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Ken Shamrock vs. James Toney in MMA

Ken Shamrock and James Toney are both passed their prime when it comes to their fighting careers, but they still know how to hype a fight. Plans are in the works for a special rules MMA fight between Ken Shamrock and James Toney.  Take a look at what happened during the press conference for the fight. Here's the video.

Ken Shamrock vs. James Toney isn't going to produce record setting PPV numbers, but because of their trash talking backgrounds it does make for an interesting match up that casual as well as hard core MMA and fight fans will want to watch.

Ken Shamrock is 47 and James Toney is 42 so apparently the promoters have decided not to have them fight under the unified MMA rules.  There will apparently be eight 3-minute rounds with a "shot clock" that will last 30 seconds once the fight hits the ground.  The place and time has not been announced, so whether this fight will actually take place is still somewhat in the air. 

Most MMA experts feel that Ken Shamrock vs. James Toney will be a freak show. I for one kinda like freak shows so I do hope it takes place either way. It would be nice if this MMA fight would take place somewhere in the Los Angeles area, but if not, I will definitely find a way to watch these two exchange chingasos in an MMA match up!