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Summer Brawl MMA Event Results

It was a cool evening but the fighters brought the heat.  Spar Stars Promotions MMA event Summer Brawl at the Normandie Casino in Gardena (Los Angeles County) was a big success.  Good fights, hot ring girls (Megan and Ms.Tapout Jennifer Swift), music and drinks created an awesome atmosphere that left the MMA fans in attendance happy.  Here are the fight results.

Fight 1
Erick Chavez vs. Eason Talley
Fighting in the Lightweight Division

Recap: The fight gets off to a tentative start but then the fighters engage in a choke attempt battle with both fighters trading submission attempts. In the second round, Talley gets off to a good start landing some good punches and then scoring a takedown but Chavez hangs in there and is able to swing the momentum his way.  Chavez takes that momentum into the third round and begins to dominates by landing a solid punch, getting the fight to the ground and controlling from there. 

Results: Eric Chavez wins via judges unanimous decision Erick.

Fight 2
Justin Hormann vs. Jeremy Gendreau
Fighting in the Flyweight Division

Recap: The fight starts off with a quick stand up grappling battle. Gendreau is able to score a takedown and gets the fight to the ground.  From there, Gendrou takes the back and is able to control the rest of the round.  Gendreau doesn't let up in the second round. He pushes Hormann up against the fences and works some dirty boxing.  Hormann attempts to turn the fight around but Genrou is able to score a takedown and then finishes the fight with a textbook armbar submission from mount.

Results: Jeremy Gendreau wins via armbar submission.

Fight 3
Richard Montano vs. Andre Nickelson
Fighting in the Heavyweight Division

Recap: This one started off quickly with the fighters trading hard chingasos!  Nickelson seemed to be throwing them harder but Montano was hanging in there and firing off his own share of strikes.  Late in the round Nickelson was able to overwhelm Montano with his power sending him to the ground with some hard punches and then finishing him off here.

Results: Andre Nickelson wins via ref stoppage due to strikes in the first round.

Fight 4
Isaac Velasco vs. James Acosta
Fighting in the Featherweight Division

Recap: Velasco starts the fight off with some nice leg kicks. Acosta counters with good boxing.  The first round went back and forth with both fighters showing off their stand up striking skills. Round two was another striking battle with Acosta firing off power shots and Velasco countering with pin point accuracy and good movement.  With a few seconds left in the round Velasco is able to score a takedown.  In round three both fighters tried to take an advantage in the stand up game but neither was able to take control. Late in the round Velasco dives in for a double leg takedown and scores it.  Velasco then traps Acosta in a crucifix position where he's able to land several punches to Acosta's face.  Acosta attempts a strong reversal but rolls on top into Velasco's triangle.  The round ends and Acosta survives.

Results: In a controversial decision, the judges score the fight for James Acosta and give him the win. 

Fight 5
Angela Hancock vs. Stephanie Gonzalez
Fighting in the Flyweight Division

Recap: The fight starts off with the fighters quickly engaging in a clinch battle.  Hancock looks stronger in the clinch but Gozales is able to release and the rest of the round becomes a series of short striking skirmishes.  In round two the fighters waste no time in getting the action started.  They throw strikes and get into another clinch battle.  Once they break away they let loose their chingasos and trade them back and forth.  In Round three Gonzales begins to land punches in bunches but Hancock closes the distance and locks her up with a strong body lock.  Gonzalez gets free and then unleashes one more striking attack that prompts the ref to stop the fight. 

Results:  Stephanie Gonzalez wins via ref stoppage. 

Fight 6
Mark Oganesyan vs. Jose Diaz

Fighting in the Welterweight Division

Recap: Oganesyan starts off the fight by running across the cage and launching a left hand that lands on Diaz's face and sends him to the floor.  Surprised but unfazed by the unsportsman like attack, Diaz gets back up and proceeds to score a double leg takedown.  Oganesyan finds his way back up only to be slammed to the cage mat once again. Diaz is able to take the mount position and fights for a submission finish from there.  Oganesyan fights off a key lock and two armbar attempts as the round comes to a close.  Oganesyan starts off round two with landing a hard left.  Oganesyan is able to back Diaz up and lands another hard left. This time Diaz counters with a hard chingaso via a right cross that floors Oganesyan.  Diaz quickly jumps in to finish the fight but the ref alertly sees that Oganesyan was out and stops the fight.

Results: Jose Diaz via Knock Out

If you're in the Los Angeles area and you're an MMA fan, make sure you don't miss out on the next Spar Star Promotions MMA event.