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MMA Los Angeles: Quake in the Cage 6 Results

Brock Combs winning the 205 lbs title
The first weekend of Summer got off to a hot start in Los Angeles with a record setting MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) event.  Quake in the Cage 6 in El Monte (Los Angeles County) had six fights, and all six were finished in either a submission or TKO.  The UFC and Dana White would have been proud of the effort these fighter put out at Quake in the Cage 6 .  Here are the final results and recap of the MMA fights.

Fight 1
Ken Glover vs. Michael Humphreys

Recap: Glover starts the fight off with some stiff jabs but Humphrey counters by locking up a single leg takedown and eventually getting the fight to the mat. The fight stalls and is stood back up. Glover then lands a strong hook that prompts Humphreys  to go for another takedown. Glover made his way back up but Humphreys scores a third takedown towards the end of the round. Glover attempted an arm bar but Humphreys escapes. In round two Humphreys doesn't let up with his single leg takedown attack. He easily gets the fight to the ground and then dominates from there, finishing the fight with a rear naked choke submission.

Results:  Michael Humphreys wins via rear naked choke submission in the second round.

Fight 2
Jose "Max" Garibay vs. Mark Perez

Recap:  The fighters quickly engage in this fight which culminates in Garibay scoring a takedown.  Garibay relentlessly attacks with ground and pound while Perez attempts submissions from the ground.  Perez took some hard shots but survives and almost pulls off an arm bar submission at the end of the round. In the second round, Perez quickly attacks with punches, clinches and then gets the fight to the ground.  Perez starts a ground and pound attack but then makes a mistake that Garibay capitalizes on to pull of a reversal.  Garibay ends up in mount and then starts his own ground and pound that prompts the ref to stop the fight.

Results:  Jose "Max" Garibay wins via ref stoppage TKO.

Fight 3
Paul Uhl vs. Alex Castellanos

Recap: The fighters start the fight off with testing a bit of their stand up. Uhl goes in for a clinch and then attempts a judo type takedown which fails and end up giving Castellanos the mount position.  Castellanos takes advantage, begins to drop chingasos while refusing to give up his solid position. Uhl attempts to sweep but has no luck and eventually succumbs to Castellanos attack.

Results:  Alex Castellanos wins via ref stoppage TKO in the first round.

Fight 4
Anthony Williams vs. Sean Guzman

Recap: A nice showcase of stand up striking starts off this fight.  Both Guzman and Williams look good on their feet as they traded in the striking game.  Mid round Williams scores a powerful double leg takedown but allows Guzman to get back up.  In Round two, both fighters seem to put more power behind their striking.  That exchange in power shots seemed to fatigue Guzman as he clinches and then Williams easily gets the fight to the ground.  Willams mounts and finishes off the fight by raining down power shots. 

Results:  Williams wins via ref stoppage TKO in the second round.

Fight 5
Bernardo Gomez vs. Mark Lemus

Recap: Lemus wasted no time in getting the action started as he attacked furiously with punches.  Gomez took some shots but hung in there.  Lemus slowed a bit and Lemus dove in for a double leg takedown.  Gomez was able to lock up a guillotine and did not let go until the ref stopped the fight. 

Results:  Bernardo Gomez wins via guillotine submission in the first round.

Fight 6
Michael Perez vs. Brock Combs

Recap: After a really short feeling out process Combs dives into a double leg takedown and puts Perez on his back.  Perez tries to fight his way back up almost setting up a leg lock in the process.  Perez doesn't get the leg lock but makes his ways back up.  Combs wastes no time and jumps into a guillotine submission attempt.  Perez isn't able to make his way out as the submission and Combs is too strong.

Results: Brock Combs wins via guillotine submission in the first round.

This fight card for Quake in the Cage 6 didn't get a lot of hype, but the resulting action packed fights left a stamp on the Los Angeles MMA scene.  If you missed this MMA event, stay tuned as Quake in the Cage 7 is coming July 29.