 7.

Terrion Ware vs. Rocky Morales
Isaac Velasco vs. Dakota Hughes
Ruben Vegas vs. Bernardo Gomez
David Lopez vs. Diego Gonzalez
Edmon Marshall vs. Richard Montano
James Puncell vs Armen Bakanyan
Cristian Garcia vs. Andre Camarena
Raymond Perez vs. Akkim Lee
Kenneth Lighfoot vs. Juan Cassano
Dylan Martinez vs. Erik Chavez
Fabian Gonzales vs. Andy Cash 

Anthony Nealy vs. Tyrone Bethley

Quake in the Cage 7 will take place at the South El Monte Community Center.  First fight is at 7 p.m.

Is Bellator 47 Worth Watching?

If you're an MMA fan, any MMA event is worth watching.  With MMA there's always action and an exciting knockout or submission is always on the brink of happening.  With that being said, Bellator 47 isn't packed with big names in MMA.

What Bellator offers to MMA fans with Bellator 47 is the history and reputation of putting on good shows.  Check out a previous post, Best of Bellator MMA Fights.

They've had some great shows with exciting action coming by way of submission of the year and knockout of the year candidates. Even though there aren't big MMA names/fighters on this card, I do expect it to be an exciting night of fights. 

Bellator 47 will take place at Rama Casino in Rama, Ontario, Saturday July 23.  It's a great chance for Canadian fans to catch some top level MMA fights.  For those that can't catch it in person, the card will be distributed live on MTV 2.

The Bellator 47 fight card features semi-final fights in the Bellator 2011 Summer Series. IFL and WEC veteran Chris Hordecki will also be on the card trying to revive his career and make into the upcoming lightweight tournament.

Here is the complete fight card for Bellator 47:

Main Card

Nazareno Malegarie vs. Marlon Sandro (Featherweight Tournament Semifinals)
Pat Curran vs. Ronnie Mann (Featherweight Tournament Semifinals)
 Neil Grove vs. Zak Jensen
 Chris Horodecki vs. Chris Saunders

Preliminary Card

Daniel Langbeen vs. Will Romero
Bryan Goldsby vs. Bo Harris
Daron Cruickshank vs. Sergej Juskevic
Syd Barnier vs. Denis Puric

By the way Bellator, how about bringing Bellator Fighting Championships to Los Angeles?  MMA in Los Angeles is big an still growing! 

Conditioning for MMA

One of the great things about MMA fighters and athletes is that they're always willing to improve on their strength and conditioning programs.   In the early days, body builders would try MMA and gas out within a minute or so.  This is because bodybuilding isn't as functional for MMA as they might have thought.  The planes of motion are restricted and the movements are slow.  There's a wealth of information out there on exercises and workouts to improve your conditioning for MMA, but it's generally scattered and it's hard to find the good stuff.  Fortunately, one awesome resource is www.MyMadMethods.com.

My Mad Methods is a website dedicated to thinking outside of the box and utilizing  unconventional training methods ,exercises and workouts (including kettlebells, clubs, sandbags, macebells, etc.) to condition and train your body in a wide variety of ways.  There are some many movements to MMA that variety in your strength and conditioning program is essential so that you strengthen and condition your body in all the possibly planes of motion and functions. 

If you need to spice up you strength and condition program for MMA, check out their site.  They have several contributors and constantly put together stuff that will definitely help your MMA game. 

One of my favorite sections on their site is the exercise section.  They have exercises listed with quick "how to" videos.  This makes it easy to try the exercises and to start incorporating them into your strength and condition program for MMA.  This is great when you need to change things up or to just add variety.  They also have full workout videos you can try. 

Muay Thai Techniques for MMA

When top level MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fighters want to improve their stand up skills, they seek out top level Muay Thai instructors or teachers.  Sometimes, as has been spoken about by Joe Rogan during UFC events, they even travel to Thailand to get trained in the traditional Muay Thai fighting method.  Top level fighters and trainers know that there are several nuances and secrets to Muay Thai techniques that some instructors and teachers in America fail to teach or show.  I was educated on this topic a few weeks ago by Ajarn Nelson Siyovong. 

Ajarn Nelson Siyovong is a former Muay Thai fighter from Northeast Lao Esan Thailand and is now an RMT (Rhythm Muay Thai) teacher/instructor.  I visited him a few weeks ago and the talk we had about Muay Thai and it's application to MMA was priceless.  I was able to film Ajarn Nelson doing an impromptu Muay Thai techniques demo.  Check out the video:

Do you compete in Muay Thai or MMA but can't make it to Thailand? You can still train in the traditional Muay Thai method and absorb the secrets and nuances by training with Ajarn Nelson.  You can book some private lessons from Ajarn Nelson, or attend one of his seminars. If you don't, your competitor just might.

The video was just a quick Muay Thai techniques demo.  Ajarn Nelson has a lot more Muay Thai secrets and nuances he's willing to teach you. If you're in the Los Angeles or Orange County area, contact Ajarn Nelson for private lessons at 626-831-1010.  You can also contact Ajarn Nerlson to conduct a Muay Thai techniques seminar at your MMA gym or school.