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UFC 132 Dominick Cruz vs Urijah Faber

The UFC is taking a big chance this weekend by making a bantamweight fight the main event at UFC 132.  Sure, hard core MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fans know who Dominick Cruz and Urijah Faber are, but the UFC makes their money by selling a fight to the casual MMA fans.  Do casual fans know who Dominick Cruz and Urijah Faber are?  The PPV numbers for UFC 132 will tell the story. 

Check out the UFC 132 free preview video.

The UFC is taking a good chance on this fight card.  While the casual MMA fan might not recognize Cruz and Faber, they have surely heard of Wanderlei Silva and Tito Ortiz.  Both Silva and Ortiz are also on the UFC 132 fight card and will both be fighting to keep their careers in the UFC afloat.  These two MMA veterans will boost the card's allure and make MMA fans happier about purchasing the PPV. 

Cruz vs. Faber should be an exciting fight.  These two have cardio for days and will keep the action fast paced.  Wanderlei Silva vs. Chris Leben is most likely going to be a bar brawl type fight.  Both of these fighters like to stand and bang!  Unfortunately, Ortiz vs. Bader might be boring.  Both have a strong wrestling background and when you get two strong wrestlers to fight, they tend to be tentative with the grappling/wrestling and overly cautious with the stand up striking. 

Here's the complete UFC 132 fight card:

Pay-Per-View Bouts
Dominick Cruz vs. Urijah Faber
Wanderlei Silva vs. Chris Leben
Dennis Siver vs. Matt Wiman
Tito Ortiz vs. Ryan Bader
Carlos Condit vs. Dong Hyun Kim

Spike TV Preliminary Bouts
George Sotiropoulos vs. Rafael Dos Anjos
Melvin Guillard vs. Shane Roller

Preliminary Bouts
Brad Tavares vs. Aaron Simpson
Brian Bowles vs. Takeya Mizugaki
Anthony Njokuani vs. Andre Winner
Jeff Hougland vs. Donny Walker

UFC 132 takes place this Saturday July 2 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas Nevada.  By the way UFC, when are you coming to Los Angeles?

Ken Shamrock vs. James Toney in MMA

Ken Shamrock and James Toney are both passed their prime when it comes to their fighting careers, but they still know how to hype a fight. Plans are in the works for a special rules MMA fight between Ken Shamrock and James Toney.  Take a look at what happened during the press conference for the fight. Here's the video.

Ken Shamrock vs. James Toney isn't going to produce record setting PPV numbers, but because of their trash talking backgrounds it does make for an interesting match up that casual as well as hard core MMA and fight fans will want to watch.

Ken Shamrock is 47 and James Toney is 42 so apparently the promoters have decided not to have them fight under the unified MMA rules.  There will apparently be eight 3-minute rounds with a "shot clock" that will last 30 seconds once the fight hits the ground.  The place and time has not been announced, so whether this fight will actually take place is still somewhat in the air. 

Most MMA experts feel that Ken Shamrock vs. James Toney will be a freak show. I for one kinda like freak shows so I do hope it takes place either way. It would be nice if this MMA fight would take place somewhere in the Los Angeles area, but if not, I will definitely find a way to watch these two exchange chingasos in an MMA match up!

MMA Los Angeles: Quake in the Cage 6 Results

Brock Combs winning the 205 lbs title
The first weekend of Summer got off to a hot start in Los Angeles with a record setting MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) event.  Quake in the Cage 6 in El Monte (Los Angeles County) had six fights, and all six were finished in either a submission or TKO.  The UFC and Dana White would have been proud of the effort these fighter put out at Quake in the Cage 6 .  Here are the final results and recap of the MMA fights.

Fight 1
Ken Glover vs. Michael Humphreys

Recap: Glover starts the fight off with some stiff jabs but Humphrey counters by locking up a single leg takedown and eventually getting the fight to the mat. The fight stalls and is stood back up. Glover then lands a strong hook that prompts Humphreys  to go for another takedown. Glover made his way back up but Humphreys scores a third takedown towards the end of the round. Glover attempted an arm bar but Humphreys escapes. In round two Humphreys doesn't let up with his single leg takedown attack. He easily gets the fight to the ground and then dominates from there, finishing the fight with a rear naked choke submission.

Results:  Michael Humphreys wins via rear naked choke submission in the second round.

Fight 2
Jose "Max" Garibay vs. Mark Perez

Recap:  The fighters quickly engage in this fight which culminates in Garibay scoring a takedown.  Garibay relentlessly attacks with ground and pound while Perez attempts submissions from the ground.  Perez took some hard shots but survives and almost pulls off an arm bar submission at the end of the round. In the second round, Perez quickly attacks with punches, clinches and then gets the fight to the ground.  Perez starts a ground and pound attack but then makes a mistake that Garibay capitalizes on to pull of a reversal.  Garibay ends up in mount and then starts his own ground and pound that prompts the ref to stop the fight.

Results:  Jose "Max" Garibay wins via ref stoppage TKO.

Fight 3
Paul Uhl vs. Alex Castellanos

Recap: The fighters start the fight off with testing a bit of their stand up. Uhl goes in for a clinch and then attempts a judo type takedown which fails and end up giving Castellanos the mount position.  Castellanos takes advantage, begins to drop chingasos while refusing to give up his solid position. Uhl attempts to sweep but has no luck and eventually succumbs to Castellanos attack.

Results:  Alex Castellanos wins via ref stoppage TKO in the first round.

Fight 4
Anthony Williams vs. Sean Guzman

Recap: A nice showcase of stand up striking starts off this fight.  Both Guzman and Williams look good on their feet as they traded in the striking game.  Mid round Williams scores a powerful double leg takedown but allows Guzman to get back up.  In Round two, both fighters seem to put more power behind their striking.  That exchange in power shots seemed to fatigue Guzman as he clinches and then Williams easily gets the fight to the ground.  Willams mounts and finishes off the fight by raining down power shots. 

Results:  Williams wins via ref stoppage TKO in the second round.

Fight 5
Bernardo Gomez vs. Mark Lemus

Recap: Lemus wasted no time in getting the action started as he attacked furiously with punches.  Gomez took some shots but hung in there.  Lemus slowed a bit and Lemus dove in for a double leg takedown.  Gomez was able to lock up a guillotine and did not let go until the ref stopped the fight. 

Results:  Bernardo Gomez wins via guillotine submission in the first round.

Fight 6
Michael Perez vs. Brock Combs

Recap: After a really short feeling out process Combs dives into a double leg takedown and puts Perez on his back.  Perez tries to fight his way back up almost setting up a leg lock in the process.  Perez doesn't get the leg lock but makes his ways back up.  Combs wastes no time and jumps into a guillotine submission attempt.  Perez isn't able to make his way out as the submission and Combs is too strong.

Results: Brock Combs wins via guillotine submission in the first round.

This fight card for Quake in the Cage 6 didn't get a lot of hype, but the resulting action packed fights left a stamp on the Los Angeles MMA scene.  If you missed this MMA event, stay tuned as Quake in the Cage 7 is coming July 29. 

MMA Event Quake in the Cage 6

This Saturday June 25, live MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) event action returns to the Los Angeles area.  Ring of Fire MMA and Old School Promotions bring their Quake in the Cage MMA event back to the Los Angeles area after a short tour in Orange County.  Quake in the Cage 6 is a CAMO sanctioned MMA event and will take place at the South EL Monte Community Center in the city of South El Monte.

Headlining Quake in the Cage 6 is a light heavyweight title fight.  Brock Combs and Michael Perez will be stepping inside the cage to do battle but only one of these fighters will l come away with the 205 lbs belt.  

This is what happened last time Brock Combs fought a Quake in the Cage event.

As a special treat, this MMA event will feature the live sounds of Pueblo Meat! Make sure to get to Quake in the Cage 6 early so you can catch the live performance. 

Quake in the Cage 6 will most likely sell out, but you have a chance to secure your ticket for this MMA event buy purchasing a ticket online.  Ring of Fire MMA and Old School Promotions has allotted Chingasos MMA 50 tickets to be available for online purchase.  We are rewarding Los Angeles MMA fans by making the tickets to this MMA events available to be purchased online and downloaded with no additional processing fees!  Order yours before they sell out. You can also call 626-786-1211 or e-mail info@ringoffiremma.com for more info

Doors to the Quake in the Cage 6 MMA event will open at 5 p.m.  Live bands will be playing and then the fights get going at 7 p.m. The address to this MMA event is 1530 Central Avenue, South El Monte 91733.  Make sure not to miss this event if you're in the Los Angeles area and you're an MMA or fight fan.

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Summer Brawl MMA Event Results

It was a cool evening but the fighters brought the heat.  Spar Stars Promotions MMA event Summer Brawl at the Normandie Casino in Gardena (Los Angeles County) was a big success.  Good fights, hot ring girls (Megan and Ms.Tapout Jennifer Swift), music and drinks created an awesome atmosphere that left the MMA fans in attendance happy.  Here are the fight results.

Fight 1
Erick Chavez vs. Eason Talley
Fighting in the Lightweight Division

Recap: The fight gets off to a tentative start but then the fighters engage in a choke attempt battle with both fighters trading submission attempts. In the second round, Talley gets off to a good start landing some good punches and then scoring a takedown but Chavez hangs in there and is able to swing the momentum his way.  Chavez takes that momentum into the third round and begins to dominates by landing a solid punch, getting the fight to the ground and controlling from there. 

Results: Eric Chavez wins via judges unanimous decision Erick.

Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix Tournament

Four MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) Heavyweight fighters collide to achieve one goal.  Tomorrow night, Saturday June 18, MMA fans get a chance to witness the Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix Tournament.  The Strikeforce Grand Prix Tournament continues with the quarterfinals taking place at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas. Four heavy weight MMA fighters are left and are one win away from the finals. Allistar Overeem is fighting Fabrico Werdum and Brett Rogers will be fighting Josh Barnett

This Strikeforce card should be exciting to watch as the big boys will be exchanging chingasos in an effort to make it to the Heavyweight finals and continue their quest to reign over the Strikeforce Heavyweight division.  Someone might go to sleep in this one.  Allistar Overeem is a hard hitter and is known as a finisher, but he is facing the only man to finish the once thought invincible Fedor Emelianenko.  Brett Rogers also has KO power but he is facing a crafty MMA veteran in Josh Barnett. 

I like submissions in MMA an would like to see Werdum pull one off, but I think Overeem will be ready with a strong takedown and submission defense.  Overeem has K1 level striking and will overwhelm Werdum by keeping the fight standing and raining down chingasos!

Brett Rogers has KO power, but Barnett is a veteran with slick submissions and grappling ability. Barnett will use his experience to stay out of a KO and will do enough with this grappling to pull off a decision victory.

MMA Los Angeles: Summer Brawl

If you've been itching to catch some live MMA action and you're in the Los Angeles area, Bulldog Promotions in association with Spar Star Promotions brings you Summer Brawl.  The Summer Brawl MMA event will take Place at the Normandie Casino in Gardena this Saturday June 18.

Summer Brawl in Gardena (Los Angeles County) at the Normandie Casino will feature 10 full contact CAMO sanctioned MMA fights.  The doors to Summer Brawl will open at 4:30 p.m. and the first fight kicks off the night at 6:30 p.m.

MMA is entertaining enough, but Summer Brawl will feature more than just MMA fights. There will be live music by DJ Havic and the Summer Brawl MMA event after party will take place in the Normandie Casino floor.

Chingasos MMA has had the pleasure of attending a few of the MMA events put on by Spar Star Promotions and they've never failed to showcase some exciting fights and exciting up and coming MMA fighters.  I'm confident Summer Brawl will be no exception and that MMA fans will pleased with the fights and the event production.

For tickets to the Summer Brawl MMA event call 866-996-6278.  The Normandie Casino is located in Los Angeles County in the city of Gardena. Here is the address: 1045 W. Rosecrans Ave, Gardena, CA. 

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Results for UFC 131 Saturday June 11

UFC 131 took place Satuday evening at the Rogers Arena in British Columbia Canada.  There was some good MMA action in this one.  An awesome stand up guillotine and a surprising left hook knockout where in the results mix.  Here are the full results for UFC 131.

Junior Dos Santos vs. Shane Carwin (Heavyweight Fight)

Recap: The fight starts out a bit slow but then Dos Santos gets his boxing going.  He peppers Carwin with jabs and then drops Carwin with a combo.  Dos Santos unloads some ground and pound but somehow some way Carwin survives. Carwin makes it through round two even though Dos Santos continues to land hard jabs and he takes a hard head kick.  Carwin scores a single leg takedown early and the third but can't do much with it and Dos Santos makes his way back up.  Dos Santos continues to control the fight with solid jabs and boxing. Dos Santos stamps his win by scoring a couple of double leg takedowns towards the end of the round. 

Results: Dos Santos wins via judges unanimous decision and will get a shot at the UFC Heavyweight title next. 

Kenny Florian vs. Diego Nunes (Featherweight Fight)

UFC 131 Shane Carwin vs Junior Dos Santos

This Saturday June 11, the UFC returns to Canada with UFC 131 Shane Carwin vs. Junior Dos Santos.  UFC 131 takes place at Rogers Arena in Vancouver, British Columbia.  While Brock Lesnar had to drop out of the main event fight with Junior Dos Santos, the UFC did a great job making this a watchable main event by inserting Shane Carwin.  Don't blink MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fans because someone is going to get knocked out! 

The main event at UFC 131 isn't a title fight, but the rest of the card makes up for it.  There are some interesting match ups in this one.  Kenny Florian makes his debut at Featherweight (145 lbs) and looks to lock down the division with his razor sharp Muay Thai elbows and great Jiu Jitsu as he faces Diego Nunes who only has one loss. Demian Maia is going to try to use his excellent MMA Jiu Jitsu skills to beat a strong wrestler, hard puncher and all around tough guy in Mark Munoz.  The rest of the card is rounded off with some MMA vets trying make a final run at a UFC title and some young fighters hungry to rise through the MMA and UFC ranks! 

The UFC is making a strong push to showcase MMA to the casual fan by showing the prelims on Spike TV as well as four fights that will be available on the UFC Facebook Page and Youtube. 

If you haven't seen the UFC 131 Countdown show, check out the full video.  As always the UFC does an awesome job putting these videos together.  If you're not pumped up for UFC 131 yet, this video will definitely get you ready for some chingasos and Chingajitsu!

Self Defense and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)

Are you ready to get into MMA (Mixed Martial Arts)?  Whether you're looking to get into MMA for self defense purposes, to fight in the sport, or just for general fitness, one of the best MMA gyms or schools in the Los Angeles area is The Vault MMA and Fitness Center in Monrovia, California. 

A couple of weeks ago I stopped by The Vault MMA and Fitness Center in Monrovia. Co-owner, black belt Hapkido and self defense instructor Vince Duchetta ,showed off a self defense technique against a kick from black belt Brazilian Jiu Jitsu instructor Rodrigo Reyes. Check out the video.

Not only does The Vault MMA and Fitness Center have a black belt Hapkido instructor and a black belt Brazilian Jiu Jitsu instructor, but Daniel Hernandez, the other co-owner and instructor is a decorated wrestler holding several titles both in wrestling and Judo as well as competing professionally in MMA. But don't be intimidated by the honors the owners and instructors of The Vault MMA and Fitness Center hold, these guys are humble, friendly, and are eager to teach Martial Arts and self defense to men, women, and or kids.

Here's another video of Vince showing off a couple of more self defense techniques.  This time it was against a punch from Hapkido black belt Alvin Moon. 

Hope you enjoyed the demo video of these self defense Martial Arts techniques.  If you would like Chingasos MMA to come to your Mixed Martial Arts gym or school and you're in the Los Angeles area, shoot us an email at chingasosmma@gmail.com.

If you're in the Los Angeles area, and you want to try MMA, stop by The Vault MMA & Fitness Center located at 109 W Colorado Bl Monrovia Ca 91016. Feel free to give them a call for more info (626) 786-1211.

Best of Bellator MMA Fights

Bellator Fighting Championships is coming on strong with solid MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) shows.  They're not at the level of the UFC just yet when it comes to popularity, but with Strikeforce out of the way, they have solidified the second spot in top level MMA.  What they lack in fighter names, they make up with exciting MMA fights. Don't sleep on the Bellator Fighting Championships, they're coming on strong in the MMA world.  Here is a small collection of some of the best fights that have taken place at the Bellator Fighting Championships.  Check out the free videos.

In this highlight video, Paticky "Pitbull" Freire and "Razor" Rob McCullough show off some sick stand up MMA skills. 

Check out this video of one of the craziest knockouts not only in Bellator Fighting Championships, but in MMA history. Hector Lombard lands a vicious punch that sends Falaniko Vitale to the mat in a funky fashion.

One of the things that separates Bellator Fighting Championships from the UFC is that Bellator lets the women bang!  Check out this video of Zoila Frausto and Rosi Sexton trading chingasos which leads into an awesome knock out! 

Bellator Fighting Championships is more than just chingasos and knock outs, check out some nice Jiu Jitsu or what we like to call "Chingajitsu" in this video where Dan Hornbuckle pulls off a wicked kimura submission over Steve Carl.

The fight between Toby Imada and Jorge Masdival probably gets the most credit for putting Bellator Fighting Championships on the map.  It ended with one of the greatest submission techniques in MMA history, an inverted triangle submission. That slick chingajitsu would emerge again in Richard Hale vs. Nik Fekete. Check out the video.

Here's the highlight video Toby Imada vs Jorge Masvidal just in case you didn't see this awesome submission.

Fights ending with solid knock out chingasos and awesome submission techniques is what helped Bellator Fighting Championships rise through the MMA event ranks, but not only that, they are also helping expose the sport, and their brand, by allowing fans to view these MMA videos free.  As an MMA fan, thank you Bellator Fighting Championships!  And, please bring your brand of MMA to Los Angeles, or at least somewhere in California soon.